Eintracht Frankfurt defeats the FC Barcelona at Camp Nou with 3: 2 (2: 0) and is in the semi-finals of the Europa League. In Germany’s media, the Coup of the Hesse is celebrated, in Spain, on the other hand, disappointment and disbelief as well as the trouble over the catering SGE fans predominate. The Press Reviews to Magic European Cup Night:

  • Germany

Kicker: “Coup in Barcelona – Furiose Frankfurter draw into the Europa League semi-final. At FC Barcelona, the SGE was hardly something to do and had the outstanding man on the field with double goalkeeper Kostic.” Borré met fantastic. “

Image: “Euro sensation in Barcelona: Frequette Frankfurt – Frankfurt Furios, Frankfurt Fantastic, Frankfurt Fabulous.”

RTL: “Semifinals! Frankfurt humilizes Barca. Un – believed, but true! The eagle of Eintracht Frankfurt packed with her claws the big FC Barcelona and are in the semi-finals of the Europa League. From the thousands of Frankfurt in the Catalan Soccer Cathedral Camp Nou cheered, the Oliver Glasner team won the quarterfinal return match at the Tournament Favorites Highly deserved 3: 2 (2: 0). “

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Sensational EINTRACHT FRANKFURT Have Beaten Barcelona in Europa League |Bundesliga Season Highlights
NTV: “Eintracht overgrumps Barça at Irrer Europa-Party. Driven by 30,000 own fans has written Eintracht Frankfurt a small piece of football history and thrown the big FC Barcelona remarkable from the Europa League. In the legendary Camp Nou, the team of coach Oliver sat down Glasner on Thursday Furio with 3: 2 (2: 0) and then moved into the semifinals of the competition as in 2019. “

FAZ: “3: 2 – Eintracht succeeds the miracle from the Camp Nou. You have left an impression. The Frankfurter Eintracht and with her a mass of football fans took the opportunity to meet in the encounter with one of the most prominent teams in the world, the reputation of the Hessian Bundesligaclub to further polish on the international stage. “

Frankfurter Rundschau: “Eintracht Frankfurt wins sensationally at the FC Barcelona and is in the Europa League semi-final. Driven by 30,000 own fans has written Eintracht Frankfurt a small piece of football history and thrown the big FC Barcelona memorable from the Europa League”

SPIEGEL: “Eintracht Frankfurt enthusiastically in the Camp Nou – Eintracht Frankfurt has won the largest game of club history for more than 60 years. When victory in Barcelona, Filip Kostić met double, attacker Rafael Borré scored a dream gate.” The gates of the hosts fell late. “

Süddeutsche Zeitung: “The Eintracht conquers Barcelona – Frankfurt takes the FC Barcelona in Camp Nou – and must be trembling in the detention time”

  • Spain

Mundo Deportivo: “What a disappointment! One knew that Frankfurt is a strong opponent. They had already proven that in the first leg. What one did not suspect that it would become one of the sadest nights in Camp Nou. Both in Barcelonay terms, Because the reaction came too late and then was too late, but also because they had to watch that the stadium was in a strange hand. “

AS: “At home, Barcelona played the clearest way to win a title and, which is even worse to qualify for the next Champions League, after it underged in his stadium with 2: 3 sang and tallibles. The failure was lost Not only athletic nature, which can happen quite, but above all the institutional shame that the Barça Stadium became the Waldstadion, in which one had the feeling of being alien in his own house. The scandal was so great that someone was that should give appropriate explanations. “

Marca: “Eintracht leaves Barcelona – Another title that escapes Barca. A great harmonics left Xavis team in Camp Nou with around 20,000 German fans no chance what is difficult to understand”

  • Great Britain

The Sun: “Auba and Co. humiliated – Barcelona was disassembled in the second leg at home. After drawing in Germany last week, Xavis Laliga team was expected to wipe the ground with the unconventional opponent in Nou Camp. But Filip Kostic had Another idea, because the wing sprayer made with a double pack for the semi-final against West Ham. “

Mirror: “Demerative! Barcelona is leaving the Europa League. Barcelona trailer leave the Camp Nou, while the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt take on the stadium. The FC Barcelona, who had gone into the game with a series of 15 unbeaten games in the game From Eintracht Frankfurt overparts and stormed the Camp Nou in front of the numerous fans. “

Daily Mail: “Bundesligist baffles Barcelona and throws them out in Camp Nou.”