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Fallout: London: The first 18 minutes are the Fallout-4 so cool

Fallout London - Official Gameplay Trailer
It was almost a year ago that we had last spoken about Fallout: London – a promising fan mod that leaves the classic setting for America for the capital of England. The developers of the Fallout 4 revision have now published 18 atmospheric minutes from the beginning of the mod on YouTube. The start of the game relies on well-known Fallout features, but also on original ideas:

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Fallout: London – What is different than in Fallout 4?

In addition to a brand new scene of the Fallout world with suitable factions, there are other innovations. Instead of Vaults, there are so-called Pindar stations, while the PIP boy becomes a “Attaboy”. The latter is not attached to the wrist, but is a device that holds the character in his hand and in which it even blows briefly before he puts it in a console – like with old game cartridge!

The video does not show many fights, but instead of nuclear giant cockroaches, there are mutated mega mice. A fact shows that the story, which is being teased in the gameplay shown, is promising: Bethesda has ranged an author of the mod who was responsible for the history of Fallout: London.

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Fallout’s developers: London repeatedly share updates around their work, for example via channels such as Twitter, their website, their own subreddit or YouTube channel. You can already download independent mods for weapons & CO for Fallout 4. What do you think of this fan mod? Do you keep an eye on them? Or does Fallout not work without “Americana” aesthetics? Tell us in the comments!

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10 0 in San Marino Harry Kane and England storms to the World Cup

England s coach Gareth Southgate took many changes compared to the 5-0 against Albania. Among other things, there was Dortmund s Bellingham or Smith Rowe, who was allowed to run from the beginning in his second international match. Continue in the starting eleven: Patrick scorer Kane. The Three Lions were almost certainly qualified for the World Cup before the game, but needed another counter for computational clarity.

No Ear Cheers by Maguire

Of course, the roles in front of the duel were indispensable — and just as the game was also. It only took six minutes, the favorite went through a head ball goal of Maguire. In contrast to the Albania game, the defensive man left the ear cheers, for whom it gave a lot of criticism. Only the Three Lions played in the 15th minute after an own goal by Fabric with 2: 0 in the lead, the home player had scanned Sagas s shot.

Kane: Viererpack in 15 minutes

San Marino could not keep up with the big favorite, after all, there was a degree of Nanny, for whom it gave powerful applause, but Rams dale was on the post (33rd). Otherwise, only England played, which got a trade meter, as Rossi got the ball to the hand of the complaint arm. Kane turned centrifugally (27.).

The attacker was really hot before the half: first he marked the 4: 0 (31.), then the Spurs striker by penalty (hand game of d Dario) put the 5: 0 after (39.) and laced as already against Albania a coupe sleeve hat trick. But that s not enough in the first passage: Kane met a fourth time (42.), made for the 6: 0 half-time and had shot four goals within 15 minutes.

Record for Kane

Kane also got a record: he had shot 13 goals for England in this calendar year — no one managed. Previously, three players managed to shoot twelve goals within one year: George Wilson (1908), Dixie Dean (1927) and Kane (2019). In addition, Kane is now with 48 hits for England together with Gary Lineker in third place of the scorer list of his country. Sir Bobby Charlton (49 Goals) and Wayne Rooney (52 matches) are ranked before.

Premiere for Smith-Rowe — England at the World Cup

After the break, England was initially trying. There were still opportunities: Abraham initially left a big opportunity (56.) before heading perfect for Smith Rowe, who shot his first country playing gate (58.). It was already a clear affair — and from the 68th minute and the traffic light card against Rossi, San Marino was also a man less.

The majority used the English to three other hits: Ming s met at the attention by head (69.), Abraham switched from rotation (78.), and Aka worried with a header of a few meters 10: 0 final score (79.). At the level of 8: 0, a goal of Bellingham was still withdrawn, as Abraham had previously committed a foul. With this edge victory, the Three Lions booked the ticket for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The Englishmen conclude the group I with 26 points and unbeaten in place 1.

Harry Kane Hat -Trick San Marino vs England 0-10 All Goals & Extended Highlights - 2021 HD
Still a few numbers: the English brought the highest victory since 1964. Besides, the Three Lions equalized their record of 20 unbeaten games in series, which has existed between 1890 and 1896 before.

Battle of Highbury The Brutal Game of History

THE BATTLE OF CRECY 1346 l ENGLAND vs FRANCE +20.000 UNIT Medieval Kingdoms Mod l 4K l
The legendary duel between England and World Champion Italy in the London High bury Stadium on November 14, 1934, was considered the real World Cup final of this year — and went as one of the most brutal games in the history of football.

In the run-up to the game, the English media gave rise to a major lane. England should win, the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror wrote: A victory with ten goals difference should be the goal.

The motherland of football was the best team in the world at this time. The finals in Italy few months earlier, however, had boycotted the English.

The duel with the title board was regarded on the island as the true finale for the global football presentation.

Snapper victory for England

Because Italy s dictator Benito Mussolini had made his players in advance and neatly appointed Ambassadors of fascism, was fired from the beginning.

Already in the tenth minute Italy broke Mittefeldmann Luis Month in a duel the foot. His team had to continue to play.

And at first, England s newspapers seemed to keep right with their predictions: after not even a quarter of an hour, the hosts already led 3-0.

But the Italians were now increasingly going to the limits of the permitted — and often beyond. Thus, the Lions of London, as the team was called in the homeland, bought the inexperienced hosts — in which no player had to show more than ten international games — piece for piece the cut.

After a double strike of corner Giuseppe Mazda in the 59th and 62 minutes, the guests sniffed at the draw. However, it remained at tight 3: 2 success for England.

No football game, but a battle

However, the Three Lions had to pay their victory expensive. Hardly a player had been spared: Captain Hap good had suffered a nasal leg, Bowden sprains the ankle. Brook s arm was broken and one of Drakes legs, according to an English official, almost cut to the bone. Barker and copping were tied to different body parts thick.

The then 19-year-old Stan Matthews remained uninjured in his third commitment in the national jersey, but later always remembered a terror to one of the toughest games of his long career.

That was not a football match, but a battle, the Guardian quoted a non-native player. Another newspaper signed her game report with the line of our war corrections. The myth of the Battle of High bury was born.

English vs. Continental football

The impressions of the game led in England into a princess discussion on Highbury Stadiuming comparisons with teams from the European continent.

Not only the club-hard gait of Square Aurora on the square with many hidden fouls and nickers encountered the inventors of modern football mad.

They also reacted to the political instrumentalization of the game through the Italian regime, culminating in the fascist greeting of the players towards the tribune after playing.

Never again England is to compete against a team of the continent, CLEM Stephenson, managers of the first division of Huddersfield Town demanded, and thus found broad consent in the British media landscape.

In fact, it only lasted half a year until an English selection against an opponent approached from the other side of the channel. In May 1935, the footballers traveled from the island to the Netherlands.

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