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How to cure your health in Saints Row

The saints are back and the gang has made new enemies in the southwest zone of Santo ileso. More enemies mean more pain inflicted by them and maintaining your health to survive any fight. Here is How to cure your health in Saints Row .

Heals your health in Saints Row

It is very important to monitor health during fights because, although enemies in Saints Row are not very intelligent, face too many at the same time can become overwhelming quickly. Your character’s health bar will automatically cure on its own, but only at specific times.

If you do not receive damage during the fights, your bar will fill again, but the health is divided into segments. If a segment is completely emptied, it will not be filled again until the fight ends. To cure empty health segments, you must make a demolition movement.

A demolition can be carried out by pressing the button and//triangle when it is close enough of the enemy to have a purple contour around it. Your character will make a striking melee attack and cure once it ends.

The demolition also have a reuse time, which is represented as a circular symbol of saints at the bottom of the screen when it is ready. Killing enemies and damage vehicles will decrease cooling percentage, and some weapons have special skills that further reduce cooling.

Later in the game, your character will receive health improvements after reaching certain levels. There are also skills that can be equipped to heal quickly during battle. Tough Mother, unlocked at level six, will give a temporary health impulse that will deny a certain amount of damage. The transfusion, unlocked at level 11, will be cured as you harm enemies once it is activated.

Those are all methods in How to cure your health in Saints Row . Consult again with saints to get more guides on the game that are also found below, and read our official Saint Row review.

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I never played Journey because I was too scared for that

Like many others, I also have a seemingly steadily growing pile of shame games, which I will sometimes play, quite determined. The problem with most is just that I do not have enough time for you.

The title that has been at the top of this list for over ten years, this is different. I just can not overcome myself to finally start the almost two hours game. The speech is from the PS3 classic Journey and the reason is simple: I’m scared. Fear to fail before a foreign person.

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

Nobody may notice how hard it is

To explain where this irrational fear of Journey comes from, but I have to take out first. I was 28 when I got my ADHD diagnosis. At first, I was relieved, many things finally showed. I never understood why things seemingly harder for me.

Polo G - Deep Wounds Official Video ????By Ryan Lynch
This is ADHS : ADHS stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Typical symptoms include disturbed concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The various symptoms can be highly pronounced differently, but lead to suffering from those affected and integrate them in several areas of life. More information about ADHD in child and adulthood is here.

I did not understand that people “I do not want to” have heard when I said “I can not”. I was simply physically not to move to the seemingly simplest things: Be sure to hang laundry, learn for the school, even tackle hobbies like the console and gamble.

Often enough, I heard that I was lazy or not enough attempts when I could not concentrate. In addition, many of my challenges were as a gifted child for others invisible, because at school I always came through.

Today I know that my brain has a dopamine deficit that greatly limits my ability to carry out little rewarding tasks. I’ve developed strategies over the years to balance and hide my deficits in the best possible way: put Deadlines to build myself printing or dealing with my hands in conversations to get better listen.

But that means that I was afraid of being afraid to be baked – that someone realizes how hard to fall me the seemingly simplest things or that I am in conversation so it is busy to look closely that in my head no capacity is left remains to actually listen. That I was sentenced and rejected for my failure. Because the strong fear of rejection belongs to ADHS.

In short, I have failed fears and do not stop before playing. Because where multiplayer titles give me some anonymity in the crowd, I do not have this luxury in the coop for two. Journey to play with a strange person is therefore a horror performance for me.

Eleen Reinke

Eleen is mostly playing singleplayer games, not just because they like stories, but also because they can try there in peace without being observed. In multiplayer title, she only jumps if she previously practiced solo and learn the mechanics. Only when she feels safe enough, she also likes to play with other people.

If I just make a mistake, I will never forget that

When Journey appeared, I was crazy to play it with friends. The beautiful Artstyle and Soundtrack promised me a game that would be exactly right for me. But then quickly came the damper: my * E coop partner * In Journey is randomly assigned to me. No option to play with the security of a person I know well, no friends I know that they do not condemn my quirks. The fear of failure came back immediately.

Of course, she is completely irrational. Journey is not a particularly challenging game, you can not do much wrong. But the longer the game was outside, the more I got into the fear. After all, all know the game now, if I do now as a newbie a mistake or the control does not understand, the more embarrassing would be. And so the game has been fooling for years on the hard drive of my PlayStation, while I imagine stupid mistakes that would pursue me to the end of my days.

Objectively, objectively, nothing can happen terrible, I know that, in the worst case, my * E teampaper * can go in easy. But unlike large multiplayer titles, such as Overwatch, where the opinions of other players are largely cold, the breeze of Journey is more personal and already by the game design emotional. And that gives me the feeling to be vulnerable.

The first step

Of course, I know that these fears are disproportionate that I’m likely to have a nice experience with Journey, if I games it someday. Even when writing this text runs the soundtrack, which I have heard hundreds up and down. And yes, I also know that I could play Journey offline, but there is my annoying pride to speak, who wants me to experience the game “right”.

Journey is a bigger challenge for me than any Elden Ring Boss. Not, because it is mechanically demanding, but because I have to overcome a much bigger hurdle: I have to overcome my failure fear, make myself vulnerable to a strange person… and hope for the best.

After all, the first step is already d1. If I can tell thousands of strange people on Mental from my fears, I can finally go the next step and put me. Sometime. Until then, I still prepare myself with the soundtrack.

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