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FC Bayern | Ribery reveals: This top

With, among other nine German championships and the Champions League title 2013, Franck Ribéry was becoming an absolute club legend at FC Bayern. As the Frenchman now revealed, he could have switched to equal European top clubs over the years.

In the interview with the Italian Ribérys direction “TuttoRibéry”, the now 39-year-old counted where it could have overcome him everywhere. “Mourinho wanted to get me to Real Madrid, but Bayern did not let me go. Barcelona and Juventus also called me,” said Ribéry in conversation with the newspaper.

Three years after his Bayern farewellewell in the summer of 2019, the Munich club icon continues to be active on the ball, is currently under contract at the Italian first division club US Salernitana. Despite several injury breaks, the wing player already brought it to 19 league missions. But he still waits for a first goal of the season for the relegation threatened club.

Davies reveals who he thinks will be the next Bayern captain????
US Salernana is currently in the last place in the series A, the descent can only be prevented theoretically.

Ribéry clearly introduces: “I do not regret anything, but am proud”

Incidentally, in its best years in the jersey of Bayern in the 2010er years, it had never been to the debate to leave the club towards Spanish La League or Italian Series A.

“I regret nothing, but I’m proud to have been twelve years with a huge club like Bavaria. There I won everything and was allowed to write important chapters of the history of the club,” said Ribéry, who has been a special relationship to the former Bavaria for many years Manager and president Uli Hoeneß maintains.

Overall, Franck Ribéry ran 273 times in the Bundesliga for Bayern and achieved 86 hits.

It flows a lot of energy – DFB

With 3: 1, the German national team won the qualifiers in Portugal on November 30th for World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. Already after 28 minutes, the German eleven in Faro to Goren of Lea Schüller, Svenja Huth and Melanie Leupolz with 3: 0 was located in the lead.

“We want to build on the first leg,” Martina Voss-Tecklenburg announced in front of the second leg on Saturday (16.10, live! At Bayern Munich, TV: ARD) in Bielefeld. “Portugal has a good team spirit and wants to defeat us because you need the points,” knows the national trainer, “but we want to make it difficult to get into her game.”

Why Hansi Flick is the 'PERFECT' manager to help Germany win another World Cup | ESPN FC

On Tuesday in Serbia – with shoulder in the gate

The German team does not necessarily need the points so urgently, but has already collected 18 in the existing six qualification pensions. With two other successes on Saturday and Tuesday in Serbia, the World Cup participation could be secured.

It’s a cool time here, it flows a lot of energy.

Giulia Gwinn over the training camp

The DFB squad has been preparing for the two lots at Gütersloh since Monday at Gütersloh. “It’s a cool time here, it flows a lot of energy,” says Giulia Gwinn of Master Bayern Munich. And the national trainer is “pleased that the players show themselves in such a good condition”. Finally, many of them have exhausting English weeks behind them. Linda Dallmann and Maximiliane Rall by Bayern Munich, on the other hand, had to take a forced break due to their Covid-19 infections and traveled to the team until Tuesday or Wednesday. Both are now built in training, but are not an alternative for the game in Bielefeld, but only on Tuesday in Serbia.

There, Almuth Schult should celebrate her comeback. The former number one, which will switch to California in the summer, has not denied international infringement and disease reasons since the 2019 World Cup, as well as their pregnancy and must be behind the Frankfurter Merle Frohms with the status as a number two.

Felix Nmecha: German U21 a good decision

U21 national player Felix Nmecha has exchanged intensively with his brother Lukas before joining the German Association.

“He told me that I should change, but he did not make pressure,” said the Wolfsburg football professional in the German U21 quarters in the Dutch Vaal. “He played the U21-EM for Germany and told me how good that was,” said the 21-year-old over his two years older brother. Both play together at the VfL Wolfsburg and live together.

“We have a very close relationship,” said Nmecha about his older brother, who had become the European Champion champion and scorer in the past year and now plays in the A-national team.

Burkardt with a brace & assist | Germany vs. Latvia 4-0 | Highlights | U 21 Euro Qualifier

“We fascine a lot, here almost every day and swap like the workout,” said Felix Nmecha. The native Hamburg has been entitled to play Germany for Germany since the end of February, after the brother had in the meantime for England’s young national teams.

“I needed a long time to make the decision,” said Nmecha. “But I think it was a good decision.” In the U21 by Coach Antonio di Salvo, the midfielder could give his debut on Friday in Aachen against Latvia (18:15 / ProSieben Maxx). For the German offspring, like four days later, it goes away in Israel around the ticket for the EM finals 2023.

FC Bayern and BVB interested: Poker for Spence gets hotter

He is currently on everyone’s lips: Djed Spence The versatile footer is in demand in Germany at FC Bayern, BVB and two other clubs. And the poker around the 21-year-old Englishman is getting hotter. From Bundesliga view in the pole position: The German record champion.

Djed Spence from the English second division FC Middlesbrough attracts more and more interested parties. First, the English “Express” reported that the BVB would like to grab the 21-year-old, which is currently awarded at League Competitor Nottingham Forest, in the coming summer. Spence could develop one of the “most desirable young scientific talents of Europe”, so the sheet.

The youngster can occupy all positions on the right-hand outbar. In the current season, the Boro Eigenewurch comes to 27 league games for Nottingham, while he was always in the starting eleven.

Both clubs currently provide a hot race for one of the coveted playoff places. For Djed Spence, it should continue in the future, regardless of the possible advancement opportunities of its two clubs, first class.

Lastly, the English “Sky Germans” reported that the Bundesliga had more and more options: In addition to BVB and the mentioned FC Bayern, Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig are also interested.

Transfer for Spence reveals: Poker always hotter

With a change to one of the currently four best German clubs, Spence would swap the English second class with games in the Champions League.

DFB Pokal Final - Epic Fight - FC Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund

But the Bundesliga clubs have hard competition from England. As the German “Sky” reports, seven top clubs from the Premier League stretch the sensors to Spence. Naturally Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

As a transfer fee for the right foot, ten to 15 million euros are called. Previously, the English “Express” reported that Middlesbrough had rejected an offer of almost 18 million euros in winter. The offer should be received by the Spurs.

In the front of the race for Spence, whose contract expires in the northeastern England in the summer of 2024, the FC Bayern should be. According to German “Sky”, “further discussions” are planned with him, which suggests that the Munich has already contacted.

Spence itself therefore trusts the step towards the Säbener Straße. He sees Alphonso Davies as a great role model.

Basic changes Consequence of Tokyo

Stuxnet is a computer worm discovered in June 2010 and first described under the name of rootkittmphider. The malicious program was specially developed for attacking a system for monitoring and controlling and controlling the manufacturer Siemens – the SIMATIC S7. The control of frequency converters of the manufacturer Vacon from Finland and Fararo Paya in Tehran was intervened. For example, frequency converters serve to control the speed of motors.
Such controls are often used, for example in industrial plants such as waterworks, air conditioning or pipelines.Da by the end of September 2010 of Iran the largest proportion of the infected computers had and it came to exceptional disorders in the Iranian nuclear program, it was close that Stuxnet was mainly emerged to The control technology of the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz or the nuclear power plant BUSCHREG to disturb.
The highly deliberated programmer group and clients are unknown. However, in June 2013, the US Department of Justice announced that it initiated investigations against the world s second highest officer and later Stuxnet project manager General James E. Cartwright. The authority suspects that Cartwright passed on details to Stuxnet to the New York Times in 2010, which led allegedly to the unloading of the $ 50 million expensive sabotage program.

Another-so should no longer exist in German sports after weak performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the ongoing descent in World Sport in German sports. With a three-day power sports conference in Kienbaum with 220 participants, which came to an end on Wednesday, after an analysis of the Tokyo results Basic Changes have been demanded in a communication of the German Olympic Sports Association.

Downward trend since Barcelona 1992

With the result of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, German competitive sports as a complete system records another decline in medals, it continued. Thus, since Barcelona 1992 existing downward trend could not be stopped again. In Japan, the Team D 37 brought medals (10 gold, 11 silver, 16 bronze) and landed on the ninth place in the medal mirror. In Rio 2016 there were 42 medals and the fifth place.

The consequences for the future Olympic summer games in Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 are to be implemented in two stages. For the games take place in less than three years in Paris 2024, the circle of possible participants already be identified too much. In the core, these are the 114 athletes, which have reached a place of 1 to 8 in Tokyo. Building on the Olympic Analysis of the Institute for Applied Training Science and the resulting recommendations, German competitive sports will focus mainly on these potential, said the DOSB.

neglecting the factor movement in the German education system

In order to realize a change in the games in Los Angeles and Brisbane, but also in future winter games and World Games, the federal coaches and sports directors of the Olympic and non-Olympic associations as well as the performance sports officers of the state sports courts and the Olympic superconductors discuss the essential measures necessary been.

These included the development of athletes, the talenting and junior promotion, the quality and quantity of coaches, the network competitive sport between federal and state level or socio-political topics such as school sports. The neglect of the factor movement and sports in the German education system is neither under competitive aspects in international comparison nor socially and health policy, said it. However, these topics are not new, but only not tackled or treated half-heartedly.

The control functions of the DOSB and its partners in the network performance sport would also have to be more likely to be perceived and the professionalization of structures and power sports staff are more consistent.

Kienbaum sends a strong signal into the entire German sport: we and the whole system have to develop and change us, said Dirk Schimmelpfennig, Management Board power sport of the DOSB. After the critical, open analysis of the results of Tokyo, the existing findings would have to be more consistent than previously implemented to make German competitive sports more competitive over the next few years.

Ex stars of FC Bayern BVB and Gladbach in the spotlight James with horror debut

Many well-known faces from the Football Bundesliga now play largely unnoticed by the German media abroad. Today in the media abroad ramp light: A former rental player of Bayern leaves the big stage, an ex-BVB talent convinces in a new role and a Gladbach flop is model.

At the 2014 football championship, James Rodríguez brilliant in Colombia Dress, with six goals in just five missions, the Torjägerkanone secured, and in the episode for 75 million euros moved to Real Madrid. The future of the precious technician seemed blinding, even the world soccer title tangible – then everything came very different.

After a good debut season in the lap of the royal Verkam Rodríguez to the Edeljoker. A two-year lending to Bayern should bring improvement, but the stay on the Säbener Straße was almost congruent: the left-wing could be able to flash again and again, indispensable James did not turn. FC Bayern thus renounced an expensive commitment.

After returning to Real Madrid, the national player finally worms the high-paid gap filler. In the summer of 2020, real the former hopesman ultimately even released the FC Everton. The picture also changed in Liverpool: James achieved six goals in 26 games, but rarely stood 90 minutes on the grass. The decision that the 30-year-old felled in the summer of 2021 was still caused for troubled faces.

James broke his tents in Europe and joined the Qatarian first division s Al Rayyan. However, the time in the Emirate is not likely to become the self-runner. Last Sunday, James debuted for the Team s French Startrainer Laurent Blanc and experienced a bad awakening. Al Duhail came with 0: 3 under the wheels.

Rodríguez was still confident: Positive stay , the Colombian posted on Instagram.

BVB-FLOP convinces in new role

It proves that the farewell of the great stage can pay out, Meanwhile, Sergio Gómez proves. The Spaniard moved in January 2018 with just 17 years from the offspring of the FC Barcelona to BVB, where he was predicted a great future, but not really a place in the squad for the Spaniard found.

After one and a half years and only three professional missions, the ways separated again. Gómez drew it for two years in a lending in his home to SD Huesca before he finally demolish the tents at the BVB and changed for two million euros to the RSC Anderlecht. There, the 21-year-old convinces now on a whole line.

In Belgium to the left-back stuffed, Gómez was so far 15 times on the grass. He already gets six templates and two goals. Lastly, Gómez was successful on the weekend 2: 2 against Sint-Truidense. By a penalty, the Spanish Junior National Player scored the interim 2: 1.

Career restart in the model industry

The breakthrough in Germany should also be denied Kwame Yeboah. The Australian was once considered great talent and dared in 2014, as a fresh champion, the step out of Down under Brisbane Roar to Borussia Mönchengladbach. At the Lower Rhine, however, it was only enough for the second team, only once Yeboah was allowed to sit in the Bundesliga on the bench.

As a result, the offensive players at least completed 23 third-ligaparies (3 goals) for the SC Paderborn and Fortuna Cologne before Yeboah moved back to Australia in January 2019 to Western Sydney, where he usually scored twelve goals in 50 missions as a noble joker. With 27, however, Yeboah decided for a career reboot.

The left outside changed the industry and signed a contract with the renowned model agency Vivien s Models .

Marc Affeldt

Game duties 2 5 million euros for national associations

TotalEnergies SE is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company established in 1924 and also among the seven supermajor oil firms. Its companies cover the whole oil and also gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas expedition and manufacturing to power generation, transportation, refining, oil product advertising, as well as global petroleum as well as item trading. TotalEnergies is likewise a large chemicals producer.
TotalEnergies has its head office in the Scenic tour Overall in La Défense district in Courbevoie, west of Paris. The company belongs of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock exchange index. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, it was ranked as the 29th-largest public business worldwide, as well as furthermore placed as the 25th largest business of any kind of kind on the Ton of money Worldwide 500. Like other fossil gas companies, TotalEnergies has an intricate history of environmental as well as social influences, including numerous disputes. According to the CDP Carbon Majors Report 2017, the company was just one of the leading 100 firms producing carbon exhausts around the world, in charge of.9% of worldwide emissions from 1998-2015.

The German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League (DFL) provide the state organizations a total of 2.5 million euros. Thus, the lack of audience revenues in the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga from the second season will be collected. According to the basic contract between DFB and DFL, the respective national associations are involved in audience income.

DFB and DFL will spend 1.25 million euros each for this purpose. The distribution by DFB takes place according to the distribution of the sum for the first round 2020/2021, said the DFB on Friday.

This is a reasonable and fair solution, said DFB treasurer Stephan Osnabergge: The game levies are an important building block of supporting our national associations, and I know how welcome there any help. This agreement and the provision of the sum also by the DFL are an appropriate sign of solidarity within the football family.

A market two leagues The fronts in football are hardened

It is as if they were the same field, but on different pages. And in the middle of the players and fans to promote them. The Hype is concerned about American Football in Germany. Feeling both the representatives of the German Football League (GFL) as well as the new European League of Football (Eleven). Anyone who can use him as for themselves is the question. The fronts between the leagues are hardened. On Saturday (18.00 pm), the final of the GFL between the Swabian Hall Unicorns and the Dresden Monarch is rising in Frankfurt. But even more exciting than the German Bowl itself should be how it continues with the trend sport in this country afterwards.

With eight teams – six from Germany, one from Spain and one from Poland – the newly founded eleven in June went to her first season.

We are very, very satisfied, says Managing Director Zeljko Karajica. That despite Corona all 44 games could be carried out with audience, almost a sensation is already a sensation.

At the wild and exciting finale, in which Frankfurt Galaxy defeated the Sea Devils Hamburg at 32:30, about two weeks ago around 20,000 visitors in the Düsseldorf football stadium. Measured at the audience numbers, the followers in the social media or the television quotas we have already moved a lot, emphasizes Karajica. People accepted this league.

We are not in great exchange

And she should continue to grow. We came to stay, says Karajica. With Dusseldorf, Innsbruck and Vienna, 2022 three new teams and a new domain country come. Our goal is to get a twelfth team, maybe it will even be 14 or 16, says the 50-year-old managing director of the elf. We will talk different conversations and give us time until the end of November.

The German football market is competitive – and also important for the big NFL. imago images / hardfelser

On the other hand, with the GFL located in the American football association Germany (AFVD) is hardly spoken. We are not in great exchanges, says Karajica. Axel Streich, responsible in the GFF Executive Board for strategy and communication, reported pretty superficial talks last winter. The eleven representatives have been offered several times that they organize themselves together within the organized sport – similar to a Champions League in football or other sports, he says. Apparently there was no interest in it.

Two projects? This can not go well

So everyone continues to work on his own project. Streich is glad that the GFL season was brought into the Corona-related failure 2020 this time. He leads to the lower audience numbers on the restrictions through the pandemic and a restraint of people in the stadium visit, not to the new competition. At the level we move up to date, this can not go well with two leagues in parallel, he prophesied. He is sure that the GFL comes to the eleven does not come to a standstill, but it will be exciting how both will develop parallel .

They put on the structures that have built up charitable clubs over the years, but does not return anything, throws prank the eleven. The GFL, who currently belong to 14 clubs, have lost players, coaches and teams through the competitor.

Germany is Europe s most important market for the NFL.

NFL Europe spokesman board Gospel

Karajica can do little with the criticism. No player is forced to change, he says, asks, If we did not do anything for the popularity of this sport in Germany, who then? The association would benefit. If a teenager has seen the European League of Football and decides to play football, he lands in one of the investigative teams anchored in the AFVD, says Karajica. He refers to youth camps and cooperations with subclassy teams organized.

In addition, 14 ELF players had been invited to London s lighting training for the coming week to the visual training of the American NFL. If one of them creates the leap into the NFL, that would be a quality seal for football in Germany and Europe, says Karajica. The NFL is the biggest stage of football – and a huge show. 2022, no later than 2023, she wants to spend a game in Germany. Here is Europe s most important market, says the NFL Europa boss Brett Gosp.

GFL: Focus always the sport and the German championship

At GFF, the focus always of the sport and the German championship will be string. But we also have not known since yesterday that we need to change and professionalize. The GFL is also interested in better marketing and have already introduced this process a year ago. Since then, among other things, a league sponsor has been won and a league network was founded. In the next meeting of clubs on Sunday you wanted to continue to work on to put points for the future .

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