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SSC Naples: President Aurelio de Laurentiis demands Africa-Cup

The clubs are required to allow their nationwide gamers to participate in competitions throughout the main international break. The Africa Cup, which has been held every two years in January and also February, is to be held at the very least temporarily in June and July, i.e. the European reduced period.

I will certainly not turn them off to the Africa Cup or the South America championships, claimed de Laurentiis in a meeting.

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President Aurelio de Laurentiis from SSC Naples will no more wish to sign South or african American players if they do refrain without certain competitions with their nationwide groups.

  • In Naples, some essential players are Africans and consistently fail throughout league operations. These gamers are never readily available in between the Africa Cup and the World Cup qualifiers in South America, said de Laurentiis: We are the idiots that pay the salaries to ensure that they can bet others. He desires you all the most effective, however either you authorize a waiver for the Africa Cup or….

Africa Cup: Senegal stumbles into the quarterfinals

Senegal’s national team with Liverpool star Radio Mane has reached the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup – but there is no good impression. Against outer Key Verde, Senegal won his second round with 2: 0 (0: 0), only after two space references to the outsider met Manege (63.). In the detention time, Samba Deng (90. + 2) laid.

Already after 21 minutes Patrick Andrade had seen red for rough foul, in the second half, the Cape Verdish goalkeeper Voting had to be from the square after an emergency brake (57th).

Senegal had already achieved a hit by a foul foot in the group phase and was now heavy on Tuesday.

With Bavaria Munich’s Bound Carr in the Start elf, the team came to an early post shot by MANE (2.), but it remained the only excitement for a long time – to the fierce collision between MANE and Voting, as a result of the goalkeeper of the field was referenced.

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Again, man was, who hit a corner. The attacker had to be clearly replaced slightly later, in the final phase Cape Verde even the chance to compensate.

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