The first season after changing Wolfsburg to the FCA could hardly have started better. From the beginning, Uduokhai was set as a regular force in August 2020 and even played in the focus of Jodi Löw. His invitation to the national team in November 2020 was the preliminary highlight in the career of the defense latch, even if he remained denied for Germany at that time. In recent months, the in-distance was far away, the current season was a sporty so far a case for forgetting.

On a tendon break in the thigh followed in the healing process only a re-rupture, just before the possible comeback in December, a corona infection put him out of action. From the 4th to the 17th match day, Uduokhai was not a minute on the field. Of course I imagined that differently. But that’s the way that is sometimes the plans do not rise. Then it’s important how to handle, reflects, and it takes as a reason to work on themselves, this reported on Thursday.

From the ambiguous situation, the 1.92-meter man tried to make the best – and even found positive aspects: From the head, I have learned a lot too much. I also met my body better, I had to practice patience and practicing Could take the time and to worry about things for whom else you have time. Just look out of the scene and the big whole.


Uduokhai again as a left-distance?

The long-awaited return to the lawn succeeded at the beginning of the year in Cofferdam, where he moved back to the defense center for the Race Oxford back then. During the week at 1: 1 against Frankfurt stood 45 minutes as left-back in the books in the books – on this position could be on this position on Saturday at Bayer Leverkusen (15.30, live! At season) because of a threatening failure of Iago. In any case, Uduokhai itself burns on other missions: I feel very good and hope that 2022 will be a little better again.

At the same time, there were also beautiful pages ready for him, such as participation in the Olympics with the team of U-21 National Trainer Stefan Kurtz. I really wanted that. It was a life experience that had a great value for me. It was very special, looks back Uduokhai and remains in this opinion, even if it had been sporty not necessarily the smartest. Because the long downtime in the episode probably also originated at the tournament participation. Just before the trip to Japan, the defensive player had caved an ankle operation. He really wanted it, we did not want to prevent it. But it was not Clever in my eyes. I would not want to go to each player in the future the Olympic tournament anymore, because you just have no preparation with the team, Complemented coach Markus Easier.

From the development we are on a good way

But this story is now past. Uduokhai looks forward – with the FC Augsburg, to which he clearly acquainted himself after emerging reverses (Newcastle United). I did not have a message yourself and I have no interest, I have more important things in the head and the goal of playing a good twelve, emphasized the 24-year-old. In the first half of the year, the goal of the FCA can only be the league.

In addition, he has more. From the development, we are on a good way, but it’s not easy with many younger players. This also remembers that one, two starred players would give the club still good to the club. Nonetheless, I see Augsburg on a good way. Here Well worked, Uduokhai continued. What in the future in the Fuggerstadt could be possible, as he raises the view of two competitors who are traveling in other table regions this season. Freiburg and Mainz have similar means as we, in their process these clubs are already on. You can take them as role models, so we grow there too.