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And also who ratings all the goals now?

Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern scored the most objectives in the organization 5 times in a row.
Yet the striker is now playing in the country of Spain, Erling Haaland transferred to England.
Now fans ask yourself: Who will be the brand-new demonstrator star of the Bundesliga?
Successful strikers still have sufficient in the league.

For instance, Patrik Schick is from Bayer Leverkusen.
He hit the objective 24 times in the past Bundesliga period.

Christopher Nkunku as well as Anthony Modeste-Er are currently playing a lot of goals in Dortmund -.

have Mané and also Werner opportunities?

There are likewise some brand-new assaulters: Sadio Mané has just recently stormed for FC Bayern.
Timo Werner went back to RB Leipzig.
Several of them will also be on the pitch this weekend.
The 2nd matchday is in the organization.
Anyone who racked up the most objectives at the end of the period wins the twist scorer cannon.
And so it is currently in the ranking.

FC Bayern | Superstar prior to farewell? Lewandowski comments

The 33-year-old presently remains in Monte Carlo, where the Grand Prix of Monaco is kept in Formula 1 at the weekend.

In the past few weeks, FC Barcelona particularly has been traded as a brand-new club for the brand-new as well as old Bundesliga goalkeeper king.

Lewandowski did not intend to be elicited from the Catalans on Sunday. The statements of the Polish global just revealed that the matter for a possibly upcoming goodbye to FC Bayern has not yet been ultimately clarified after 8 years.

In the “Skies” meeting, Lewandowski was after that inquired about the continuous modification supposition. The Bayern scorer did not intend to be truly specifically exactly: “The day will certainly concern provide more details,” stated Lewandowski.

The rumor hang around the Robert Lewandowskiing future of world football players Robert Lewandowski is boiling from day to day. As soon as again commented on his additional career preparation, now the superstar of FC Bayern has.

Lewandowski remains to leave the future at FC Bayern

Robert Lewandowski wants OUT of Bayern: Could he be Barcelona bound?! | ESPN FC

” I think you can claim a bit extra quickly,” Lewandowski said more room for speculation.

Most lately, the expert of the first-rate demonstrator made it public that Lewandowski want to leave the Munich one a year prior to the end of the agreement.

much more: Lewandowski professional reveals goodbye to FC Bayern

“For Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern is background,” was one of the durable statements Pini Zahavis from last week.

Robert Lewandowski has actually been under agreement with the German document champions considering that 2014 and has won the title in the Bundesliga every year.

In contrast to his expert, Lewandowski’s company had actually made it clear in the previous few days that he would certainly not intend to turn over his ideal gamer this summertime and also will advise the work paper adding to 2023.

FC Bayern | Ribery reveals: This top

With, among other nine German championships and the Champions League title 2013, Franck Ribéry was becoming an absolute club legend at FC Bayern. As the Frenchman now revealed, he could have switched to equal European top clubs over the years.

In the interview with the Italian Ribérys direction “TuttoRibéry”, the now 39-year-old counted where it could have overcome him everywhere. “Mourinho wanted to get me to Real Madrid, but Bayern did not let me go. Barcelona and Juventus also called me,” said Ribéry in conversation with the newspaper.

Three years after his Bayern farewellewell in the summer of 2019, the Munich club icon continues to be active on the ball, is currently under contract at the Italian first division club US Salernitana. Despite several injury breaks, the wing player already brought it to 19 league missions. But he still waits for a first goal of the season for the relegation threatened club.

Davies reveals who he thinks will be the next Bayern captain????
US Salernana is currently in the last place in the series A, the descent can only be prevented theoretically.

Ribéry clearly introduces: “I do not regret anything, but am proud”

Incidentally, in its best years in the jersey of Bayern in the 2010er years, it had never been to the debate to leave the club towards Spanish La League or Italian Series A.

“I regret nothing, but I’m proud to have been twelve years with a huge club like Bavaria. There I won everything and was allowed to write important chapters of the history of the club,” said Ribéry, who has been a special relationship to the former Bavaria for many years Manager and president Uli Hoeneß maintains.

Overall, Franck Ribéry ran 273 times in the Bundesliga for Bayern and achieved 86 hits.

Bayerns Lina Magull: Thats suddenly

Forming the emotional world in words shortly after the final whistle was not so easy for Bayern players. “Saintly” is the 1-2 defeat against Paris Saint Germain, Bayern-Captainin Lina Magull said. “We are satisfied with the performance, we dominated the game,” the national player continued to do. But just lost because the French master was mercilessly effective and met two poorly defended corners.

Bayern Munich Star Lina Magull Opens Up On Her Inspirations In Football ❤️????
Paris was by no means better than Bayern, but just clever. The starting position in front of the second leg next Wednesday (21 clock) in the Paris Prince Park is still acceptable thanks to the Klara Bühl connection hit, which met by free kick in the 84th minute of 17 meters, after all. Bavaria still left some good opportunities unused.

Important connection goes gives hope

“It was important that the goal is still succeeded. I’m not dissatisfied with the performance, but we had no playback,” Bavaria coach Jens Scheuer, who now hopes that “we have more luck in the second leg and the thing can still turn. It’s about we believe in us “. Also midfielder Sarah Zadrazil is confident for the game in the French capital: “A goal is feasible for us, we can beat you.”

Another positive aspect despite the defeat was on Wednesday evening the atmospheric backdrop in the Munich Allianz Arena. 13,000 spectators found themselves for the premiere game of Bayern women in the Great Stadium. Lina Magull: “From me it can become the regularity.”

Bayern coach Jens Scheuer: I have the ass card

Everything is arranged, for the game of the relatively young year. On Tuesday evening (18.45, live! At German Champion), the German Champion Bayern Munich expects French title carrier Paris Saint-Germain to the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League.

And for the first time, Bayern women will spend a home game in the Allianz Arena. 10,000 tickets are already sold. Bayern coach Jens Scheuer hopes for 12,000 spectators: “That would be a dream.”

This will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite.

Jens Scheuer

He no longer feel pressure, but just anticipation for the big game in the Great Stadium, tells the 43-year-old. “That will be one of the few games in which we are not favorite, because in my view there is no favorite. Both teams meet at eye level. The courage will decide.” The French – where ex-Bayern player Sara Däbritz moves the threads in midfield – have an “incredibly high quality in the offensive area”, the Bayern coach has observed. In refurrenced, his team will not be.

Dallmann pragmatic: “Show that we can kick really well”

Antriberger Linda Dallmann looks pragmatic: “It will be a big experience and is a great chance for us to show that we can kick really well.” They will be nervous and tense anyway, but that does not hang together with the special setting and the great backdrop. “That’s what I’m before every game,” says the national player.

I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.


Jens Scheuer

But a “problem” is still a “problem” before the game against the two-way from France: “We have too many good players in the squad. That makes it difficult for me to decide who I should set up. But I am happy that I’m this problem HAVE, “he tells. “I realize that I have the ass card. After all, it’s the game of life for some players. And I can only set eleven. I’m sorry and preparing me sleepless nights.”

No option for Tuesday is, however, Marina Hegering. The central defender who is leaving FC Bayern at the end of the season, has been falling off for weeks for knee proproblems and has currently infected with Covid-19.

Voices to the Soccer Bundesliga: Nagelsmann despite 4: 0

The 27th match day of the Bundesliga has caused a lot of new voltage especially in the relegation battle. Thus, those involved saw the encounters talking to “Sky”:

Bayern Munich – Union Berlin 4: 0

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “With the result I am satisfied, we play too zero, even though we had some failures in defense to complain. UPA did that, Nanzou also and he even shot a goal. We have even shot a gate First half two large opportunities allowed and lost too many balls in the game. We did not get a chance where Union played us, it happened to ball losses. But all we have played to zero, which is valuable, and made four goals. You have to take a result as it is. “

… to question whether the break would come at a good time: “This is a popular question in front of the country break. It comes when she comes, you can not influence that. A proper break it is actually just for the coach, Everyone else drives away and play. I do not need a break, but will ski again. “

… about the upcoming contract decisions at Bayern: “In the end, this is always a joint decision. As the strategy is when the right timing is. We are all the same place and in the same building, all over the Away and there certainly fall a few words and there will be appointments where you can know everything. We wish all that the affected players will stay. Then it will give the talks. The coachs fronts and the financial hedges of the players are like that that you can relax in the situation. “

Urs Fischer (Trainer 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… About the support of the fans despite the significant defeat: “It’s exceptional, it’s not the first time we lose and still celebrate. I think the fans reward that the team gives everything. Also After the 0: 4 we did not stop and have continued. Then do it also applaud. “

… To the height of defeat: “It’s already hard. Especially in the first half it was so that Bayern did not play us on the wall. Only at the goals we do not look good, we have to accept that And defend it better. We had chosices themselves to achieve a goal and had the first opportunity to go to the lead. “

… For the expansion of his team: “You have to use the chances in Munich, because you will not get ten such opportunities. We did not get that, we’re doing well, do not make a lot of ways, do not have much. Sometimes But the necessary competition happiness is missing but also the necessary quality in front of the gate, such a thing to sink. “

… about the targets for the rest of the season: “We continue to reach the goal of reaching the 40 points. Now we have brought four points in seven games – that’s too little. Thus we are not satisfied. Then we are still satisfied The pokal half-final as a highlight. It is now about regenerating the break and tackle the next tasks. “

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “We had just admitted some situations that were unnecessary in the first half. Nevertheless, it was a deserved victory. It has noticed that the attitude and approach were fitted, we were there from the beginning. We were there If it already decided in the first half, shortly after the break we achieved the 4-0. The result was perhaps something too high, it could have been 4: 1. Nevertheless, it was deserved. “

… For the future of Robert Landwoski: “I do not talk to him about it. I do not know how the conversations are or if it gives. Robert throws himself in full and I do not feel that he’s with the thoughts Elsewhere. So I do not expect that he wants to go. “

… To the performance of Nianzou: “He can play a big and good role in the Bavarians. He has not had any injury for a long time after he was injured twice at the beginning. He did not have many games yet, against Benfica he has also From which nothing made a top game. Now I found that he did that well. “

Bastian OCCIPKA (1. FC Union Berlin)…

… to the game: “The chances given were a key to defeat. We would have had to achieve a hit from our clear chances in the first half. At the same time, the point is that we achieve quasi three owners. These gates should not happen – Just not in Munich. Then we are fast on the loser road. ”

… About the simple goals: “You can be played out, but we have to believe in your own nose and acknowledge that we are to blame ourselves that we did not get out anymore. It was not that Bayern clearly It was better, but so that we did not do the goals at the front and collected in the back simple goals. “

… About Kingsley Coman: “He is an absolute world class player, what should you say there? He does that in the one-counter-one situation well, overall we have nevertheless defended it well, which always goes through, is very clear. “

Rani Khedira (Captain 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… In support of the fans despite the significant defeat: “Something is only available at Union Berlin. That’s the special thing that accounts for the club. The fans are incredible. No matter if you win or lose: if you get your heart The place leaves what we do will celebrate you. “

… to the game: “We were well in the game in the first half and were courageous. We had our possibilities, but make three gifts. Then it will be scary hard in Munich.”

… to question whether the amount of defeat was entitled: “No, not necessarily, we absolutely wanted to collect with the 0: 2 in the cabin and ourselves again. Then it is maximally unhappy that you start a unnecessary penalty, And then the game has run after the 0: 3. “

… to ask what Bayern makes so strong: “This self-confidence and the dominance you have. Also the self-image, let the ball run quietly and to lure you. Then you have it sovereign at the 4: 0 played. “

… to question what he has come from the defeat: “That you can not allow any mistakes against big opponents at the level and have to be scary efficiently. We were unfortunately not and therefore we go as a clear loser of the square.”

Kingsley Coman (scorer FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “We have played very well and defended together. In the end we win we earned. We were efficient and worked well to create opportunities.”

… to championship fight: “We left a few points last week. We want to win to enlarge the gap.”

_… about the support of the fans_: “That’s always good. We play again with many fans and hear more. We are very happy with it, it is much nicer.”

Hertha BSC – TSG Hoffenheim 3: 0

Mark Foteringham (co-coach Hertha BSC): “I am Megastolz on our boys. You believe I made a good job made against the ball very compact work. They had a good distance between the chain and the first line, And when we won the ball, we came forward with momentum. I always had contact with the coach, the boss was always there. “

The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann - From Youth Player To Star Coach
Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “The bottom line was a deserved victory for Hertha and a total disappointing impression of us. We first had control in the opposing half and the biggest chance of the first half. Then it is But the Hertha, who uses a standard situation – and then it runs in your direction. “

FSV Mainz 05 – Arminia Bielefeld 4: 0

Bo Svensson (Trainer FSV Mainz 05): “It went very well for us. The resolving of Leandro Barreiro has done us very well. With the 2: 0 we were up to the top and have the game controlled to the End. You do not expect that you get more than one penalty per game. “

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “We had a conceivable bad start and have used a very long time to find a proper access to the game. In much too many situations, the opponent has easy to enforce. That’s very Disappointing from us. We have to hold ourselves the mirror, roll up sleeves and show another face. “

SPVGG Greuther Fürth – Sc Freiburg 0: 0

Stefan Leitl (coach SPVGG Greuther Fürth): “I am very satisfied with the defense power. Overall, the guys did that really well, that was a good reaction. I am happy with the point, with the way, With the energy we have brought to the square today. In this respect, the guys deserved today. “

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): “I am basically satisfied with the way we have played. With the attitude, with the presence. But we have played unclean, and then you do not get enough chances. We have to accuse ourselves. I also have to say: I look for Fürth Totally gladly. If you are so often at the ground and come back to a 1-6 and try to play football, I have to pull the hat, you have to pull the hat You first get it. “

VFB Stuttgart – FC Augsburg 3: 2

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VFB Stuttgart): “One has seen that the team lives, we wanted to do that, and we deserved the game. Emotions, passion, cohesion, that’s important in football. That was very emotional 3: 2. The fans were unbelievably supportive and a factor why we could turn the game. “

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “A bitter defeat. On the whole, we played a little football after the guides. The opponent was simply dominant and thus the standards have come about. We have come to little relief at the front get. The balls were too fast, we could not free ourselves and the pressure was getting bigger. “

VFL Bochum – Borussia Mönchengladbach 0: 2 (Cancel)

Markus Gellhaus (co-coach VL Bochum): “As a first thing you have to apologize in all the clearness. That’s embarrassing and unacceptable. We wish the line judge that he is back as soon as possible again. The frustration of the players sits deep They wanted to clarify this in a coachy competition. “

Christian Peinfinger (co-coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “It’s sad that a game has to end like that. I hope, the line judge is accordingly well again. That it takes such an end, is of course bitter, that has Nothing lost on the football field. “

Increase after the break: Bavaria turns game against Fürth

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann moved to the 1-1 in the Champions League in Salzburg three times: Upamecano, Richards and Sabitzer began for Slee, Gnabry (both bank) and Coman (muscular problems). This also helped a system change to four chain. Musiala sat back on the bench after surviving Corona infection.

Fürth’s Coach Stefan Leitl brought the same eleven, which had recovered the 2-1 home win over Hertha BSC last week.

As expected, Bayern had a lot of possession in the first half, even 78 percent. But with it hardly knew something to start something, against very compact and disciplined defending Fürther fell the FCB almost nothing. In the middle of the first half, both teams had to change injury due to injury, Dudziak could not continue with Fürth, for Tolisso, the households did not continue.

Hrgota’s free kick is compensated

The climber made it really good in the first 45 minutes. The francs not only stood certainly, they continued to send needlesticks forward, as in the 11th minute, as Leweling awarded in front of Ulreich. But then a foul of the Fürther was wondered in the emergence of the scene. Leweling was again and again, his spacer shot invested Ulspreich (27th). While Bayern stood at the Fürthern and again, there was a first-class free-kick chance for the guests for the guests: Hrgota’s standard from 19 meters forgued Sabitzer untenable to Ulreich – The last one went to the first lead (42nd). And since weak Bayern had to offer nothing but a central Müller shot until the break (45. + 4), it went with the surprising 1: 0 for the shamrock in the cabins.

Bayern equal immediately

Bayern came with Choupo-Moting for Richards from the cabin, turned to triple chain and released directly: Gnabry pulled the ball from the right yet, Choupo-Moting still missed, but Lewandowski completed short distance (46.). The Fürther switched off because they thought the ball was in front of Gnabry’s flank in the goal.

An own goal of Griesbeck

When can you play sports after breaking a bone?

Nagelsmann had found the right words in the break, because Bayern played much more purposeful and determined forward. The salary? The 2: 1! Müller’s flank from the right Griesbeck carried with the shin into his own gate (61.). Already in the first leg, the Fürther had an own goal. The shamrock had nothing to report in the minutes after the break, but showed after the second goal but a good reaction: Nielsen toil to the left in the penalty area (64.), Christiansens’ spacer shot kissed the right outer post (67.), and Hrgota headed over (68.).

Lewandowski laces the double pack

The shamrock was good at this stage in the game and could certainly have achieved the compensation, but Meyerhöfer’s shot was only on the outer post (71.). Then the leaders got rest to the game again – and made for the decision: After a corner, Süle Lewandowski said, who laced the double pack (82.). Thus, the encounter was through, linden prevented with a great act against Müller still the fourth goal (86th). The 4: 1 but still fell, Choupo-Motating made the final score shortly before the end (90. + 1). Bayern, thanks to a performance increase after the break, brought the mandatory victory against the final light.

And how does it continue? The Bayern meet next weekend (Saturday, 18:30) away on Frankfurt. Greuther Fürth receives the 1st FC Cologne on Saturday (15:30).

FC Bayern brings Big Points against Tel Aviv

Bayern Munich’s basketball players have fought an important home win against MacCabi Tel Aviv in the Euroleague.

The Munich sat by 70:52 (30:29) against the Israeli record champion, which also fights for the rear playoff places. The basketball Bundesliga club celebrated its twelfth victory in the 24th season game through a strong defensive performance. Corey Walden was with 13 meters of best Munich point collector.

At the beginning, however, the defense of the guests shaped the game, after seven minutes, Bayern had only achieved five points. Through two threes, the hosts shortened after the first quarter at 13:16. In the middle of the second round, the Munich found her rhythm, with a 30: 29 leadership they went to the cabin.

Highlights: Bayern Munich vs Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv
The Bayern retained this rhythm after the break, and they defended strongly: In the first five minutes of the third quarter, they collected only three counters. Especially Nick Weiler-BABB put accents. The Munich opened the fourth game section with an 8: 0 run, the guests held four minutes without counter in the first few minutes and decisively on 57:41.

Through the success against Tel Aviv, Bayern confirm their last strong form: cross-competition they have won seven of their past eight lots.

Contract calls with FC Bayern? Thomas Müller reacts

Thomas Müller sees talks about an extension of his until 2023 contract with FC Bayern München. You will see in the coming weeks when both sides were put together, Müller said in “ZDF”. “Overall, I’m very relaxed.” The 32-year-old also said: “There is no desire for such stories for such stories or anything else, you just have to look at the total yield.” At the Bayern, the contracts of Serge Gnabry, goalkeeper Manuel new and world footballer Robert Lewandowski are also running next year. Do not worry about the dealers for “panic attacks”, said board leader Oliver Kahn in the TV channel “Sky”. “Of course, this is at the top of the agenda.” But now it’s about the crucial season phase, said the former national goalkeeper.

When Bayern discovered her greed

On the 16th match day of the 1971/72 season, FC Bayern dismantled the Russia from Dortmund with 11: 1. Almost the Munich had set the highest victory of the still young Bundesliga history, but the Dortmund er Dieter Dandruff had nullified this record from 1967 with the honorary goal at the meantime 1: 6.

Almost four years earlier, the Gladbacher had deducted the situated Schalke with 11: 0 — the first two-digit victory in the Bundesliga history. Five more should follow — unsurpassed so far the 12: 0 spectacle thanks to Jump Dances and the foals to the end of the season 1977/78. Also, with this carnage the Dortmund met.

If we run as high as today, just lacks the right ambition.

UPI Honey

But back to November 27, 1971. Bavaria enjoyed the call under her coach Udo Latter to sit back too quickly. When we run as high as today, just the right ambition is missing with me, said the then 19-year-old UPI Honey self-critical, after the disc shoots against the BVB in the stadium had been repay at Gunwale Strafe in front of 17,000 spectators.

Coach Latter, on the other hand, was clearly martial and was happy about the singer of his elf. Today we have shown that we can kill an opponent. Thanks to Herd Müller, who lived this mentality the highly assumed talents. Honey himself knew who he had to orient himself in terms of ambition. I admire Herd Müller, who hunts for goals until last, no matter whether in the Bundesliga or in a private game. November 27, 1971 — it could have been the birth of the Bavaria Greed Cited today so often.

40 and 101: FC Bayern sets two long-term records

Speaking of tor hunger. In the season 1971/72, the Bayern set two long-term records. It was the playing time in which Herd Müller scored 40 Goals — Robert Lewandowski triggered this scary brand known only in the past playing time. And the Munich met a total of 101 times into the black a yield that has still existed today.

Tor to 4: 1 against Schalke in championship showdown against Schalke: UPI Honey. Imago / horstmüller

Premiere in the Olympic Stadium: final against Schalke and master

How Bayern München Became Bayern München - A Tribute To Uli Hoeness
But despite these numbers, the championship for Bavaria was anything but a walk. But on the contrary. Until the last match day, the Munich with the Schalke delivered a head-to-head race. On the 33rd match day, the Bayern managed in the second leg against the previously humbled and already resigned Dortmund with Oh and a 1-0 away win, marriage the royal blue to the final to the title on the 34th match day in the Olympic Stadium.

It was the first game in the newly built Arena, 79.012 spectators were eyewitnesses at the showdown around the bowl that the Bayern won fulminant with 5: 1 and thus manifested place 1 with three points ahead of S04.

The Müller admired by Honey went empty, the later Bavaria manager and president made the sack with the interim 4: 1. The greed for gates and titles was awakened — only ten days earlier six Bavaria professionals had become European champion for the first time.

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