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Aether Gazer is preparing for a global release

The mobile game Aether Gazer, apparently, will receive a global version in the near future.

An official English-speaking Twitter game account appeared on the network, which usually occurs immediately before the announcement of the output of projects to the global market. If you believe Reddit users, then the Youstar company itself will be engaged in the Aether Gazer by the Aether Gazer. Most likely, the global version of Aether Gazer will appear in the fall of 2022.

Aether Gazer is a mobile dynamic action in the spirit of the Honkai Impact 3RD and Punishing: Gray Raven. The main feature of the game system of the game is that of the three characters present on the map, the player controls 1. The other two are under the control of AI.

Building and construction Simulator: In September it goes to the building website – news trailer

For work, the gamers make use of certified commercial vehicles from Liebherr, Bell, Situation and Caterpillar. Engelbert Strauss is likewise entailed in the video game that makes certain ideal job garments.

In this simulator, the everyday work of a construction worker is to be offered as practical as possible. The gamer is challenged with all feasible obstacles that can happen on a construction site. Modern graphics, credible physics and also a day-night cycle ought to ensure the highest feasible realism.

The digital building employees can completely transform 2 different open globe locations. Among them is in the United States, the various other in Germany. In Sunny Place, the task is to make a port eye-catching for visitors. In Friedensberg, on the other hand, you deal with options for renewable resources as well as have to improve the city’s infrastructure.

Astragon Entertainment announced nothing much less than the largest building work simulator today. From September 20 of this year , the PS5 as well as PS4 gamers can most likely to the building site. The accountable elderly advertising and marketing manager explained specifically what the game principle looks like. Lastly, you can still see the statement trailer that shows various video game scenes.

Dualsense functions sustain you

The features of the PS5 controller are also used in this video game. This helps you to regulate the building machines that are heavy and also prevent mishaps.

By the way, large Globes presented one more simulator the other day. There, leisure activity fishermens can throw away the pole:

Incidentally, you do not need to go to al1. On top of that, a co-op setting for approximately four players is on board.

Have a look at the news trailer currently:

Additional reports on Building Simulator.

In this simulator, the everyday job of a construction worker is to be provided as practical as feasible. Engelbert Strauss is additionally entailed in the video game that makes certain appropriate job clothes.

From September 20 of this year , the PS5 as well as PS4 players can go to the building website. The responsible senior marketing supervisor described specifically what the game concept looks like. You can still see the announcement trailer that shows numerous video game scenes.

TMNT Review: Shredders Revenge is not the best representative of the genre

The game of nostalgia is a dishonest trick. An attempt to return the warm memories from childhood immediately gives a few points, because before the grass was greener, and cartoons are more interesting (still, they didn’t shove the storyteller into all the cracks), and the ninja turtles were cooler.

The first adaptation of comics Kevin Eastman and Peter Lard was released in 1987. And from that moment on, the whole world fell ill with a turtle, despite the fact that the initial idea of the comixists was in an ordinary stab over the superheroes. The authors of the animated series decided to tell their story, greatly mitigating what was happening and removing blood. In original comics, the turtles cursed with obscene words and broke the bones to the opponents, but this did not fit for the children’s audience. But there was a love for pizza, multi-colored dressings and immortal Kawabang!.

The first video game in the franchise was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aka Fierce Turtle Ninja Legend) from Konami. She went out in 1989 at Nintendo Entertainment System (Dandy in our opinion) and was based on the plot of the animated series. Actually, the original comics about the ninja turtles by that time were already interested in few-animated images completely overshadowed their ancestors.

Currently, 46 independent video games about green-skinned brothers have been published without taking into account spin-offs and collaborations. We will talk about the last of them today.

We are not miserable bugs

At the first glance at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, TMNT: The Arcade Game and Turtles in Time-Classic Beat-Um-Up, where you alone or in a team of comrades need to go through the level and defeating opponents and winning. Boss at the end. It was on these memories that the bets of the Tribute Games studio was made. Actually, they never hid this.

Shredder’s Revenge is full of references to arcade games, starting from 16-bit style, ending with the interface and the flashing inscription Click to join.

The plot is made in the spirit of the animated series-Bibop and Rockstedi on the orders of Schroeder arrange a raid on the sixth channel, where the famous reporter April O’Neill works, and abduct… No, not a girl (the Lady in trouble script is not in fashion today), but Some mysterious mechanism. And so that everything becomes clear at once, Bibop on the air tells insidious plans-to arrange chaos and seize a statue of freedom. Naturally, ninja turtles and their friends cannot leave their native New York without protection and rush in pursuit of villains.

Not only the four brothers go to beat their faces, but also their teacher Splinter, April and Casey Jones are the same rebel in a hockey mask, carrying the golf and bits with him as arguments. True, it will not work to play for Casey at the first passage-it opens after completing the plot.

Unlike old arcades, in Shredder’s Revenge, each character has its own personality not only in appearance, but also in characteristics. There are three of them in total-the distance of battle, speed and power. For example, the splinter is slow, has an average radius of attacks, but great power, and o’nil, on the contrary, is nimble, but weak. Although, in general, there is no particular difference for whom to play, choose a character by personal sympathies. I played for the rat.

gameplay and design

What can you tell about the gameplay process of the Beat-Em-Up genre? Its base has not changed for almost 40 years-the characters move in level from left to right (there are other directions) and beat the muzzles to everyone who appears on the screen. So, in Shredder’s Revenge nothing has changed, I assure you.

So that the player does not quickly get bored with diversity, the developers of such games try to captivate the gamer with interesting locations, various interactives and unexpected situations.

Each of 16 levels is unique both in style and in color scheme. Here you are walking along the streets of New York-a parked cars around, some warehouses and fire hydrants that can be broken, and the enemies will jump on a puddle of water that appeared. Here you look into the studio of the sixth channel-the cameras are everywhere, in the pantry they locked the unfortunate director, and in neighboring pavilions, the Foot fighters learn to prepare various dishes in the culinary show. The city is not limited to the city. You will also visit the sewage and even take a walk on the measurement of X, the homeland of Crang.

At the end of each level, a boss awaits you. At first you meet Bibop, then Rockstedi, followed by other opponents of the turtles from the animated series, from the rat king, ending with Bakster Stockman, who turned into a mutant fly. And the end will not do without Crang and Shreder.

Ordinary opponents are also pleasing. Still, the clan of the legs is not ordinary gopniks from the gateway, but a very serious organization. By the way, if you suddenly forgot, then the clan fighters are robots, not living people. Some of them fights with fists, perfectly planting your carcass in his uppercott, someone uses a sword, knowing how to block your frontal attacks, and someone even runs with onions, trying to stay at a distance. In general, fights are quite diverse and dynamic, it will not work out to kick all the memorized combination. With one exception, but about it a little later.

Your heroes can not only wave his fists, but also evade attacks of enemies, roll up and all like that. In the process of passing, you collect various objects that have lost the second-plan characters from the animated series, such as a friend of April Irma or Vernon, the second reporter of the sixth channel. For finding objects, the heroes receive a constant bonus to a strip of lives and glasses that give additional attempts in case of death.

Simultaneous Degty V Wide

But alas, there were no problems in the game. And in my opinion, they are serious enough not to share the universal delight of the game. Understand me correctly, I’m not a hypocrite. But pretend that I did not notice the jambs, do not have the right.

So, the first. The game is damn short. If you play alone, then you will complete the plot in two and a half hours. If you play in the company (and the game supports the cooperative as much as six people!), Then you will pass the game even faster, and significantly! Usually, in the arcade Beat-EM-UP opponents, it becomes proportionally larger if the game goes through several people. In the case of the revenge of the Schroeder this does not happen. And now imagine what is happening on the screen when six people are mutusing one unfortunate boss. Everyone will press the ulta once, and the poor fellow will simply blow out. Yes, the games of this genre have never been distinguished by duration, but this was compensated by their complexity and the need to pass from the first level in case of loss.

The same Ula is the second problem of the game. I am completely incomprehensible to the reason why the developers made it possible to replenish the superference scale at any time. Even at a complex level of passage. This is a legal cheat that makes the whole battle absolutely meaningless. You simply do not need to create magic on the gamepad, dodge, jump and roll. Everything is solved by one button. Yes, on the boss may not have the opportunity to stand alone for three seconds and restore ulta, but this is relevant only in case of single passage. What was then the meaning of the individuality of the heroes, the difference between their characteristics and other things?

And add an enlarged strip of lives to addition, and we get at the exit a very, very simple arcade even at the maximum level of complexity. Moreover, the number of revival is replenished with each level so that God forbid you do not see the terrible inscription Game Over before your eyes. Dityki will cry…

for the results

Yes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is trying to play nostalgia. And the game does it well. However, as a connoisseur and connoisseur of the Beat-EM-UP genre, which began his acquaintance with arcade machines in the late 80s, I cannot attribute this game to the best representatives. Even in key mechanics, it is very inferior to the same Streets of Rage 4, which came out a year ago. And if you compare in the forehead with recognized masterpieces of the genre, then it becomes completely sad.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge receives only 7 pizza out of 10.

Liked :

  • Visual and animation.
  • Gorgeous soundtracks.
  • Muzzle.
  • Location design.

Did not like :

  • The ease of the game.
  • Endless Ula, which spoils everything.
  • The game is too short.
  • Excessive casuality.

Evil Tonight for the Switch is a wonderful anime resident Evil with GBA

Citizen Evil gameplay, anime personalities, GBA optics as well as all on the switch-sound? Yes, Evil Tonight really throws an uncommon mix of active ingredients right into a bowl, however what comes out is a wonderful little button title that ought to interest open-minded and timeless resi fans.

Genre: Action Adventure Developer: Dya Games Platform: PC, Switch Over Release: 14. October 2021

This is exactly how Evil Tonight plays

In addition, checking out plays a major duty. We are searching for various concept tricks (sword trick, coin trick…), we need to discover our method around the rental property and address challenges such as a sliding problem.

The areas of the villa appearance lovingly created as well as the GBA appearance, which I value for classic factors, is especially suitable for the handheld. If you don’t shy away from the wild mix, have a look.

I am constantly looking for small amusing titles for my Change Lite, which I use to play far from the house sofas. I found Evil Tonight since it was applauded under our What are you playing on the weekend break? Article by a neighborhood participant in the greatest tones.

@Also in the winter season .

The anime characters with their big googly eyes do not inform us stories that allow the blood freeze in our veins, but make it clear that the video game does not take also seriously. Silvia, for example, is often lost in purchasing measurements as well as ghosts discover it unpleasant when they are defined as evil.

Fights and also Survival: Silvia fights all type of beasts from running origin man to knife-swinging ladies in lengthy clothes to shooting arm cups. She utilizes guns such as handgun and also crossbow as well as a blade and also has to find ammunition and recovery things. In the trailer you can see what it appears like:

It has to do with: In the video game you slip into the skin of Silvia, a tool that travels to another measurement to absorb it with evil power. She checks out an old suite and also the video game mechanics are likely to show up also widely known.
| In hooked on you date we serial awesome as well as yes, you check out appropriately | in Little Bear employer you are a tiny boiling bear as well as that’s weird and also charming at the same time

Fights and Survival: Silvia battles all kinds of monsters from running root man to knife-swinging ladies in long clothes to shooting tentacle cups. In the trailer you can see what it looks like:

Our current Fyng (Discover Your Next Game) edition is gradually involving an end. Here you will locate also extra amazing posts from the program:


Samara Summertime

What do you think about this mix? could the title be for you? .

Special attributes: However Evil Tonight additionally has some peculiarities. If we draw our tool, we are in battle mode as well as can switch over through our collection and also take a quick alternative step, but do not engage with objects.

Special functions: But Evil Tonight additionally has some peculiarities. What do you think of this mix? ** could the title be for you?

It is a terrific title for my button usage. I enjoy the resident Evil gameplay in basic as well as I like the application in the video game. The entire thing is not scary, however the title constructs tension, because just the area around Silvia is lit on the screen and I am usually suddenly leapt and also quickly need to draw the appropriate weapon.

the story

The video game auto mechanics are clearly similar to survival horror classics and likewise the setting in the beginning glance, but Evil Tonight is plainly an adorable analysis of the genre that does not connect to a grown-up or very first t1. The suite is an academy in which teenagers used to study arts, which we learn from diary access.

Overwatch 2: very early gain access to, release date, personalities, trailers and everything we recognize thus far

Overwatch conquered the online community in 2016 with its beginning in the storm, became an e-sports sensation and received a great deal of praise from the objection after its publication. It is sufficient to say that this video game will certainly have consistent popularity, as well as the statement of monitoring 2 Naturally, there is some boosted expectations from fans. What do we understand about this most recent title and can he stay up to date with the success of his precursor or perhaps exceed him? What is new for the game? Make certain to continue reading to figure out whatever we understand about the knowledge look, trailer, personalities and even more from Overwatch 2 .

Overwatch 2 trailers as well as magazine day: What you showed us

The trailer revealed above shows the exact same splendidly smooth, tidy video gaming experience, with the unforgettable playable personalities and also their personalities being displayed. In enhancement to currently announced brand-new characters such as Sojourn, we are introduced to new styles for existing personalities, consisting of the lovable Scrapper Hammond. We are spoiled with picturesque views of potentially acquainted cards, while the music swells in a motivating Dur-Tonart to indicate terrific points coming up. The most crucial point is that the greatest details consists of a new character, the unveiling that the game will have free-to-play PVP, and publications in early gain access to on October 4, 2022 .

Overwatch 2: A new character signs up with

It is enough to state that this game will certainly have relentless popularity, and the announcement of surveillance 2 Of program, there is some increased assumptions from fans. Be sure to read on to find out everything we understand concerning the expertise appearance, trailer, characters and also more from Overwatch 2 .

The most important point is that the best info consists of a new personality, the introduction that the video game will certainly have free-to-play PVP, and also publications in early gain access to on October 4, 2022 .


Overwatch 2 ought to allow players to enter activity as conveniently as possible, to make sure that the free-to-play design assures years of web content together with live solution updates. In spite of the latest acquisition messages from Activision-Blizzard, Microsoft makes every effort to keep the collection and also other games across systems to make sure that no player misses something. Have a look at this game on October 4, 2022, the release day for very early access, initially on Xbox consoles and computer in addition to at a later time on PlayStation and also Switch over.

A crucial moment in the trailer is the intro of a new character, the junker queen . Little is found out about her personality, besides the reality that she is a waffle a shotgun as well as an ax set as well as a female, much less insane junkrat, yet is filled with a whole lot of personality. Followers rapidly guess what type of duty they will use any kind of group, yet the response seems to be favorable, as well as for good factor, because it emits tranquility and also strength. Regardless, see added information concerning you as well as the video game 16. June as well.


Satisfy your internal finisher based on the classic arcade game Breakout, destroying bricks with clicks (or fingers, if you use a mobile phone) and accumulating wealth to buy balls that make your work for you. Or, when you get tired of the game, you can use cheat codes that automatically provide you with maximum money, improvements or balls.

As the name implies, this is an idle game. This means that most of your progress is at a time when you really do not interact with the game. But you need to start somewhere, and in this game you must go through the first couple of levels to get enough money, unless you use cheat codes below!

While you are using our list of IDLE BREAKOUT HAKS, do not forget that we have cheat codes for hundreds of other games, including some of the most popular mobile games. We have the last codes of other similar inaction games, such as Idle Heroes, Idle Heroes of Light and Idle Champions. If you like other extremely popular mobile games, you may like our codes for NBA 2K Mobile!

IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: The maximum number of balls

There are six goals in the game, and their update can do expensive. Use this hack to already update them so that you can really see which of them work best!


hack Idle Breakout: endless money

Why spend time making money when you can instantly get an endless supply? This is an ideal code to test new methods and strategies for updates and buying balls to see which of them the levels are faster.


IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: Pass 6,000 levels.

Instantly complete 6,000 levels to get all the money necessary for buying balls and all their improvements!


IDLE BREAKOUT HACK: instantly break 1 million bricks

Turn off the sound for this. You could notice that every time you go through the level, you hear many sounds at the same time from all the bricks that you break. This hack is no different!

_ == _

How to import cheat codes Idle Breakout

When you join the game, press the mechanism button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the settings menu. Then copy the code that we listed above, exactly the way it appears (do not enter it manually!), And press the Import button. In the field with the inscription Insert here, insert the code that you copied from our page. Finally, click good apply a cheat code!


How do khaki work in Idle Breakout?

As you can see, cheat codes for Idle Breakout do not work like many other game cheats, especially for mobile games. Idle Breakout cheats may seem too powerful, but this is because technically they are not hacks or cheats: these are saving files! Many old games (and even some new ones) retained their files in the lines of symbols that were interpreted by the game in order to determine exactly what the character had in his inventory and where he was in the game.

All the lines of the characters that you see are the conservation files from the games that other players have already played. They saved them for us so that we could instantly move on to the exciting parts of the game and skip the entire tedious early grind.

What is Idle Breakout?

Idle Breakout is a game that you can play on mobile devices, PC and web pages, the game is similar to the classic arcade game Breakout. You start by breaking bricks yourself, pressing them to earn enough money to buy your first ball. From there you can either click more, or allow the balls you bought to do most of the work. When they break bricks, you earn more money that can then be used to buy more balls or improvements for your existing balls!

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All state of play ads

Under the premise of third parties and news about PSVR 2 games, the spirits did not seem very optimistic knowing that Kratos was flying over the terrain. However, the public reception has made it clear that this event has exceeded the expectations of the majority, and has come loaded with news and headlines, between Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter or Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Below, without more, you have all the ads in order of appearance:

Resident Evil 4 Remake will be published on March 24, 2023, with content for PS VR2

The event started strong. The first announcement was that of the resident evil 4 by by capcom , and in addition to ps5 it will also be published in Xbox Series x | s and PC Through Steam *, nothing of the past generation. From its website they anticipate that the game «retains the essence of the original game, while introducing updated game mechanics, a reimagined story, and impressive last generation graphics that make it the experience of Survival definitive horror in which They cross life and death, terror and catharsis ». This will come out, as it puts up, on March 24, 2023.

Here you can read the full news.

Between two separators like the one above, I leave you the small block of games for PlayStation VR2, which has arrived with four ads such as those you have below:


Resident Evil Village will have a full version for PS VR2

Shortly after saying that the RE4 Remake will have Development content for PlayStation VR2 , Capcom also confirmed that Resident Evil: Village will reach the virtual reality of PlayStation 5. Dates or too many details, beyond that it will give an even deeper immersive experience by taking full advantage of the possible vivid graphics with the 4K HDR screen of the headphones, the ocular monitoring and some more things.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 Remote, for PS VR in 2022 and PS VR2 in 2023.

Skydance Interactive announced the versions for VR2 (also VR, in this case, in late 2022) of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2-Remote Remote for some time of 2023. The study promises a most brutal and immersive experience of the original game, with more action and stealth mechanics.

No Man’s Sky will have a version for PS VR2, still in development

Around No Man’s Sky is the aura of redemption, updates and new constant possibilities, something that in this case have reaffirmed with a version for PlayStation VR2 . The friend Sean Murray tells us about a much more immersive experience for virtual reality, although, like the PS VR2 system, a few words that can point to both pitches could go hand in hand.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain shows a new trailer on PS VR2

The last of the VR block has been Horizon: Call of the Mountain , which arrives with the new trailer you have up here. The game that develops the guerrillas next to FirePrite Games will change what the triples A mean for virtual reality according to the words of its Senior developer, Chris Games.

At the end of the announcement they also pointed out that Horizon have updated: Forbidden West with a great patch, which includes novelties such as ultradifical mode or the new game+.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be on PC on August 12; Miles in Autumn

From the hand of Nixxes Software , Sony has announced that Marvel’s Spiderman will be published on PC on August 12, with a Morales thousands that will reach computers at some point in this fall. They have also taken advantage of us to tell us that the Marvel’s Spider-Man saga, including Morales, has already sold more than 33 million copies on consoles.

Here you can read the full news.

Stray will be published on PS4, PS5 and PC on July 19

Annapurna has finally given the departure date of Stray , which will be published in PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC Through * Steam * On July 19. In addition to teaching a bit of gameplay, they have also announced that it will be available without additional cost for users of PS+ Extra and Deluxe.

Here you can read the full news.

The Callisto Protocol will be launched on December 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC

Krafton has announced that The Callisto Protocol will be published on December 2 of this year for Xbox One , Xbox Series X | S , PS4 , , PS5 and PC **. The news has arrived accompanied by the trailer that you have above, where they show us something more of their atmosphere and their monsters.

Here you can read the full news.

Rollerdrome, from the creators of Olliolli, will leave on August 16 on PS4, PS5 and PC

Private Division has announced Rollerdrome , a visually saber title but with a totally different premise, because it is a third-person shoter with skates. It is developed by Roll7, responsible study of Olliolli, and will be published in PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on August 16.

Eternights will be published in early 2023 in PlayStation and PC

The Studio Sai has announced eternights with the trailer here. It will be published in PS4 , PS5 and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store , and it is a manga-style title that will mix mechanics of action with those of the dating simulators.

Streets Fighter 6 will be in early 2023, also in Xbox and PC, and presents a new trailer

Capcom reappeared at the event to teach for the first time Street Fighter 6 with the video you have on these lines. In addition to having fixed the logo to the eSports that was used in their presentation, they have shown some gameplay and some characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Luke or Jamie have been seen in action. This will come out at some point in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, without mentions to Xbox One.

Here you can read the full news.

Tunic goes to PlayStation consoles on September 27

Finji He also wanted to have his role in the presentation, and did so to announce that Tunic will be in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 On September 27. Andrew Shouldice’s first project has been seen moving in the new generation console of Sony in the trailer above.

You can read our analysis here.

Season: A Letter to The Future will be in autumn of 2022

To contribute another touch indie to the event, Scavengers Studio announced with the trailer above that Season: A Letter to the Future will leave during this fall in PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC , through Steam and the Epic Games Store .

Final Fantasy XVI **** will be published in summer 2023

Although before it was scheduled for this year, Square Enix arrives to break the illusion of many by announcing that Final Fantasy XVI is delayed until summer of 2023, when it will come out, that we know for now, in PlayStation 5. After a trailer full of invocations, producer Naoki Yoshida with the director Hiroshi Takai have explained that you can play from beginning to end, although there are still things to do at the level of optimization and polishing.

Here you can read the full news.

[Ranking Analysis] Destiny Guardians 4th stage rise, the new seasons smooth start

ranking indicators [Rank Analysis] has been renewed. You can check the game rankings and market share of various platforms, including PC room indicators, mobile game indicators, and ranking indicatorstory ranking indicators. ranking indicatorstory votes are maintained as it is, and voting rankings are used as ranking indicatorstory ranking indicators. We will reorganize the ranking analysis, including more indicators, so please participate.

■ ranking indicators Ranking-‘Destiny Guardians’, a new season update success
(Collect and select a variety of indicators such as PC room utilization, ranking indicatorstory user voting, community response)
The last week was relatively silent without a new large update and events. For two weeks, the Pass of Exagl, which has risen in tremendous momentum, has slowed down three steps, and the Warcraft 3 and the Black Desert are ranked 16th and 17th.

The Black Desert has been holding a ‘inspection audit’ festival event to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the domestic direct service since the 18th, and we will celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the service today (30th). Events that offer various prizes through the lottery are completed today, but in the game, the event will continue until June 8, including the cron seats and the brilliant boxes of shakatu that are sealed.

Meanwhile, ‘Destiny Guardians’, which launched the new season ’17 Season: Ghosts ‘Season’ on the 25th, started smoothly, rising four steps compared to last week. In the new season, Leviathan Raid, which has entered the content safe with the largest combat power expansion, has been released in the form of an open field, receiving positive evaluation from the players, and the addition of the solar 3.0 and various season contents.

Nexon’s longevity online game, the re-entry of the Wind Country, is also noticeable. Since the 26th of last week, it will be interpreted as a ‘level-up not’ event that supports myth-class equipment and rapid growth, and players can achieve various missions during the event and get a variety of rewards for growth. In addition, by creating a new character by June 8th and registering for the event, you can obtain various items such as ‘5th return egg’ and ’18K guidelines’.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-May 4 week PC room weekly report

The 4 weeks of PC rooms, which were compiled by the Logog of PC Room Game Statistics Service, was 15.11 million hours, down 1.7% compared to last week, 9.7% compared to the previous month, and 13.7% year-on-year. Weekly PC room utilization rate was 16.9%on weekends and 12.8%for weekend.

Despite the slightly decreased PC room utilization rate, the League of Legends, which is the number one place with a 45.6%share, received a lot of attention from the Mid Season Invitational (2022 MSI), which was held until yesterday, and Nexon’s sports Online Game FIFA Online 4 also opened the 2022 EK League Championship Season 1, and user increased. In fact, the number of users was noticeable from the 27th when the league opened, and on Saturday, the next day, it recorded a daily PC room for nearly 300,000 hours.

FIFA Online 4 showed a 6.5% increase in PC rooms compared to last week, and succeeded in positioning just below the League of Legends. In addition, the recent new season 6: Nim Neuron’s Eternal Return, which unveiled Summer, showed an increase of 9.1% of usage time, and ‘Black Desert’, which continues the ‘inspection audit’ event following last week, also showed an increase of 6.5%. I entered above.

■ Steam game trend of this week

According to user statistics that can be found on the statistics site of the PC game platform Steam Steam Steam Steam, Lost Arc has recently exceeded 700,000 people daily, showing its high global popularity. Immediately after the update of Baltan Raid and Destroy Class on the 27th, 730,000 people were recorded, and on average, the average high level of concurrent users were maintained.

The smooth start of the 17th season of Destiny Guardians was easy to check in Steam Statistics. As of today, Destiny 2 (Domestic Service Name ‘Destiny Guardians’) has currently recorded up to 130,000 people a day, and it is possible to confirm that more than 60,000 players have increased compared to last week’s 72,000. do.

‘V Rising’, one of the hottest games last week, is still highly popular with 140,000 people, but Destiny 2 was in fifth.

Other games in the rankings are not much different from last week, but EA Sports football game FIFA 22 is the highest number of people in the past, up 10,000 compared to last week. Due to the recent 84% discount, the number of users has increased as the game can be purchased at a price of a little more than 10,000 won.

In the trend indicators, new works are noticeable, such as My Time at Sandrock and the recently released Sniper Elite series ‘Sniper Elite 5’.

My Time at Sand Rock is a new work developed by China’s indie game developer Pathea Games, which launched ‘My Time at Posha’. It was released on May 26 on Early access and was now maintained with about 2,440 evaluations and ‘generally positive’. As the name is similar, it appears to be a simulation RPG that runs a farm in the desert city ‘Sand Rock’, and unfortunately Korean does not seem to be supported yet.

‘Sniper Elite 5’ is a new formal numbering that was launched on May 26 by the developer Rebelion. Compared to its predecessor, it features more specific production and advanced graphics, and it is possible to sniper with its own equipment through more detailed gun customization.

Meanwhile, some racing games that have seen virtue through the ‘Steam Racing Game Festival’, which were held from May 23 to today from May 23rd, can also be seen on the trend indicators. XBOX’s representative open world racing game, Forza Horizon 4, was sold at 19,770 won, which is a 67% discount, and EA’s racing franchise ‘Need For Speed: Hit’ was sold for 15,400 won with 80% discount.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

Looking at the mobile game rankings last week, in the Google Play Store, the mobile action RPG ‘Collapse 3RD’ provided by Hoyo Bus was reestablished in the top 10, and the Apple App Store was ranked 10th in Dev Sisters’ Cookie Run series.

First, the collapse 3rd has recently updated the 5.7 version of the big update ‘Song of Sin’. Aponia’s Abyss of Criminal Sin and SP Valkyrie Eden ‘Golden Song’ have been added as new characters, and new systems such as 29 new main stories and ‘armed cards’ have been newly updated. The game will provide various items through the login event until June 13th.

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‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, which ranked 5th in the App Store, introduced a new growth support system and a new cookie through an update on the 27th. The newly added “ The Temple of Brilliant Heroes ” is a system that allows the power of the strongest cookies in the kingdom to other cookies to increase the level of low level cookies, and new cookies are assaulted cookies, cranichoko. Chip cookies have been updated.

‘Cookie Run: Oven Brake’ is on the 27th ‘Turn! In search of the legendary treasure, he ranked seventh in the App Store after the update. Along with the new story, a new peperonsino flavor cookie and a pet pet ‘lava scorpion’ have been newly added, and the new event mode, ‘Team Fight Mode’, is expected to provide various items.

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The manufacturing life of the desert city “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is also a craft, adventure, and battle! However, at the moment, the unstable part is [explosive repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, “I don’t know what kind of game it is!” Therefore, it is this project “ Explosive Play Report *” to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, on May 26, 2022, the developer Pathea Games released early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) “MY TIME AT SANDROCK” ** I would like to deliver the contents of.

What is “Kimi no Town Sandlock”?

Life simulation set in the deserted desert city “Sandrock”. Players will be a rookie builder who has settled in the city, and will revive the city while enjoying various ways of playing, such as craft, agriculture, and interaction with residents.

This work is a sequel to “MY TIME AT Portia” released in 2019 (Steam early access is 2018). Like the previous work, many mysteries, including various technologies, archeological sites, and monsters, are hidden in the world 300 years after the catastrophe is almost lost.

The Kickstarter campaign started on October 26, 2020. It has achieved a target amount in just one day, and ultimately supports about $ 520,000, which is much higher than the $ 100,000 of the target. Various additional content has been determined by stretch goals and Steam Wish List registration campaigns.

In addition, this work was scheduled to launch early access in STEAM in March 2021, but it has been postponed because the license for rating authentication in various places required for online sales will not be issued as expected. It continues to develop with the beta version, and has the background of the early access version released.

Approach the actual content of “Kimi no Town Sandlock”!

First is the character creation. Gender, appearance, voice, etc. can be set, and the appearance can be changed finely in a slider format. The parts can be used regardless of gender, so make your own builder as much as you want.

The game begins with the scene where the hero gets on the train and reaches the sand rock city. At the station, there is “Mian”, the same rookie builder as you, and will guide you to the city. At the entrance of the city, he meets Yang, the head of a commercial guild, and the protagonist will take over the workshop of his predecessor builder.

From now on, you will be asked to produce a tutorial, the first tool of the builder, “Stone Tsuruhashi”. Tree and stones are required to make vine, so we will collect materials around the workshop. If the material is gathered, access the workbench and craft it safely.

After that, reported to Yang and successfully finished the first quest. After that, I will meet many characters, such as the girl “Jasmine”, the potter’s “Amira”, the Leader of the militia, “Chihon”, which is investigating the ancient civilization while strolling around the city. Interaction with people is an important point of this work.

By the way, when I cut down the cactus with a stone ax at the first quest, I was preached that it violated town ordinance . He was forgiven because he was the first offense, but next time he was warned that he was fine and strict eyes from the people in the city. Speaking of which, Yang said that, but wouldn’t you explain it first!

A sand rock town that suddenly shows a harsh surface on the first day of moving. In this way, the first day of the rookie builder was so joyful and anxious… (unless you cut the tree).

Let’s get along with the residents of Sandrock!

The builder life that started this way. The basic flow of this work is to “receive a request from the residents → delivery and deliver it”, so the request is a main quest with a story, as well as a subquest and commercial guild requested by residents. I am.

There are many shops such as bars, tailors, and blacksmiths in the sand rock town, where you can purchase materials and tools. You can also check the city’s events by purchasing a newspaper. In addition, there are game centers, combat training areas, and drugstores, and unique residents are waiting.

The liking gradually increases through daily conversations, gifts, achievement of requests, and seasonal events. You can get along with the residents and change the relationship to “friends” or “partner”, etc., and you can also receive benefits such as status changes and discounts for shops. Some characters can develop to love by getting closer.

Sandlock life is separated by calendar for 30 days in each season, and various events are prepared for each season. At the event, you can get a dedicated coin through mini-games, etc., and can be exchanged for furniture and costumes. In addition, residents may increase their liking by giving results at the event.

In addition, the rally held by the city hall and church tells you about future policies and events in the city. Most of the rally can be used to gain a good feeling in conversation, so it can be used to deliver it to residents receiving commissions.

Basically, this work is not easy to increase the liking of residents. If you get along with the residents you aim, you need to give a present or concentrate on requests. Indeed, it’s all about cutting trees ignoring the ordinance.

I’m a builder! Manufacturing is the main business!

There are two types of facilities, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi first, is available, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi, and a “one that can be made as soon as the material is made,” and a “one that puts ingredients and wait for completion”. You need to be careful during production, as time-consuming facilities require fuel.

Like the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, there is also a large craft that uses the “assembly station” in the workshop. The material is completed by putting the material into the target item prepared, and most of the production facilities and quest items of this work are completed using the station.

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For example, in order to complete the “recycle” facility produced in the quest, a “stone bowl”, “wood”, and “grinding saw” are required. The wood is the same, but the other two must be processed based on the material. Inevitably requires a large amount of ingredients, so when you have plenty of time, collect the minimum material. Production recipes are available at commercial guilds and research centers.

In addition, in this work, water is an essential resource for moving the machine. However, water is valuable in the sand rock, a desert city. The only way to get it is to buy it at the water tower, or to collect the “dew” that can be obtained by destroying grass and stones. By the way, be careful as you get angry when you enter the oasis in the city.

There are many things to collect materials, secure water, and buy recipes. Of course, life will gradually improve as the facilities are enhanced little by little. If you work, the protagonist will level up and improve your abilities, so a steady life will eventually bear fruit.

Adventure in a vast world! Free mining and agriculture

In this open world work, you can explore various areas around you as well as sand rock towns. In the desert, many materials are available and wild creatures inhabit. Some of them are dangerous creatures that attack the hero, so be careful when collecting materials.

By proceeding with the story, new areas such as mining where you can get a large amount of ore and machine parts and areas where monsters are waiting will be opened. The new area also offers new materials and quests, so it is important to make the sand rock life comfortable.

In addition, the protagonist will be able to agriculture in the workshop as farms can be used. It is difficult in the early stages because water is needed for agriculture, but crops are reliable in cooking and gifts. Above all, the “moisture” of increasing green in the desert city is essential for life.

If you make money, it is important to buy and expand the land around the workshop. There are also new livestock huts and shops that allow you to add new livestock huts. This work is very easy to recreate the facility, so you can renovate your house as you want.

Of course, almost all elements introduced so far are never forced. The main quest is basically not fixed, so you can proceed slowly at your own pace. What kind of life to send in sand locks is the player’s freedom. Nevertheless, it is necessary to enhance the facilities while proceeding with the quests.

“Kimi no Machi’s Sandlock” introduced so far. From the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, you can enjoy a fulfilling and fulfilling builder life, including the foundation of craft, etc. Although it is a game that is often done, the difficulty is not too high, and there is no urgent time for the main story.

Immediately after the early access release, reports such as “the load time is too long”, “the game is too heavy”, and “freezing”, but at the time of this article, the patch distribution has been considerably improved. I haven’t had any problems yet since the latest patch, but it has been reported in forums. I also feel that the quality of Japanese translation still needs to be improved.

At the time of early access release, you can experience some of the main stories and basic game play parts. In the future, the main story will be added, the NPC quest will be expanded, new systems and items will be added. The multi-player function is currently under development.

Although it is an early access, there are some unstable parts, but it is a recommended work for players who want to collect materials in the open world world and enjoy manufacturing and interact with NPCs. “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is being distributed early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).

What about your Steam, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo games if their digital shops shut?

” The withdrawal of a game, other than when it comes to a certain period license provided for in the contract, might constitute a foul by the vendor, since it would stop the buyer from utilizing the abstract good he has actually acquired,” discussed Nicolás Bressand, attorney from the Lyon Bar Association as well as Copyright Professional. “As a result, The purchaser could, in concept, claim the duty of the vendor as well as obtain the overall or partial repayment of the quantity paid in exchange for the game. All this stays academic, the analyses made by the courts From the appropriate legislation and also the legal problems of the systems are still unpredictable, “he said.

“Therefore, The purchaser could, in concept, declare the responsibility of the vendor and obtain the partial or total compensation of the amount paid in exchange for the game. In case of closure, the players would certainly depend on the goodwill of the operator Luckily, the large video game companies have been striving to communicate a safety image as well as respect for the customer that is progressively betting even more For the electronic format and also can question your digital acquisitions if you began seeing an unpredictable future for your game library. If you are worried, also from another location, for the possibility of losing your games in a hypothetical future where large video game companies have actually disappeared, in reality, you have reasons to be, because today, absolutely nothing pressures These firms to ensure accessibility to the material bought in instance of conclusive closure , although of course, this is an unlikely circumstance.

Absolutely nothing pressures these companies to assure access to the bought web content The electronic games purchased on a system like Vapor have not been made for outside uses, therefore, there are technical limitations to the exploitation of these games that “stop their resale or out of the system.” So, if you are stressed, also remotely, for the opportunity of losing your games in a theoretical future where large video game companies have disappeared, in reality, you have factors to be, because today, nothing forces These firms to guarantee accessibility to the content bought in instance of conclusive closure , although certainly, this is a not likely situation. The alternative for traditional video game enthusiasts seems straightforward: proceeding to purchase in physical layout, although this may not constantly be such an easy remedy in a market in which just a tenth of the brand-new titles can be gotten in physical format.

If we evaluate the different software permit contracts of the major companies, both Shutoff, Xbox, PlayStation and also Nintendo offer the same regards to solution for the download of games: “ All digital assets have a permit, they are not offered “, we can read in the agreement,” you can lose accessibility to electronic properties or modify the nature of your gain access to. “

Как покупать игры в PSN, Steam, Xbox Store и eShop? Что делать с закрытием PS Store? Решения проблем

The essential element, as Bressand aims out, is that, in many cases, the problems of use of Systems do not recognize the gamer’s property on the downloaded and install game : “Generally, the client You just can make use of the game of the one that has an opportunity, for instance, to move this permit to a 3rd party. Therefore, as an example, the Vapor customer accepts when using these services that the games are ‘accredited, not sold’, which, for that reason, does not provide any right or title regarding them. “

In case of closure, the players would depend on the a good reputation of the driver Thankfully, the large video game companies have been aiming to share a safety and security picture and also respect for the customer that is progressively wagering even more For the digital layout and might distrust your digital purchases if you started seeing an unsure future for your game collection. This is why, although stores like Wii or PSP have actually seen just how Nintendo as well as Sony decreased their online blinds, they will certainly remain to allow customers to download their computer game gotten in the future. This has actually come to be a habitual scenario that, on several events, causes a countdown to buy those titles that we carried the listing of slopes prior to the store closes definitively as well as shed the opportunity to get them.

The platforms do not acknowledge the gamer’s residential or commercial property on the game downloaded just recently, Windows Central attended to the questionable DRM theme , among the components that has actually caused in many celebrations that the games quit functioning when the Servers fall and also in the case of activation licenses that permit access to games, Microsoft has actually assured that when it is activated, it is “forever” , enabling us to play without connection without their licenses exploiting, with The exemption of changing console. “In situation of shutting services, there are many factors to believe that gamers would certainly depend upon the goodwill of the driver that could, in the very best case, offer customers the possibility of remaining to play with a copy Local, “stated Nicolas Bressand.

Simply a couple of week we resided in Xbox issues that stopped numerous players from duplicating their games. Without access to servers, we saw how we lost accessibility to some games that we can have appreciated completely offline and also, however, were restricted by verification factors .

My partner Alejandro Pascual told us some of the problems created by the fascination to constantly play attached to the Web, additionally opening up the fascinating debate what will take place to our games if the servers go out or a store disappears. Although there are no real concepts to bother with large systems such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo , understanding just how the building is increased in these items and also just how the future of its suppliers would impact us is An exercise that our Jeuxvideo associates have done.

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