About the exact details of the contract extension, the Bremen made no information as usual. “Felix has undergone a very positive development process since he has changed to us. He has shown that he wants to work steadily and deliver good services at different positions. Especially this season a constancy has occurred in his performances,” explains Managing Director Frank Baumann on the SVW website.

The last two games had to fit AGU injured, before it was absolutely set and has convinced through strong achievements on the right exterior. Overall, he was used 15 times in the 2nd Bundesliga this season, while he reaches three templates.

“It’s certainly a bit of a confirmation of its performance development. He is currently playing very constant and I am convinced that if he continues to work hard, the future belongs to Werder Bremen,” is coach Ole Werner, under the Werder won all six games, convinced of 22 year olds.

Felix Agu stellt sich vor: So tickt der Werder Bremen-Neuzugang

In the summer of 2020 AGU moved to the Weser from the VfL Osnabrück. In the jersey of the green-white he came 15 times in the past season (one goal) in the Bundesliga. “The people who have given me a very good feeling. I can evolve well here, would like to gain a lot of playing time in the future and bring my performance,” says the right outer railway player.