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Basic Free Online Multi-match Military FPS “CROWZ” Early Access Start-equipped BatroWa mode and base capture mode

Developer Royalcrow has started early access to the basic free online multi-match FPS “ CROWZ ” from noon in March 29, Japan.

This work is a team based online milletaries shooter. As a member of the mercenary “Crow” hired by the country, it will be dispatched to the task of securing the resource “ Q-on ” scattered in the conflict area. Based on the four teams, the Batrois format “ Squad Operation ” that recovers Q-ON with a vast open world, and a team-to-anti-fighting “ BLOOD ZONE ” that takes up with up to 32 people. There are two modes:

# About early access

The period of early access in this work is currently undecided . Early access implements player feedback and will be updated regularly, such as new maps, game modes, items, and cran systems, and it is to provide more content and gameplay after a formal release. Also, it can be played free of charge, but there is also a charge in game for battle paths. In the product version, it is possible to take over the billing item. In addition, after the formal release, it is a basic free schedule.

# Difference and additional content with open β

# # Blood Zone

  • If you participate in the game and play to the end, you can earn the basic participating account level EXP.

  • Improved map design of Cellein Valley.

  • Added objects to topography and add objects that can be used as covers.

  • An invincible time after respanes modifies the defects that appear abnormally even after a sufficient time has elapsed and adjusted the color of the effect.

Squad operation

  • Added a message to notify all players when the squad with the largest number of Q-ONS has reached the target value (100,000).

  • Added the type of item supplied from the aircraft.

  • Added items that can be used as Tactical Gear (Hotkey T).

  • Road out drop marker
    -With the same function as “Additional Supply Request”, it will be possible to collect 85000Q-ON with items that can be acquired by farming.

  • You can receive your own loadout weapon by using the “Loadout Drop Marker” item.
    \ -Uav radio
    \ -Military Walky Torquay etc.

# # Shop

  • Add Battle Pass and Various Items


  • Added items to all maps.

  • Added “Glow Box” item throughout the map.

  • Improvement of spawn rate of parts item.

  • Changed the kill count that appears when you defeat the enemy.

  • Changed instant death by explosion attacks such as headshots and grenades.

  • Change the guidance sign at the time of admission.

  • If the last one of the parties dies, change to become an immediate death state from the critical state.

Basic Play Free Online Match Shooter “CROWZ” is currently getting early in PC (STeam).

2022 start successfully with GTA online – a gangster brings you everything

Autor: Michael Sunday

Well, your wannabe gangster! Anyone who has not played GTA online so far could not catch a better time for boarding.

With the version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S to GTA Online, one of the best online games with an Open World, you not only get all the content in a package, but also in the best graphic. But how do I get the fastest money? What should I do? And what are the highlights in GTA online? I show you, because I live the law of the road for eight years.

GTA Online: How do I get most money fastest?

After you have hopefully a feink and scary person in the character editor, it goes straight to Los Santos, where three rules determine the entire business.

  • Rule no. 1: Be careful, because life in GTA online is dangerous .
  • Rule no. 2: In GTA online are money and possession everything that matters.
  • Rule no. 3: In order to get the most money and get weapons, cars and houses, you have to complete or invest in a company .

The Missions

Building a bench, break into a military base, a drug boss on its private island nerves – the missions are exciting raids and definitely the highlight of GTA online. The problem: If you want to do without frustration and chaos, you should never play the… with random players . If you prefer your friends or seek the internet player groups. With good communication and tactical procedure, you will not only experience cool missions in the actiongame, but also deserves a lot of money.

  • For beginners: The classic hotts
    • Starting requirement: Luxury apartment possess plus fees

* A total of 5 campaigns with preparatory missions and finals
* Profit: 115,000 to 1,000,000 dollars (medium difficulty level)

  • For advanced players: The Doomsday Hot

    • Starting requirement: Business possess plus fees
    • A total of 3 campaigns with preparatory missions and finals
    • Profit: 650,000 to 1,200,000 dollars (medium difficulty level)
  • For professionals: The Casino Heist

    • Starting requirement: play hall possess plus fees
    • A campaign with 3 scenarios and preparatory missions
    • Profit: up to 3,619,000 dollars (highest level of difficulty)
  • For ice-cold dogs: The Cayo Perico Heist

    • Starting requirement: submarine own plus fees
    • A campaign with preparatory missions and finals
    • This heist can also be completed by a single person
    • Profit: up to 4,570.600 dollars (highest level of difficulty)

The services require many investments and require the players a lot of can. Personally, I recommend you to play the hotts only for fun and not necessarily to make money with money . For this, the time expendit from the end is too high and the repetition of missions in a long time too boring.

The companies

The companies introduce a lot of money in GTA online, need a high capital. Luckily newcomers do not have to start at zero, as they developer Rockstar in the Next-Gen version gives a generous jumping work. With the Career Builder you get 4 million dollars , which you can invest in one of four criminal companies. This includes:

  • The CEO office for car masters
  • The bunker for weapons smuggling
  • The Biker Club for drug trafficking
  • The nightclub for storage rooms

I recommend you for the fastest and simplest profit to take the bunker , as this company brings good money while you do not have anything to do almost.

That’s how the bunker makes you stone-rich

  • Register you about the interaction menu (TAB key pressed) as CEO
  • Gets over the MAZE BANK FORECLOSURES mobile phone and buys the Western Chumash bunker for $ 1,650,000 (top location!)
  • Calls personal administration via the bunker laptop and sets the main priority production
  • Buys the personnel improvement for 598.500 dollars and the equipment improvement for 1.155,000 dollars
  • To save time, you should not steal the required supplies , but always for $ 75,000
  • Do not wait until the storage rooms are full, but sells your goods as often as possible , best to Los Santos
  • With this method you generate 135,000 dollars per delivery , a maximum of $ 1,000,000 at full bunker
  • Pro tip: In order to avoid enemy raids, you should buy the safety improvement for $ 351,000 at a later date

GTA Online: What should I buy to make all the other gangsters jealous?

Which you will ultimately buy from your hard-to-faucet money is left to you. While one is more on weapons and the other prefer to buy chic real estate, all players in GTA online autonomous arguments are invariably. And from these two or four-wheeled beauties, there are amazing lots in Los Santos. Below I show you my favorite vehicle:

  • Vigilante for 3,750,000 dollars
  • ANNIS APOCALYPSE ZR380 for 2.138.640 Dollar
  • Ocelot Pariah for $ 1,420,000
  • DECLASS SCRAMJET for 4.628.400 Dollars
  • Pegassi ToreAdor for 3,660,000 dollars
  • Kuruma (armored) for 550,000 dollars
  • Bravado Banshee 900R for 536.750 dollars
  • Oppressor MK II for 3,890,250 dollars

GTA Online: What brings the most fun?

Off the right of money and spend money, the Gangster metropolis of Los Santos offers many more opportunities to enjoy the gangster life in the fullest. The entire offers of newcomers probably can probably overwhelm. Where to start where stop? No problem, I’ll show you the best activities and places in GTA online, which you should definitely pay a visit:

  • The Diamond Casino & Resort: from Poker to horse racing, every gambling is served here. Players can also challenge the luckwheel one time a day and hope for one of many gains.
  • Maze Bank Arena : Who seeks crazy arena battles and also wants to live out his secret Mad-Max fantasies, should definitely participate in the arena. Attention, splinter and burn hazard!
  • Ls Car Meet: You want to specify with your tuned cart and swarm with like-minded people over the best rims? In the LS Car Meet you can not only do your cars and present your cars, but also organize races with them.
  • Fan Modi : Over the years, players have created many game modes via the Creator mode while creating very funny challenges. Looking for the phone for these jobs and survives heat-like obstacle course and scratched stretches.

I hope I could teach you everything so you can make a name in GTA online and get the most fun out. GTA Online appeared on March 15 in a Next-Gen version for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can read our test here.

Now to the website of GTA Online!

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