Madden 23 TOW 14 players are now available as the most recent standouts get brand-new cards in Ultimate Team.


We have actually got details on all the Madden 23 TOW 14 players including the newest Matthew Berry selection.

Madden 23 TOW 14 Gamers Revealed

After investing the early part of his season struggling with the Carolina Panthers, Baker Mayfield is now a member of the Los Angeles Rams and kicked it off.

As soon as once again we got our first Madden 23 TOW 14 expose via Twitter as Baker Mayfield as announced as the Offensive Gamer of the Week.

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Mayfield, in addition to all the brand-new Madden 23 TOW 14 products, are now officially live in Madden 23 Ultimate Team since approximately 2pm ET on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

A handful of standouts made their method into the TOW 14 Elites grouping across 6 various groups.

While he wasn’t able to protect the win single-handedly, Jose Jewell was on fire with 9 solo deals with, 2 interceptions, and 2 passes protected versus the Chiefs.

In his first start with the Rams simply 2 days after joining the group, Baker Mayfield finished 22 of his 35 passing attempts for 230 yards and a touchdown regardless of being sacked four times.

Without further ado, let’s break down the full Madden 23 TOW 14 release.

  • Chris Moore (WR) -86 OVR-Houston Texans
  • Dakar Hamlin (SS) -86 OVR-Buffalo Bills
  • J.K. Dobbins (HE) -89 OVR-Baltimore Ravens
  • Jose Jewell (MLB) -89 OVR-Denver Broncos
  • Brandon Graham (LE) -92 OVR-Philadelphia Eagles


TOW 14 Elites


  • Evan Engram (TE) -92 OVR-Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s likewise worth noting that Evan Engram is the Matthew Berry selection of the week and will be needed for players collecting all of those releases.

Offensive & Defensive Gamer of the Week

After learning more about Baker Mayfield, the other side of the ball went to standout Willie Gay who had a choice 6 that helped move the Chiefs to victory.

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  • Baker Mayfield (QB) -95 Carlos Angeles Rams
  • Willie Gay (ROLE) -95 Arkansas City Chiefs


Madden 23 TOW 14 Champions & LTD’s

  • Devon Hearse (LE) -95 OVR-Tennessee Titans
  • Andre Johnson (WR) -95 OVR-Houston Texans

With Season 2 now covered, Madden 23 Zero Chill is bringing lots of new cards over the next several weeks.

Andre Johnson signs up with as the Madden 23 TOW 14 Offensive Champ, and he’ll rapidly end up being a favorite for any Houston Texans Style Group.

Finally, we have today’s 2 LTD’s as Zach Hertz and Raoul Douglas get a nod for impressive Week 14 performances in past seasons.

Devon Hearse is our Defensive Champ, and he’ll surely be a pillar for any Titans Style Team moving on.


Finally, we boil down to our latest Champions representing now retired gamers and LTD’s for present gamers who stood out in previous years.

  • Zach Hertz (TE) -95 OVR-Philadelphia Eagles
  • Raoul Douglas (CB) -95 Evergreen Bay Packers