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F1 22: The Portimão circuit shows up in the game, and it is complimentary, a trailer in 4K

It has actually been a good month since F1 22 is available on computer and consoles, and also on the side of Electronic Arts and Codemasters, we certainly prepare to keep players in suspense throughout this scorching summer.

Because of this, today, it is feasible to get hold of a brand-new Grand Prix, that of Portimão, which is available completely free in the form of an upgrade.
What to try to replicate the performance of Lewis Hamilton, champion of the large premio of Portugal premio last year, and recreated in the adhering to gameplay video clip.
The uneven circuit of 4.684 kilometres is famous for its high descent prior to a last turn on the right to the goal, making it an actual play ground for speed lovers.

Understand that the following update will certainly take place on September 12, that it will be as soon as again free, as well as will recover the Shanghai international circuit in China.
Royal right?

Dirt 5 reveals a new scary gameplay

The Codemasters developer certainly gives players the feeling that the last opus of the Dirt franchise will bring the most diverse and most realistic tracks. As an additional proof, the developer has published new gameplay images of a timed trial taking place in the snowy mountains of Norway.

Dirt 5 Review

Not only will the fans not be used to the place, but the track, Ice Breakers, is also, because its full is made of thick and slippery ice. As a result, this leads to ridiculously long streaks, but potentially some car accidents along the way.

“Variety is a major aspect of our approach to Dirt 5,” said development director Robert Karp in the trailer press release. “Ice Breakers is one of these new additions and offers a completely different gameplay feeling.” In addition to the gameplay, if viewers look closely, sunny weather slowly turns into a foggy snowstorm. Players can then see almost all the snowflakes that strike the windshield-which we find very impressive.

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The runners can soon get their cars in this ice tundra, because Dirt 5 will be released on October 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

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