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The producer The Lord of the Rings Online spoke about plans for the next quarter

In the fresh appeal to The Lord of the Rings Online players, the new Standing Stone Games producer Oleg Brodsky, who writes under the nickname Raninia, said that he was waiting for the game in the next quarter.

After the salvation of Frodo from Brain Brod, the scouts of Rivendell set off in search of news about the enemy and his servants. Vladyka Imladris Elrond entrusts his sons Elladan and Elrochir to a new secret task. The path of twins leads to the distant lands of Lotlorian.

The Treasure Bugan event will be repeated. The developers changed it a little, updating the awards and improving some elements so that the event is interesting not only to beginners, but also to those who have previously participated in it.


In August, a farmer will be held, which has undergone the same changes as Treasure Bugan. In addition, in the middle of the month the third season of chains of awards for legendary objects starts.

At the end of the summer, the closing of the first legendary world Anor will take place. The characters will be transferred to a more populated server absolutely free.

An important addition will happen in patch 33.2, which is planned for September. A list of available classes for more races will be expanded. Dvorfs and a clan of strong axes will now become captains and guards, elves and higher elves-robbers; Hobbit-Keepers of Knowledge and Champions (Warriors), and people are guardians of runes.

More details about future changes will appear later.

Genshin Influence currently offers you 620 virgin momentarily – so you secure it

To start Update 2.5, you will certainly get Ingenenshin Impact as soon as again a lot of territory.

Today, the update 2.5 is begun in Genshin Influence, as well as thus brand-new material enters play once more. Along with the brand-new electro-heroine Yae Miko is also an old colleague a new employer.

The coinjunger Yae Miko you obtain like all characters just regarding a satisfied whole lot in the Gacha system. You can conveniently safeguard 620 virgin stone if you hurry. That suffices for virtually exactly for 4 extra petitions that you can make use of for the 5-star personality. You do not need to do a lot for this vet.

Exactly how do I get the gifted virgin? The 620 virgin rocks are simple to acquire, you just have to act quickly. That is how it goes:

  • 600 virgin stone obtains you regarding your mail box in the game. Opens the Paimon food selection and also selects the letter icon on the left edge of the display.
  • In the mailbox you need to discover 2 messages. Both include 300 virgin stone.
  • 300 virgin stone obtains her as compensation for server upkeep, which happens prior to each spot.
  • An additional 300 virgin stone obtains her as a reparation for various mistakes in spot 2.4. The professional gets you no matter of whether you were influenced by the errors or otherwise.
  • Clicks the lower left of “Collect all” to immediately utilize the 600 virgin stone.

Have you currently secured 600 the 620 virgin!

Just how do you obtain the remaining 20 virgins? The superior 20 virgin stone obtains you by evaluating your Yae Miko in the trial run. That also is really simple and done swiftly:

The expert from the examination run is offered till the end of the banners of Yae Miko. Up until the 8th of March you can get these 20 virgins.

  • Selects the “Activities” area in the Paimon food selection (the symbol for this is a compass).
  • Under “Trialauf” you need to obtain Yae Miko displayed. Click on the food selection right below “Experiment with.”

Till when can I get the expert? The 600 virgin stone, which you overcome the mailbox, run in 1 month. Up until the 18th of March you can still protect the expert.

You can additionally try this technique the 4-star personalities readily available in the existing banner. You do not get a professional, but for the personalities appropriate materials for drizzling. Due to the fact that all personalities in the banner are extremely strong this time, this is especially worth it.

YAE MIKO IS CRAZY! C0 Yae Miko Showcase - Best Build, Teams & Review | Genshin Impact
* Click and also complete the challenge on “Leave dungeon”.
* Go back to the “dry run” food selection. The 20 virgin grabs you after completing the dungeon by clicking where in the image above is “in development”.

If you desire to understand what to anticipate you in patch 2.5, and which top personalities will be readily available to Yae Miko in the banner, you will find all the information in this post:

How do I get the gifted virgin? The 620 virgin rocks are easy to obtain hold of, you only have to act promptly. Exactly how do you get the remaining 20 virgins? The outstanding 20 virgin stone gets you by examining your Yae Miko in the test run. ** The 600 virgin stone, which you obtain over the mailbox, run in 30 days.

Genshin Impact: Everything regarding Spot 2.5 – Leaks, Launch, Banner, Personalities

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