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In the heart of feudal Japan in Trek to Yomi

Unveiled at the Devolver Digital Showcase, trek to yomi should see the day May 5, 2022. The game of the Flying Wild Hog studio will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, as well as in the Game Pass.

Trek to yomi is a lateral scroll action game whose story takes place in feudal Japan. You will embody the young Hiroki, a samurai whose master has just died and who has done the oath to protect his village, as well as those he loves. It is the bruised heart he will hold his promise. It will therefore have to undertake a trip from life and death to face those responsible for the destruction of his village. And at the same time, find the way he wants to borrow.

With its aesthetics in black and white and unique camera angles, the game plunges us into the spirit of the classics of samurai films. Saber clashes will be at the heart of the gameplay, whether it’s fighting other samurai or supernatural creatures that will cross your way. It remains to be seen if the sensations will be present or if the game will be only a pleasant cinematographic experience.


Trek to Yomi | Devolver Digital E3 2021

Trek to Yomi features

The Witcher 4: Game Director does not promise crunch

The New Witcher Won't Be About Geralt - Inside Games

This week ago CD project Red The Development of The Witcher 4 announced. The next part of the video game series is implemented with the Unreal Engine 5. Already now it is clear that The Witcher 4 will not be continued by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Instead, The Witcher 4 justifies the start of a new saga in the universe of the witcher’s Geralt of Riva. Jason Slama will be responsible as Game Director for the new game. He already worked with The Witcher 3 and took over the job as Game Directors for the card game Gwent in 2018. The announcement of The Witcher 4 also came up the topic crunch. For the developers had to insert crunch phases at that time to comply with the release date of cyberpunk 2077 and worked six days a week. In a tweet, Slama responded to the topic and said mutents that there will be no crunch under his supervision.

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