Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) ‘s open MMORPG’ Old Origin ‘is expected to depart on the 23rd. The ‘Age Age Origin’ is a title to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sea Sea series jointly developed by Motif (CEO Lee Deuk-gyu) and Koe Tech Mo Games (CEO Koinuma Hisashi). I’m making it.

As you succeeded the original series, you can enjoy ‘trade’, ‘adventure’ and ‘battle’ contents and high freedom in the ‘Sea Era Origin’. The user must play the game while focusing on one of these three contents or combining it according to the target or taste.

In particular, the ‘Sea Era Origin’ should always be careful as it is set in the 16th-century sea where the pirates of the lawless and natural disasters were rugged. In unpredictable oceans, you will have to prepare for a battle to keep your fleet from pirates, and you will be able to expect unexpected discoveries in unexpected places while pioneering a new route.

■ What is the best Admiral for battle and adventure?

There are five admiral characters in the ‘Sea Age Origin’, and each admiral has a specialized item among three elements: trade, adventure and battle. The user can select the Admiral that suits his play style to play, and depending on the selection of the chosen, the nationality, the start port, and the starting ship are determined.

If you are interested in double combat, we recommend ‘Catalina Erancho’ and Admiral ‘Cloth Spinora’, which is an enemy for revenge for revenge. Both admires are naval navy and have a variety of bombardment and combat techniques, which can give the enemy a strong damage and abnormal condition. You can also use useful buffs and debuff technologies, allowing you to play in various situations.

If you want to focus on ‘adventure’, the kingdom explorer Joan Ferrero and the geographical scholar Ernest Lopez, who decided to sail to complete the world map, are eligible. ‘Joan Ferrero’ is specialized in discovery and resource management, and ‘Ernest Lopes’ is also familiar with geography, and has abundant knowledge of artifacts, nature, and vegetation.

■ The best of turn-based battles… Athletic Age Origin ‘Battle’

The ‘Age Age Origin’ inherited the turn-style battle, the signature of the original ‘Sea Era 2’, further strengthened its strategy. Users can enjoy various maritime battles and ships in various ways, depending on the growth of the characters and their own ships, and also enjoy large-scale sea battle such as the battle with other players and the combat between the ‘ends’ consisting of the users. do.

There are three types of attacks, bombardment, and white bottles, as a basic attack. ‘Bombardment’ is a skill that can damage the durability of enemy vessels at a distance. It is important to preoccupy the seats and directions by preoccupying the seats and directions because ‘bombardment’ can be unilaterally damaged by adding a bombing outside the enemy’s range. The shell is consumed during the bombardment. Without shells, shells are not available, so shells should be supplied enough before departure.

‘Chungpa’ is an attacking method that collides with enemy vessels and damages durability. It can be cast when it is in a straight line with enemy ships, and the more it rushes from the distance, the more damage it can.

‘Paik Byeong’ can directly damage the enemy sailors. Pentagons should be cast in close contact with enemy vessels as close as possible and should be used carefully because they are damaged by the user’s sailors. In particular, if you neutralize the ship with a capacity, you will be able to capture the ship according to the probability, so you can aim for a single gold.

You can also have a one-on-one duel with the enemy captain. The vessel sinks during the victory, but in order to proceed with the duel, the other person must accept it. In addition, ‘repair’ can restore the durability of the ship, and can restore the sailor through ‘medicine’. If you make the durability of enemy ships or the number of sailors or wins with a captain, you can sink the enemy vessels. If you overpower all the enemies in the battle, you can win the battle.

■ Unexpected discovery! Let’s look for treasures ‘Adventure’

Sailing to the margin can find findings such as ruins and treasures hidden in unexpected places. There are more than 2,600 species of foundations, including nature, ruins, treasures, and rare flora and fauna in the Old Sea Age Origin. The findings are divided into six categories: nature, animals, plants, buildings, artifacts, and treasures.

The method of finding a finding material is typically ‘search’. If you select a ship during the sailing, you can use a telescope to explore the marine, use a sleeping bag adjacent to the coastline, or ‘search for athletics’, or land in a village found during the sailing to explore the village.

Fishing can also be filled. If you succeed in fishing, you can obtain and register the discovery as a reward. To fish, you need a fishing rod and rice cake, and the higher the grade, the more rare you can find.

You can report to the ‘mansion’ that has been found to have found the founding materials. Contracts are only available in one family, and when the contract is completed, it is possible to report the foundings and resources and maps in the relevant family. If you report the findings or resources you have found in the mansion, you can receive a variety of rewards. In addition, the map production can be reported to be reported by reporting the place that has been moved through sailing to date.