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Representative Cho Seung -rae passed the National Assembly Standing Committee of the Culture and Arts Promotion Act

-In addition of the ‘Game’ genre in the range of ‘culture and arts’ when passing the plenary session

-Cop-Rae Cho Expect to improve game awareness and expand support by passing the bill

The amendment to the Culture and Arts Promotion Act, which adds games to the definition of culture and arts, passed the National Assembly Standing Committee.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s lawmaker Cho Seung-rae (Daejeon Yuseong-gu Gap) was a partial revision of the Culture and Arts Promotion Act.

This amendment, which reflects the legislation of Cho’s legislation, is the definition of ‘culture and arts’, and in addition to the way of listing genres such as literature, art, and music, the core attributes of culture and arts are defined as general expressions, and ‘cultural arts’ It includes adding game, animation and musical ‘genre.

Representative Cho Seung-rae proposed an amendment to add games to the scope of the Culture and Arts in November 20.

Mr. Cho is emerging as a comprehensive art that combines various art genres such as video, art, novels, and music, and is already paying attention as a new art genre to lead the 21st century culture and art paradigm in developed countries. In Korea, the negative perception of the game that has been continuing for a long time has been treated only as a subject of regulation, not the subjects to support and foster.

Representative Cho Seung-rae said, The game is one of the very important areas of the development of the Korean content industry, and even though it is a comprehensive arts that combines various arts, it is not included in the definition of culture and arts under the law. We are not treated, he said. We expect that the passage of this amendment will be an opportunity to improve negative awareness of the game and expand the game industry support. He emphasized, We will do our best to pass the plenary session as soon as possible.

Enemy of the State is a shooter that suggests us to reach the mafia capo and also this is its trailer

Opponent of the State has its launch for mid-2024, as well as acknowledges ideas in Art Decó, Dishonored as well as timeless black film flicks and comics. The Top-Down shooter will show up on computer via Steam, PlayStation as well as Xbox.

Via a trailer and several images, we can see a proposition with a cautious noir setup where the individual will have to choose in between playing as a lone wolf or doing it in cooperative for three gamers. Pick your class, personalize your gangster and go out to conquer the world. Make your origin American, African-American, Irish, Japanese or Chinese . Boost, come to be more powerful and unlock launching.

To do this, you have to gather the band as well as perform all kinds of work all over the globe, from break-ins to inhabit the territory, via murders and kidnappings to earn power, money as well as regard . In doing so, the gamer will also improve his very own procedures center, an entirely personalized hiding place.

The Future Games Show held last evening left us fantastic ads in independent video games of which we will gradually accommodate in 3DJUGOS. One of them is Opponent of the State, a bird’s shooter where we travel to the dry law , therefore triggering a property where we are a little-mounting offender, of an ethnic group of your option, which strives to Become a Mafia Principal.

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