Suicide Team (English for ‘Self-destruction Command’) is an American action flick from 2016, based as comic filming on the antiheld group of the very same name, Suicide Team, DC Comic Books Overlap. After Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is Suicide Team the Third Film of the DC Extended Cosmos. Movie Beginning in the USA got on August 5, 2016, in Germany he involved the movie theaters on 18 August 2016.

The superhero film JUSTICE LEAGUE published 2017 has a Brian story behind him, in which a director change and subsequent publication of eternally long Snyder-Cuts have contributed to their part. Now Joss When , director of the cinema version talked about the movie.

In an interview with Vulture (an offshoot of the New York Magazine), Joss When assumes that production company Warner Bros. Took him to the boat at that time, to save the movie because one did not agree with the vision of Zack Snyder . The studio, on the other hand, pointed to the public justification of Snyder, who had resigned his director role in the family because of an incident in the family.

JOSS WHEN’S JUSTICE League: entangled in contradictions

They asked me if I can save [the movie] and I thought I can help, describe When in the interview. Furthermore, When performs that the studio probably lost confidence in Snyder’s version and now give him full control. A representative of Warner Bros denied this and relied on the family incident from Snyder.

Otherwise, there is a contradictory image around When’s work on the film, in which his statements sometimes differ significantly from those who met other actors and actresses about the production. Center of Disagreements: Joss When’s behavior on the set.

So one stripped not only about text accuracy and improvisation, When also changed serious things in the script. For example, the role of Victor Stone Alias ​​Cyborg (Ray Fisher) should take a lot more space and was shortened by When. Fisher has turned to speak since then and described When’s behavior on Twitter as disgusting, abusive, unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable.


Also, the actress Gal Gadot , who again seemed to the role of Wonder Woman for Justice League (now €9.67), complained about WHEN and reported that the director threatened with her Career destroy. When denied this and claimed that Godot did not understand him correctly, because English is not her mother tongue.