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Blizzard and Diablo earned 31 billion won in two weeks.

Mobile nuclear and slash using Diablo earned $ 24.3 million in the world within two weeks of its launch, a mobile market research firm App Magic.

According to App Magic announcement, Diablo Immortal recorded 8.5 million downloads for two weeks and recorded $ 24.3 million in sales. By platform, the Apple App Store generated $ 13 million in the Apple App Store and $ 11 million in the Google Play Store.

43%of sales occurred in the United States, followed by 23%. Since then, it is confirmed by other (17%), Japan (8%), Germany (6%) and Canada (3%). The launch of China’s Chinese region is scheduled for June 23, so Blizzard is expected to earn additional income. For reference, the game was not available in Belgium and the Netherlands, which manages probability-type items such as root boxes in the gambling method.

The amount of consumption per user (ARPU) was $ 3.122, and the iPad user’s ARPU recorded $ 6.67 (about 8,600 won), above the average doubled amount.

Diablo Immortal has introduced ‘Mobile Probability Preparation’, which has not been found in Blizzard games. As a result, it is criticized by gamers in North America and Europe who are not familiar with in-game billing elements such as legend jewelry and equipment smelt.

Meanwhile, this app magic data is based on the profits that are only made in the mobile game market. In other words, the amount paid by the players through was not counted.

Diablo 2: Resurrected: First ranking season with lots of gameplay

The update 2.4 from Diablo 2: Resurrected is now downloaded marks the beginning of the competitive ranking season in the action RPG.

Diablo 2 Resurrected | Patch Bug Fixes + Crazy Surprise
With the available update, the developers not only adapted gameplay elements, but also drastic changes were made to enable you to make new strategies for your adventures in Sanktuario.
Numerous changes to the classes were made, added new rune words and recipes for the Horadrim cubes.
Since the patch notes would go beyond any framework here, we refer to the official website for the game, where you will find the patch notes in German version for reading.

Diablo Immortal: Pre-registration for iOS started and pre-order bonus presented

Over three years after the controversial announcement of Diablo Immortal for mobile devices, the release of the action role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment is now probably before. Accordingly, the title today is prominent in the Apple App Store to see, because the previous registrations are now also possible for iOS and iPados. For some time now Android users can already register via the website or in the Google Play Store. There is still no final release, but Diablo Immortal should still be available in the first half of 2022.

With a new trailer, the development team also presented rewards, which are distributed to all players, when to launch at least 30 million users for Diablo Immortal in the store of their choice. This is the Horadrim Accessoireset, which will cover your figure into a “golden splendor”. How the skin looks at the individual classes is presented in the already mentioned trailer. After the publication of Diablo Immortal, the tutorial must be played within 30 days if you want to unlock the accessoireset.

Diablo Immortal | Pre-Registration Cosmetic Trailer

In addition, Blizzard has revealed some details of the class change in the action roleplay. So there will be a function shortly after the launch, with which you can change to another class at any time – and to lose this without your previous progress. In the announcement, it says: _ “If your class changes, your progress remains on paragon levels. You will receive a new set of suitable equipped objects for your new class and can transmit your complete object progress and all gems. Your old equipped items and the Content of your prey rest rests […] You must collect legendary objects for your new class. “_

From the LOL-MMO to Ashes of Creation: We look forward to this MMOS

Most recently, we were very spoiled by MMO fans. According to Laaaaanger Pause, New World (in the test) last year finally again an ambitious, great online role-playing game of a western developer on the market. In February 2022 there was with Lost Ark (in the test) then the next highlight. Of course, we do not want to forget all the great content updates of the last few months, with which the established genre representatives have been expanded – for example, last the class extension End of Dragons (in the test) for Guild Wars 2 .

But we do not mind: that was just a small straw fire. So it will not go on what the real new releases are concerned. The development of great online role-playing games remains lengthy, expensive and risky, especially when the developer theme park instead of sandbox, PVE challenges instead of PVP beatings. Accordingly few new MMO projects can be found in our preview of the other game highlights of the year 2022 . And exactly about these and other already announced online role-playing games of the future, it should go in this special. We introduce you to the most exciting titles (in our view), which should be kept in mind.

Throne and Liberty

The new online role-playing game of NCSoft (Aion, Guild Wars 1 + 2, Lineage 1 + 2, Wildstar and more) should actually mean lineage Eternal, playful and visually much resemble Lost Ark and appear years ago. As you know, the feedback from the tester in 2016 was therefore destructive that the Korean publisher has raised the “Project TL” from the ground up.

The result of this elaborate new conceptualization was then presented in mid-March 2022: Throne and Liberty should appear in the second half of the year for PC and consoles and now put on a third-person instead of ISO perspective. The newly published trailer shows Schick staged story sequences, huge world bosses, lousy PVP siege battles around castles as well as animal shapes that we reveal to turn. That looks exciting!

Ashes of Creation

Since the overwhelming success of the Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2017 and the start of the “Alpha Zero” in December 2017, the online role-playing Ashes of Creation has evolved noticeably and be cleared to the perhaps the most exciting MMO project in this article. There’s several reasons for this:

  • On the developers YouTube channel are numerous videos that impressively show how visually impressive Ashes of Creation looked at the penultimate and last year. In January 2022, however, there was even the upgrade to the Unreal Engine 5 , of which not only the development and the size of the world, but also the graphics will benefit.
  • The plans of developers are ambitious . Ashes of Creation is to be among the largest as well as most successful MMOs on the market. The goal is to relocate 10,000 players to each server at the same time, and of course all should have the opportunity to participate in the Open World activities.
  • With Steven Sharif stands a selfmade millionaire behind, before and in the middle of the project (as a Creative Director), which wants to develop his dream MMORPG with Ashes of Creation. In case of doubt, Sharif would even be prepared to finance the development of the game with its own money if the crowdfunding budget should not be enough.

The LOL-MMO of Riot Games

There are only a few western developers, respectively publishers, who can shake the budget for the production of an ambitious online role-playing game from the sleeve and want. Thanks to the long-standing success of League of Legends and the desire to expand the Runeterra universe, the responsible persons of Riot Games have agreed.

The official announcement of the project was in December 2020, from the former WoW designer Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street. The developer veteran is on board as an executive producer, and thanks to him we know that the LOL-MMO wants to focus heavily on PVE group content . Also clear: it will take a while for a while until we can hand to the new MMO in the course of an alpha or beta.

Nevertheless, we press the thumbs that there will be more details earlier than later. After the first season of the fantastic animation series Arcane we really desire to dive deeper into the world of Runeterra. If you are so, we recommend this article: Who are the characters from the LOL series Arcane? We betray you!

Diablo Immortal

Yes, Diablo Immortal is a mobile game, with Hack & Slay Gameplay and ISO perspective. But Diablo Immortal is to be a washfast MMO, according to Blizzard, similar to Lost Ark. Thanks to features such as raids, dungeons, re-charging opponents or even the whole social systems, and that’s exactly where the developer still saw special need for action after the last beta .

That we perform Diablo Immortal here, however, has two other reasons. On the one hand, any colleague that was immortally allowed to play so far could confirm: Jup, that feels like a Diablo, only for the smartph1. And with Diablo we have always had some fun. On the other hand, Diablo Immortal could give us a view of some elements that are also used in comparable form in Diablo 4. Because there is also there for example multiplayer content such as world bosses in the open world .

Dual Universe

Since 2018, Philipp’s colleague already pursues the SCIFI Sandbox MMO Dual Universe and its alpha and beta phases. The last status quo report was just under a year ago: six months beta – how is it going on alioth? With the final release, the developers can still be time. Certainly, too, because everyone’s interested is already creative in the huge universe can let off – for 6.99 to 9.99 euros per month.

In the spring, with “Athena”, by the way, the next big patch on the servers will land, which focus mainly on the PVP, but also wants to provide improved gaming experience for beginners, space markets and a new space card. A corresponding update of the Roadmap for Dual Universe was in February 2022.

Pantheon: Rise of the fall

In our list of MMOS, which we had already expected for the year 2019 , you will find some games that have not appeared today and where you ask for a lack of regular updates: “What is…? ” We will come after these games. Pantheon: Rise of the fall was also on this list, but we are actually quite optimistic here, because the developers give here again and again a sign of life.

The last developer update in March 2022 we learned, among other things, that the game is now running on the High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP) from Unity, making Pantheon technically and graphically a huge leap.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

However, the Todo list of developers also shows that there is a lot of work in front of them to achieve the alpha at all. Pantheon: Rise of the fall, by the way, fully focuses on PVE content, with a great E, which is much more important than in other genre representatives. The developers want to appeal primarily to players who love to deal with other colleagues within a persistent world in cooperative KI fights of all sizes. And that’s exactly why we press thumbs that sometime will be something.

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Rank Analysis Sudden Attack

Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

In the last week of 2021, the Majority did. To overwatch that was his competitor was achieved, and this week, he grabbed it at the FPS 1 in this week. When the foot of the foot in the foot, he can see that he was inherited the League of Legend (the following rolls) on the first place. In 2012, the roll was one of the domestic services, and it was one of the AOS expectations, and it was accelerated by the AOS expectation, and the funding of the domestic service, the E-sports promotion and steady update.

In particular, Riot Games thinks the E sports and games as a companion, and made the success stories of roll based on this. The foot of the FPS literalist, has also launched the E-sports league, almost at the same time, and the domestic also followed the same route. In the game, early domestic services, the anti-cheat program has been severe against the anti-cheat program Vanguard, but it has not been able to force the route for the role in the acceptance of the update and feedback that will implement the promise.

The direct competitor, which is a direct competitor, and the subsequent delayed new content supply was actually broken and the flow of power was falling this year. As an opportunity for reverence, the voice of the Ball increased the momentum, and this time, this time, it has shown the degree of firepower to exceed the evaluation of the evaluated survey that it is maintained for a long time.

서든어택 핵이 비싼 이유 [Sudden Attack]

According to Riot Games official announcement this year, according to Riot Games Official announcement, the number of Global users has a number of globes, Counter Strike: Global offenses. In the first year of launch, it is one of the most popular ridiculous attacks, counter strikes, as much as domestic and overseas FPS colons. In particular, in Korea, a lot of domestic FPS has disappeared, and the voices that have passed overseas have shakes the poor to shake the sole system.

Mecca ranking of 2021 games that dominated by the row

The topics penetrating the popularity of the game Mecca, including the Majority, who talked earlier, are compressed into ‘reverse driving’. Lost arc and Diablo 2 with a representative game to be remarkable. Roast Arc beats the 8th and 9th in the early days of this year, and the ranking was ranked in the beginning of March, and has set the TOP5 on the second half of the year. Diablo 2 has seen a sluggish flow in which it was a named in the midst of the 40th top, but it was in the top of the release of the remaster version, and it was in the top of the release, and took a role, and took the first place.

On the other hand, emerging fishermen that waving the ranking was not emerged. Odin: Ballard Rising, Lineage W, is a complete PC online new title because the base is a complete PC Online new title, and Altova is not a newbie that the resumed district. Lion, who has been expecting to expect among the new works, has been a decline in April, and after being pushed out for 50th in August, it is not possible to return to the current. We look forward to the currently waiting for PC Online New Year, which will launch next year, and in 2022, a large rookie will emerge.

In this week, El Sold rises for three consecutive weeks and soared to 27th. The new Epic Quest Story and Dungeon added to the 24th led to a good response, and on the 28th, the expectation was raised by revealing images that seemed to add Raven 4 line to the addition of Raven 4. The El Sold was expected to explode the user complaints for many years due to a professional reorganization in April, and that they were exploded for years and did not get satisfactory results after the conferences held as follow-up. It has been achieved a performance of theory as the end of the year, but it is a situation where the strings of tension can not be placed.

In the subordinate, each game was greatly staggered. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a short-awaited winter event with a signboard for two consecutive weeks. On the other hand, 9 stairs at the other hand, Get Embed, which is over 48th, and the Crazy Arcade Vienna, Alive, Making Hero, Siege, and Making Heroes, fell sharply and gave me a depressed year.

Games Mecca Online Game Popularity is a comprehensive game awareness and ‘game connection traffic’, which combines portal search quantities, PC room game access, game broadcasting viewers, and game mecca users.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Web Server Issues Persist Weeks After Release

Verizon Communications, Inc. (NYSE: VZ) is a global broadband and telecommunications company and part of the Dow Jones index. The company was founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic (based in New York) with a size that covered with New Jersey to Virginia, and emerged as part of the disintegration, in 1984 of AT & T in seven Baby Bells. In 1997, Bell Atlantic merged with another Regional Bell operating company, Nynex, based in New York and with an extension that went from New York to Maine. The resulting company retained the name of Bell Atlantic. In 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired the former independent telephone company GTE, and adopted the name of Verizon, an acronym of Veritas and Horizon. The company s headquarters is located in the Verizon building at 140 West Street, under Manhattan, New York

Best Games Like Diablo To Play On PC

Despite having released even more than two weeks earlier, Diablo II: Reanimated is still enduring from a lot of the exact same login problems, with the game even going offline for multiple hours over the weekend for emergency situation maintenance.

Despite having the upkeep, the concerns still continue. Snowstorm s North American Customer Support Twitter account has virtually solely tweeted about Diablo II related issues from Oct 9-11, with reports of login issues because of the game s verification web servers still recurring.

We continue functioning to resolve the login concerns in D 2R immediately. We apologize for the aggravation triggered by today s outages.

— Snowstorm CS – The Americas (@BlizzardCS) October 11, 2021

Diablo II: Resurrected s launch saw the game tormented not only by login concerns, however additionally locked and vanishing characters. Those last problems seek to have been settled in the days following the game s September 23 launch.

A remaster of Snowstorm s traditional action-RPG, Diablo II: Resurrected features modern-day visuals and little quality-of-life renovations, yet is or else the very same video game gamers sunk plenty of hrs into means back in 2000. While Diablo II: Reanimated plays similar to players remember it, there is an opportunity new web content can be found in the type of new products or runewords at a later date.

In other Diablo information, Diablo IV has obtained a new game supervisor, Joe Shely. He replaces previous game director Luis Barriga, who left Snowstorm in the wake of multiple claims and investigations relating to widespread sex-related harassment as well as discrimination at Activision Blizzard. Diablo IV does not presently have a launch day.

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