The government supports 500 billion won from 2024 to Localization of Carbon Materials in the Universe and Aviation Industries. The level of carbon in Korea is the world’s fourth place, but space and air usage have been dependent on income.

The Industrial Normal Resources Department announced on the 18th, opened the meeting at the Millennium Hilton Hotel, Jung-gu, Millennium Hilton, and localized the carbon material in accordance with the universe and aviation period.

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Carbon fiber, artificial graphite, active carbon, carbon black, carbon nanotube (CNT), graphene (thin carbon atom), etc. are carbon material. It is light, but it is strong and maintains the shape even if the temperature is rapidly changed. It is used as a key material such as aircraft body, wing, satellite launch, and probe body.

Korea is mostly imported from the developed countries, including Japan, Aviation, and Gega Pascal (GPA), and artificial graphite for carbon fibers and launched nozzles. Strength 4.9 ~ 5.6 GPA Compared to make full-purpose carbon fiber to make themselves.

The Ministry of Industry, said that Korea had a carbon material technology that has about 80% of the developed countries. I expected universe and airport for space. Universal carbon fibers are localized to hydrogen storage containers and wind power generator blades. The Industrial Department was the fourth of the world’s fourth in Japan, USA, Germany, Japan, USA, Germany. Carbon fiber as considered as representative of carbon products was successful in 2013 in 2013 in the world.

The Ministry of Industry, the World Space and Aviation Market, will grow to $ 1031 billion in 2019 to $ 131 million in 2019 to $ 139 billion. The universe development, which was leading the government, such as keeping the country and predicting weather, and demand increased by expanding the universe developed by the government. Satellite communication with commercial purposes, universe tourism, Urban air traffic (UAM), and personal launches are increasing.

In this day, when to develop domestic universe and aviation industry competitiveness, the opinions that the material must have all cycle capabilities to parts and finished products. It is an entry that develops and mass production of good quality carbon material. In the long term, research and development (R & D) and securing technology, the industry has asked the government to help domestic carbon materials to enter the market. Korea Aerospace Industry, Hanhwa Aeros Face, Korean Air ยท Hyosung, Korea Air, Hyosung, Korea, and Korean carbon attended the meeting.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fusion Industry Policy Director, said, “We are planning a preliminary feasibility investigation to secure core technologies in space and aerospace,” he said. “