As MCU expands, it seems that each actor in Hollywood has to have at least one participation in this universe. Considering that there are still many places to fill, fans are constantly looking for the perfect person for their favorite hero or villain. This is the case of Ryan Gosling, who in an illustration puts it on the role Deghost Riders.

Recently, the user known as shared an illustration where we can see Ken’s actor in the role of Ghost Rider. The work presents us with a half face of Ryan Gosling naturally, with its other side, letting see the iconic skull of this antihero.


This is not the first time that fans want to see Gosling in the MCU. A couple of months ago a rumor circulated where it was pointed out that the actor would be Nova. Although this information turned out to be false, The community does not lose hope. It is also important to mention that this universe already has its own Ghost Rider.

Recall that in the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series. We saw this character played by Gabriel Luna. We only have to wait to see what holds this character in the world of the big screen. In related issues, this is the meaning of the post-Credit scene of ms. Marvel. Similarly, special effect artists no longer want to work with Marvel.