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The name “Death Stranding” is roughly tricked to “Nawa” -gate and hope, tools and human narrowing between the “connection”

January 23, 2022, “Game Genome Special Edition” was broadcast as the NHK series “Game Genome” expanded version, which was broadcasted in October last year and collected topics. As the contents of the program, “Kojima Genoisuke the game genome” through the talk of Kojima Hideo and Hoshino Source, simply entertainment on the subject of “ Death Stranding ” that became a masterpiece of Kojima supervision As well as the side as not only, the number of readers who are stored as a rare program that the game as “culture” is treated by NHK.

In addition, on March 9, “Death Stranding” and “Metal Gear”, etc. Directions were evaluated, and the director Kojima has won the Minister of Arts and Science and Technology Faculty of Arts and Science and Technology. “Mo…… I’m just a NES. I’m going to get out of the outlet!” And the far past, while I was afraid, while I was thinking about it, but I was a good idea that it is Oshima’s director) somewhere You will have a feeling that you’re?

By the way, it is “Death Stranding” that gains high even after the release, but do you remember that there was a quote of a novel at the beginning of the work?

” Nawa “was a” stick “and was one of the oldest human” tools “. “The sentence starting with” Warpople “was a quote of” Nawa “, which is one of the warlords of the war, and the Ashi Kenki drew. “Death Stranding” using the past that is touched by “Game Genome” and is treated as a large factor or a book that is treated as a large factor, and the author is a long-ago graduate school, and “Death Stranding” And I will truly truly truly truly regarding the relationship between “Nawa”.

A newly played person, a newly played person, a person who plays the American continent again, and a help to deepen the interpretation of the PC version “Death Stranding Director’s Cut” (Steam / Epic Games Store) I hope you will be.

※ In this article, we include “Death Stranding” and neetabare of the security work group. Please be careful not to put in without consideration.

# What kind of person?

As mentioned earlier, in this work, a Section of “Nori” of Ahi-kai is taken up. First of all, I will explain what novelists who were “ Ahi-kai ” that Kojima was also fans.

Secretary of Ahiro worked immediately after the war, the writer and artist at the same time left Mishima Yukio, Taro Okamoto, Hiroshi Tree, and left the name as an Avangard writer representing Japan. He is a writer who has a strong influence on future generations, such as Nobel Literature Awards. If it is a writer who has drew “Japan”, etc., it is a writer who drew “urban society”.

His style is often caught as Surrealism (surrealism), but Surrealism describes unconscious genres. However, the trend of thinking about the theoretical thinking and development, and the tendency to create a work and creating a work, such as the theoretical thinking, development, etc. It can be said that it is a writer who expresses a strangely edged depiction.

Typical President of Kojima Works Working with Omage, Snake in Metal Gear Solid Stealth Action Using Cardboard **.

Anti-Club is “ “not recognized from the world *” Box Man, a man-covered man, and that Omage has dumb ball in that Omage. This is not a delusion of the authors, but Oshima supervision itself also states its impact.

Kojima’s director talks about the “perspective on the side of the side and the side to find the side where it can be seen” and involves the big theme “ “to be known in the” box man “. “Box Man” was a normal person, but he was a tablet man with a tiny tailer “*” “It becomes a member of the box man. In other words, it is a novel that the observer and the parties are reversed, and it will be a statement including there.

In addition to these basses, the author may not look at “” “” box man of existence “and even if you have a cardboard in an unprecedented place ” not recognized “” * I am impressed that it is an omnage with the theme of the game system and works.

By the way, I am immersed in the Aheachia after touching the Kojima work. The image held in the “box man” was the first to say “There is a literary work depicting a snake!?”

Well, I was sensitive to Ichi-kai, so I was sensitive to the development of the city, and drew the relationship between my own way and society. After the war, I see that Japan will be newly created, and he will emphasize “city” instead of “country”. In a highly developed urban society, we made a lot of works to think about their identity.

The question “Death Stranding” (hereinafter referred to as “Death Stustal) will face this” one person “questions” Identity “. Similar questions are scattered throughout the whole, and “Deadman” is also intended as such a presence.

“BB” or “Lou”, “Sam Porter Bridges” or “Just Sam” or “BB” is a tool called “role” or human being…. The question of this “whether it is a social tool” and “Is it human” was definitely a thing that Ashi-kai was relative to the novel. In society, “your role” is involved in identity. There is no human beings, or a person that is only “Just Mule” and “Just BB” and “Just Endanger”. Anti-Club drew its loneliness, and Kojima has drawn regression from there.

Speaking of representative that draws “transition of identity” in Kojima works that I think, is it still “ Revolver Othelot “? He is an Othelot of “ Metal Gear Solid 3 ” that was a tension high and innocent (arrogant) jumper, but his life is also a twist…. He was a character that could be considered variously about the identity. (…… If you touch any more in this paper, it’s not like you’re not going to arrive in the main subject.

Personally, the style of Ogima’s director’s style of “Death Stust” is stronger in the “Deathst” that the styles of the Kojima, which is not well written by the Affiliated Category. This is also a private opinion, but the security of the Affairs is drawn by the theme of “urban society identity”, and the writer who evolves to the “identity of the internet society” is not others 島 小 小 * * think.

“Death Stranding”

Likes in Death Stranding makes you feel good

_ THE TRAINING OF DEATH_ will be a game with many systems with whom interacting, from its crossing mechanisms to its ancillary activities. Curiously, one of these systems includes a “I like” type system inspired by social networks, one of the online features of the game.

Although it is a unique player game, an online mechanism allows players to leave behind useful objects, such as scales or bridges, which can be used to cross large spaces and rivers. Players can reward this behavior in “the magnet” in the game.

When Game inform you asks Death Stranding’s Kojima explained that tastes are his own reward. At first, the rest of his team of developers opposed the implementation of this feature, because the players could not understand it and there was no significant advantage, but Kojima insisted that the fact that the tastes should be tastes.

“But, of course, you can see how many love you have, then it may be a small reward,” added Kojima. “If you simply use (something that another player has placed), one as will be sent automatically. But you can also send more, like a tip. “

“I do not mean that I’m great to think about this idea,” he pursued, “because it’s really a mixture of the Japanese way; we do not have tips, but you know that You get a very good service in Japan. While in America there is a tipping system where the servers do their best because they want to be informed. So it’s a side game in the game. “

Death Stranding: Here's How The Social Strand System Works
According to Kojima, the objects left behind who do not have many tastes “may disappear” while “those who have the high thumb will remain”.

In particular, there is no way for players to give a boost to the objects of each other since Kojima wants to be a “positive” game of working together.

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