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Bayern coach Jens Scheuer: I have the ass card

Everything is arranged, for the game of the relatively young year. On Tuesday evening (18.45, live! At German Champion), the German Champion Bayern Munich expects French title carrier Paris Saint-Germain to the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League.

And for the first time, Bayern women will spend a home game in the Allianz Arena. 10,000 tickets are already sold. Bayern coach Jens Scheuer hopes for 12,000 spectators: “That would be a dream.”

This will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite.

Jens Scheuer

He no longer feel pressure, but just anticipation for the big game in the Great Stadium, tells the 43-year-old. “That will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite, because in my view there is no favorite. Both teams meet at eye level. The courage will decide.” The French – where ex-Bayern player Sara Däbritz moves the threads in midfield – have an “incredibly high quality in the offensive area”, the Bayern coach has observed. In refurrenced, his team will not be.

Dallmann pragmatic: “Show that we can kick really well”

Antriberger Linda Dallmann looks pragmatic: “It will be a big experience and is a great chance for us to show that we can kick really well.” They will be nervous and tense anyway, but that does not hang together with the special setting and the great backdrop. “That’s what I’m before every game,” says the national player.

I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.


Jens Scheuer

But a “problem” is still a “problem” before the game against the two-way from France: “We have too many good players in the squad. That makes it difficult for me to decide who I should set up. But I am happy that I’m this problem HAVE, “he tells. “I realize that I have the ass card. After all, it’s the game of life for some players. And I can only set eleven. I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.”

No option for Tuesday is, however, Marina Hegering. The central defender who is leaving FC Bayern at the end of the season, has been falling off for weeks for knee proproblems and has currently infected with Covid-19.

Rall comes, the Bayern leads to victory at the TSG

Bayern’s coach Jens Scheuer watched the first structured attacks of his team after Wilder initial phase, according to Dallmann’s approach (7th), Bühl awarded a top chance to leadership (9th).

Dallmann counters de Caigny – Feldkamp as a pitch bird

Bayern Munich - Road to UCL Victory 2020
The managed on the other side of the Caigny, whose slatting head ball jumped from the shoulder of Bayern-Keeperin to the line over the line (13th). The Münchnerinnen remained unimpressed, and dominated more clearly and equalized to Schüller’s PLASPASS by Dallmann (18th).

TSG-Coach Gabor Gallai experienced continuous pressure of the title champions and good opportunities by Magull (20th) and Kumagai (25th) – and the deserved leadership of the guests, as Feldkamp Simons brought a bit into his own goal (28th). Hoffenheim was offensive not to move and was able to talk about happiness that Gwinn left the 3: 1 shortly before the cabin cycle (41.).

Bayern lightweight – TSG fantastic

Also in the second pass, the FCB went lightly with the chances, Magull did not meet the ball from a short distance (48.), Dallmann failed at a class footprint of Tufekovic (57th). De Caigny could not use a reciprocity of FCB-Torfrau’s guide to 2-2 (49.), Hail, on the other hand, refined a great combination of the Kraichgauerinen to compensate with a shot in the angle (63.).

Rall does not need a long time

The Bayern’s answer promptly followed. First, Schüller still met the outer post (66th), then the shortly previously replaced rall with their already ninth goal this season the renewed lead. Schüller (68.) and Damnjanovic (90. + 1) missed the final decision, which then managed Damnjanovic with the last action and the 4: 2 final point.

Increase after the break: Bavaria turns game against Fürth

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann moved to the 1-1 in the Champions League in Salzburg three times: Upamecano, Richards and Sabitzer began for Slee, Gnabry (both bank) and Coman (muscular problems). This also helped a system change to four chain. Musiala sat back on the bench after surviving Corona infection.

Fürth’s Coach Stefan Leitl brought the same eleven, which had recovered the 2-1 home win over Hertha BSC last week.

As expected, Bayern had a lot of possession in the first half, even 78 percent. But with it hardly knew something to start something, against very compact and disciplined defending Fürther fell the FCB almost nothing. In the middle of the first half, both teams had to change injury due to injury, Dudziak could not continue with Fürth, for Tolisso, the households did not continue.

Hrgota’s free kick is compensated

The climber made it really good in the first 45 minutes. The francs not only stood certainly, they continued to send needlesticks forward, as in the 11th minute, as Leweling awarded in front of Ulreich. But then a foul of the Fürther was wondered in the emergence of the scene. Leweling was again and again, his spacer shot invested Ulspreich (27th). While Bayern stood at the Fürthern and again, there was a first-class free-kick chance for the guests for the guests: Hrgota’s standard from 19 meters forgued Sabitzer untenable to Ulreich – The last one went to the first lead (42nd). And since weak Bayern had to offer nothing but a central Müller shot until the break (45. + 4), it went with the surprising 1: 0 for the shamrock in the cabins.

Bayern equal immediately

Bayern came with Choupo-Moting for Richards from the cabin, turned to triple chain and released directly: Gnabry pulled the ball from the right yet, Choupo-Moting still missed, but Lewandowski completed short distance (46.). The Fürther switched off because they thought the ball was in front of Gnabry’s flank in the goal.

An own goal of Griesbeck

When can you play sports after breaking a bone?

Nagelsmann had found the right words in the break, because Bayern played much more purposeful and determined forward. The salary? The 2: 1! Müller’s flank from the right Griesbeck carried with the shin into his own gate (61.). Already in the first leg, the Fürther had an own goal. The shamrock had nothing to report in the minutes after the break, but showed after the second goal but a good reaction: Nielsen toil to the left in the penalty area (64.), Christiansens’ spacer shot kissed the right outer post (67.), and Hrgota headed over (68.).

Lewandowski laces the double pack

The shamrock was good at this stage in the game and could certainly have achieved the compensation, but Meyerhöfer’s shot was only on the outer post (71.). Then the leaders got rest to the game again – and made for the decision: After a corner, Süle Lewandowski said, who laced the double pack (82.). Thus, the encounter was through, linden prevented with a great act against Müller still the fourth goal (86th). The 4: 1 but still fell, Choupo-Motating made the final score shortly before the end (90. + 1). Bayern, thanks to a performance increase after the break, brought the mandatory victory against the final light.

And how does it continue? The Bayern meet next weekend (Saturday, 18:30) away on Frankfurt. Greuther Fürth receives the 1st FC Cologne on Saturday (15:30).

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