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How to set up equipment in Warzone DMZ

gunsmith user equipment and two of many determining features of Call of Duty: War zone 2. A similar design with a limited approach was implemented in the new DMZ mode. Here is all that you can equip in your demilitarized zone before penetrating Asmara.

How to configure equipment in dmz

Your DMZ loading consists of five slots in which you can carry up to two types of weapons, two tactical equipment, two deadly equipment and a field upgrade. In addition to equipment, your inventory also consists of a small backpack and a one-plastic armored personnel carrier. This two equipment can be improved in the demilitarized zone, plundering and equipping options for the same equipment of a higher level. For example, you can equip a large backpack with many empty slots and a two-plastic body armor with two armored plastic slots.

You can take with you any equipment from objects available in the DMZ cache. As for the weapon, you can choose a smuggling weapon from a cache that will be irrevocably lost if you die. In addition, you can choose the drawings of weapons that are insured and can be configured. Before starting the match, you will get a hint with a demonstration of your equipment. You can configure your equipment from there or directly from the screen of the main menu.


All equipment is available in DMZ

You can choose one item from each of the following categories in the demilitarized zone:

  • Tactical
    • Light pomegranate
    • Shock stick
    • Smoke grenade
    • Light pomegranate
    • Bait grenade
    • The sphere of the adjuster
    • Scaling sensor
    • Instant grenade
    • Tear gas
  • Deadly
    • Fragmentation grenade
    • Contactless mine
    • Charging a drill
    • Molotov cocktail
    • Semtex
    • C4
    • Claymore
    • Termite
    • Throwing Knife
  • Field update
    • Tactical camera
    • Inflatable bait
    • DDoS
    • Folding cover
    • Trophy system
    • Dead silence
    • Ammunition
    • Combat rage
    • Intelligence drone

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Yuta Watanabe or Steph Curry?

Yuma Watanabe is tearing down big-time 3-point shots for the Brooklyn Nets. After the group’s 127-115 win against the Memphis Grizzlies, Kevin Durant was asked who he would root for in a 3-point contest between his Japanese teammate and his former teammate Steph Curry.


KD reacted by stating:

The Japanese completed the video game against Memphis with 16 points, and made four out of 6 shots from deep.

Kevin Durant hilariously addressed that he would beat both of them in the contest. He then offered a major answer about how Curry will undoubtedly win the shootout. However, KD provided props to Watanabe who has been on fire from deep for the Internet. Durant applauded the Japanese’s choice to make the right plays, which have actually resulted in high-percentage shots for him and his teammates.

Yuma Watanabe has actually been hot from the field

Yuma Watanabe is shooting the long ball much better than Steph Curry this season. Watanabe is shooting 57.1% from downtown compared to Curry’s 44.7%. It’s insane to think that a bench gamer is shooting better than arguably the biggest shooter in the history of the video game.

Yuma Watanabe was drafted in 2018 and signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, where he invested his very first 2 seasons. Watanabe hardly played any minutes and wasn’t the shooter he is today. When the Grizzlies would wave the white flag, he shot a career-low 20.8% from 3-point range and mainly played.

Ever since transferring to the Brooklyn Webs earlier this season, Yuma Watanabe has actually unexpectedly increased and has become an essential role player. The fact that a superstar like Kevin Durant is applauding him for his shooting says a lot about just how much Watanabe has actually enhanced.

When he moved to the Toronto Raptors for the 2020-21 season, he saw more minutes. His stats improved, as he shot 37.3% from long range in 2 seasons with the Raptors.

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Yuma Watanabe was drafted in 2018 and signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, where he invested his very first two seasons. Watanabe barely played any minutes and wasn’t the shooter he is today. Yuma Watanabe is shooting the long ball much better than Steph Curry this season. Watanabe is shooting 57.1% from downtown compared to Curry’s 44.7%.

Valorant: Chamber shoots himself as the most played agent and Riot should nerf

After changes in Valorant patch 5.10 all the eyes of game users point to a name: Chamber. The French agent enjoys a perfect position within the game, and after the multiple nerfs received to his competition, he dominates the percentage of elections within the Riot Games tactical shooter.


Looking at the statistics of the last seven days (coinciding practically with the launch of 5.10) Chamber is the most chosen agent in immortal. With almost 40% of choice, Chamber has no competition in this EL, which forces practically in all compositions to take it, since it is in a brutal state.

It is true that Reyna surpasses him as the most chosen agent in all the ELO French and Jet that occupies this second position with 27% of elections.

What should change to Chamber?

We have several ideas to Nerdier to Chamber, which we will break down below:

  • Increase in bullet costs
  • What force tour does not kill if you shoot in the leg, only chest or head
  • More seconds of CD in the TP

What is clear is that Riot must soon clear it, seeing its impact on the games. His condition goes against the game and a player with a good AIM can solve numerous rounds with his skills. The gun and its definitive are several of Valorant’s best skills and makes more than one frustrate with one of its mechanics that are broken.


The Youtubers great game: Spain cries out an unprecedented robbery after a match full of arbitral errors

Yesterday a very interesting party was held for the Spanish community. While Qatar’s infamous world has begun today, the controversy here in Spain was already served one day before its beginning. While it is not a conglomerate of corruption worthy of a Scorsese movie, it has been a series of quite questionable decisions in which the only beneficiary has a name: France.

The great game of YouTubers with people from the platform and Twitch has been one of the great events of the year, and although Spain lost by 2 to 0 against France, arbitration errors fogged a recital of the Gauls team that could have won honestly, But unfortunately it made several ethical decisions that leave enough to be desired in the world of this sport as beautiful as it was hard.

Elmo and PPI Gave, the Pupa of Pride for Spain

If there are two players to stand out from La Rosa, they would undoubtedly be the two great enemies of France today: Trend Elmo, Format’s prodigal son, and PPI Gave, Villagers’s demon. Both gave up and made it clear that even if they are in hostile territory, they are not afraid of anything and if they have to leave their soul in the countryside. On the one hand we have Elmo, a Basque with a lot of mischief that plays football from the mud and how they send the canons, being hard when it is needed and rocky like no other.

On the other hand we have PPI Gave, a being of light that had to put on the demon boots yesterday seeing that the French were on the criminal instead of the civil. However, we also want to highlight Cache, the new saint of this selection that saved several clear goals from the Gauls based on stops that will go down in history. Honor for him too.

Arbitral decisions and favoritism, the great protagonists of the Stomach

The meeting began with controversy from the first minute: in a ball in favor of Spain on the edge of the area, the French defender fought for the ball and chose to return it to the goalkeeper. The problem came when, consciously, the Gala goalkeeper picked up the ball with his hands Ipso facto, which as many will know is totally illegal.

In the regulation, it clearly says that this cannot be done and is called assignment, turning this ball divided into a very dangerous foul for the Spaniards. The French referee ignored this play and let the time pass, something that angered the players of La Rosa from early and showing how the match was going to be until minute 90. And it is that these decisions were not at anecdote.


There were several totally legal ball disputes that showed the favorites of the referees in the match, especially with Elmo. But they were not only fouls; Some arbitral decisions on what gestures of the French or even the Lineages themselves by teaching Spanish players were dropping the glass and caused the anger of our players.

It is quite inexplicable for a referee to look with condescension and laugh in front of his rivals for the mere fact of not falling well, instead of being professionals. And yes, we already know that it is a friendly where fun should have predominated, but if the gestures or attitudes of the rival are that derogatory that excuse is no longer worth it, you have to be professionals.

Even so, Spain fought with everything, and we have a clear goal: to turn in Spain and create one of the most hype matches of the moment, adding important names and especially without leaving the Gauls play their football to prioritize ours A Champagne soccer base. Tiki Take do not know if there will be, but what we will have will be a lot of pride and a rebel heart that none will be able to overcome.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet How to Develop Charcadet Into Ceruledge and Armarouge

Char cadet is among many brand-new Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but unlike the ones that boast common evolution paths, it can evolve into one of 2 things: Rutledge or Armature. Those are version exclusive Pokémon with Rutledge belonging to Pokémon Violet while Demagogue is from Pokémon Scarlet, so you’ll require some aid from a good friend to get them both. Getting one is challenging enough, however it’s a relatively easy procedure if you understand the actions.

To that end, we can help you develop your Char cadet quickly to get one of these unique evolutions ASAP. Very first thing’s very first though: you need a Char cadet. To discover those, merely head to West Province (Location One) or South Province (Location Three) and mosey about. Eat a meal that increases your chances of experiencing a Fire Pokémon if you desire to speed up the procedure.

With a Char cadet in your team, you’ll need to speak to someone to begin a trade. Prior to you worry about that, go ahead and collect the trade resources you need by following the instructions below:

How to Evolve Char cadet into Armature

To evolve Char cadet into Armature, you’ll require a special item called the Advantageous Armor. To get that, you’ll require 10 Bronzer Fragments.


For those, head to the areas highlighted below on the map and find and fight the Bronzer. The most convenient method to move rapidly through this part of the process is to use the video game’s Let’s Go mode to combat them visible. They like to hang out around ruins. As soon as you’ve got 10 Fragments in-hand, avoid the Rutledge section listed below and continue reading.

How to Progress Char cadet into Rutledge

Similar to the Bronzer mission, head to the areas marked on the map listed below to discover Sinister. They’re quite little and aren’t almost as obvious as some other Pokémon, so you may have much better luck spotting them when walking rather than riding your Trip Pokémon. Combat them in Let’s Go mode to make quick work of them, safe and secure 10 Sinister Chips, and continue checking out to complete the process.

Evolving Char cadet into Rutledge takes place by means of a comparable procedure, but you need a different resource aside from Bronzer Fragments. For this task, you require Sinister Chips.

How to Complete Char cadet’s Development

They’re rather small and aren’t almost as visible as some other Pokémon, so you might have much better luck finding them when strolling as opposed to riding your Trip Pokémon. With your Pokémon resources in-hand, head to the western Pokémon Center in Zapping, a city in East Pale.

Char cadet is one of numerous new Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, however unlike the ones that boast typical development courses, it can develop into one of 2 things: Rutledge or Armature. Those are variation unique Pokémon with Rutledge belonging to Pokémon Violet while Demagogue is from Pokémon Scarlet, so you’ll need some aid from a buddy to get them both. If you want to accelerate the procedure, eat a meal that increases your opportunities of coming across a Fire Pokémon.

If you’re playing Scarlet, the individual will use a trade of Auspicious Armor for the Bronzer Pieces while the Violet NPC offers the Harmful Armor for the Sinister Chips. Trade them whatever they’re asking for and utilize your item on your Char cadet (the item lies in your stock under the category marked by a Rare Sweet). Your Char cadet will evolve instantly as if you utilized a Development Stone on it, and you’ll have a powerful Armature or Rutledge in your celebration.

With your Pokémon resources in-hand, head to the western Pokémon Center in Zapping, a city in East Pale. Follow the big structure around its curve to see a water fountain with a person standing in front of it. You’ll find a male there in Scarlet and a woman in Violet.

Unlimited-Tarif UNTER 20 Euro Freete celebrates Black Week

mega Sim, the somewhat different mobile operator

Dieter Bowler has been the flagship and review of Freenet (we reported) for over a year. So it is barely surprising that the previous pop titan in its function as CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) likewise makes marketing for the Black Week deals of the just recently freshly launched sub-brand Mega Sim-and discovers just a normal word: Mega!

In fact, Mega SIM has 2 definitive advantages to not say distinct selling points, to other smartphone providers: The (brand-new) contracts can be ended on the one hand, so there is no minimum term, and on the other hand warranty a lifetime rates-in plain language means in plain language: The price to which you scheduled applies permanently and is not increased even after the normal 24 months.


Other cost traps such as subscriptions or additional alternatives, which often hide in the small print, are thankfully browsed for in vain.

Explanation of the multiplayer mode of scarlet and violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have greatly improved traditional multiplayer functions. Not only exists habitual trade, but there is also no cooperation. There is much to cover, but we have everything you need to know. Here is our complete explanation of the multiplayer mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Everything you can do in the multiplayer mode of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There is a certain aspect of the multiplayer mode in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that the series has never tried before. This takes the shape of Union Circle, which will allow four friends to explore all PAL DEA together in cooperative mode.

Out of that, players can also trade with friends. You can also fight other players through Link Battle or Battle Stadium. The latter, at some point, will allow qualifying battles, but at this time, you can only make casual battles.

There Raid Battles will be available at some point in the future, and can be made on certain dates to face a variety of incursion Pokemon.

How to play multiplayer with friends at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Image Source: Game Freak through

There are different ways to connect through the multiplayer options offered. First, you must open your main menu with X and go to the Poke Portal section.

To invite friends to Union Circle, you choose to form a room and then give your three automatically generated code. To join a group, you should only enter the code provided. There is no reason to worry about not being able to play with a friend who chose the other version, since both Scarlet and Violet are cross play.

To link the battle with a friend, you must configure a link code (as with the exchange) so that they both use it. You can also fight with three friends through Multi Battle through the same method of sharing a link code. Each link code has between one and eight numbers. These are the only methods to play with your friends at this time.


This is all to know about multiplayer in scarlet and violet Pokemon. For those who want to bring their previous Pokemon to Scarlet and Violet, we have a guide on how to use Pokemon Home.

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How to establish Shroodle in Pokemon Karmesin and Purpur in Grafaiai

If you play with exp, no matter. Share one or off, players deal with a total Pokédex or a new kind of Pokémon will do everything to establish this creature even more. Considering that you can not discover any for some time in the wild, advancement of A Shrewdly is the fastest method to get 1. Is something special essential to open your new shape?

Coach looking for her search for you might catch all in Pokémon scarlet red and violet on the little and mighty crushed Shrewdly in her experiences. A bit of doodling beetle, this creature lastly turns into a colorful 1. While the players keep one in their group and wait for the magic to occur, the coaches may wonder when the time will come when they will turn into their new kind.

how to establish Poodle in Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura

Share one or off, players work on a total Pokédex or a new type of Pokémon will do whatever to establish this animal further. Given that gamers will probably come to A Shrewdly in the wild much earlier than a counting work on the side of this beast it will enable the players to establish it pretty quickly.

While the players keep one in their group and wait for the magic to occur, the coaches may question when the time will come when they will turn into their brand-new form.


Pokémon scarlet red and violet are now offered on Nintendo Switch.

With the large amount of material in these brand-new titles, Pokémon scarlet red and violet bring you a lot on the table. With great brand-new additions in the roster such as CLIS and Lawful, the players form the ultimate team to end up being the latest champ of ending up being Pale Legionellae or with friends.

Discover higher-level monsters and to defeat them until Shrewdly reaches level 28 will offer gamers the welcome evolutionary noise and a brief scene that reveals the conversion from one type into another. After that, the players get proud owners of A and be prepared to tape it with the world with their brand-new preferred Pokémon. The next choice that the players have to make is the decision whether you desire to take part in fitness studios, Star fall Street Boss or Titanen to test your brand-new beast.

Given that players will probably pertain to A Shrewdly in the wild much earlier than a counting work on the side of this beast it will enable the gamers to develop it pretty rapidly. The gamers do not have to fret about getting one or have to get a farm for numerous things to get the new poison/normal type beast. Rather, it is a fairly regular evolutionary path that needs to follow the gamers.

Gotham Knights Gets New PC Update With Spot Notes


Developer WB Games Montreal has today pressed out a new update for Gotham Knights on PC. Given that releasing near the end of last month, Gotham Knights has continued to receive a number of new all the video game’s numerous platforms to improve the overall experience. And while this new spot isn’t available on PS5 or Xbox Series X, that’s merely due to the fact that most of the tweaks in this upgrade pertained to consoles last week.


You can find the complete spot notes for this brand-new update down below if you’d like to see whatever that has actually been altered to Gotham Knights today on PC.

Available to download today throughout Steam and Legendary Games Store platforms, this latest spot for Gotham Knights largely fixes a number of different issues with the game. Not only does the update broadly fix a variety of crashes that may have occurred for players, but WB Games Montreal has actually also adjusted some of the game’s UI, menus, and other numerous alternatives.

  • Crash repairs

  • Fix for Cosmic Bat cycle colorway not being unlocked appropriately

  • Rewards fix for Historian Trinidad antiques
  • Tracking repair for Bataan collectibles
  • Neighborhood messages repair for appropriate localization
  • Sign up with player unresponsive button repair
  • Mod chip blend animation fix
    When hovering over picked mod chip, Mod chip SFX fix
  • Scroll keyboard & mouse fix in Gear menus
  • Other button design repairs when going from controller to keyboard & mouse
  • User interface (UI) repairs to lingering text in Abilities menu
  • Option to silence host being disabled has actually been fixed
  • FSR 2.0 not being applied after enabling has been fixed
  • CSI Cursor flickering repair
  • Online Connection Lost timely is now displayed more without delay


Designer WB Games Montreal has actually today pushed out a brand-new upgrade for Gotham Knights on PC. Considering that launching near the end of last month, Gotham Knights has actually continued to get a number of new updates throughout all the video game’s numerous platforms to enhance the general experience. As mentioned, though, much of what this brand-new upgrade for Gotham Knights on PC does is make similar fixes to the PS5 and Xbox Series X patch that got here a week ago. Whether a more huge update for the action-adventure title will be rolling out soon isn’t known, however at least all versions of Gotham Knights should be up to par.

As mentioned, though, much of what this brand-new upgrade for Gotham Knights on PC does is make similar fixes to the PS5 and Xbox Series X spot that arrived a week ago. This means that those using PC should now be able to effectively unlock the Cosmic Bat cycle and track collectibles more quickly. Whether a more massive update for the action-adventure title will be rolling out soon isn’t known, however a minimum of all variations of Gotham Knights should depend on par.

R-TYPE TACTICS I / II COSMOS Additional scenario production project, crowdfunding has started well. Clear of achievement as early as possible

Grander Co., Ltd. started crowdfunding for additional scenarios for R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos on November 17. The implementation period is from November 17 to November 30.

R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos is a remake version of R-Type Tactics and R-Type Tactics II-Operation Bitter Chocolate- as one package. It is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023 for PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch.

The original version of R-Type Tactics was released in 2007 for PSP in 2007 for PSP in 2009. Based on the world view of the R-TYPE series of Item’s horizontal scroll shooting game, it was created by changing the game genre into a strategic simulation game.

R-Type Tactics is the theme of fighting between humanity and the Bide Empire, and players lead the Earth as commanders. On stages such as the sky above earth, outer space, and planets, develop a wide variety of units, including fighters, R-9 series, POW Armor, which is a supply machine, and battleships and transport ships. Aim. In the sequel R-TYPE TACTICS II-Operation Bitter Chocolate-, a new Grander Revolutionary Army from the Earth Army has appeared. The battle between humanity is drawn.

The remake version, R-Type Tactics I ・ II Cosmos, has rebuilt the original version with the latest expression technology. The crowdfunding, which is being implemented at Kickstarter this time, adds elements to the originally planned reproduction. In the dawn of achievement, elements such as new scenarios and new units of all 24 missions will be added. It is said that full voice support is scheduled for reading out the voyage journals that appear in additional scenarios. In addition, it is expected that dimensional fighters and bid weapons will appear as additional units. It is expected that games and strategies in online matches will be deepened.

The implementation period is until 23:59 on November 30, Japan time, and the target amount is set to 4 million yen. As a reward according to the amount of support, it is possible to participate in the right to appear (limited quantities) and test plays for additional content production as one of the deputy officers appearing in R-Type Tactics I / II Cosmos. Advisor is inaugurated (limited quantity). In addition, the supporting aircraft that can be used in the game of R-Type Final 2 currently on sale and PS5 in March 2023 are also available as retarders.

R-Type Final 2 is a title that was determined by the success of crowdfunding in 2019. In just one day, the target amount of 45 million yen was achieved, and additional recruitment was made in response to many re-implementation requests. The crowdfunding of the R-Type Type Tactics I / II COSMOS additional scenario production project also recorded about $25,000 (approximately 3.5 million yen) at the time of writing this article, probably because of the strong popularity of fans. As soon as the target amount is close, it has been a good start.


R-TYPE TACTICS I / II Cosmos will be released in the summer of 2023. The crowdfunding of the additional scenario production project is being held until 23:59 on November 30 Japan time.

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