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10 rare PS4 games that are a real rarity today

As you know, the PS4 is no longer the youngest among the home consoles and has produced such some gaming facilities in their long lifetime. All of these releases are also those specimens that enjoy a special rarity value. Be it because of the low sales edition or other exciting stories. We now introduce you to 10 Games, which are true treasures today.

PS4 games that are a real rarity

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 is no longer number one under the SONY consoles, the PlayStation 5 now occurs the succession. But a look into the past of PS4 proves that it was blessed in the course of its life cycle with real estimates . Especially if you look at the physical versions some games.

Top 10 Rare PS4 Games | Most Valuable PS4 Games
Because some PS4 games of the console history are so rare that they probably never hold them in their hands. These are physical units, which were mostly present only in limited edition or did not go into serial production by other circumstances.

In the following picture section we reveal you what titles it is and the stories behind it, why exactly you are such a rarity :

If you prefer digital games anyway and you like the physical gladly the collectors, we recommend looking at the PS Store . There are regular discounts ** on a huge selection of games:

Have some surprises in the picture line for you, or do you already know most of these PS4 games? And have you possibly even discovered that you yourself have a true treasure at home? Visit us on Facebook and gladly reports on your most valuable and rarest games.

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Now it happened: Oculus Quest is now officially Meta Quest

After changing the name of the parent company from Facebook to Meta, it was probably unavoidable: the Oculus Quest , the VR headset of the social media platform, was undergone an image change and now listens to the name * meta quest * . Already last year you had announced the name change, now she was completed.

The Oculus Quest 2 Is Now The Meta Quest 2!?

This does not only affect the current version of the headset, but the brand itself. All future variations of the VR brand will therefore also bear the name “Meta” instead of “Oculus”. The official change was recently announced on Twitter and pushed a little enthusiasm at fans.

Fans are little excited about the change

_ “New name, same mission.” _ With these words and a reproduction made in the metaversum reproduction of the famous memes around the so-called Sweating Towel Guy, behind which the character Hank Nova from Timesplitters 2 hides, the Twitter account of the former Oculus revealed Quests the name change .

But while the meme actually turns to decide between opponent points of view, the generic metaversum character simply pushes both buttons. It’s not the only problem that fans have with the announcement. Because the comments under the Twitter post are numerous and many of them extremely suspicious.

The reaction to the many critical comments was correspondingly neutral and expected: _ “We understand that our community will miss the Oculus name, but change does not always have to be a bit bad. We hope that we build our ambitions that metaversum. Make even clearer with our new name! “_

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