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Europa League: Coup of Eintracht Frankfurt at FC Barcelona a shame

Eintracht Frankfurt defeats the FC Barcelona at Camp Nou with 3: 2 (2: 0) and is in the semi-finals of the Europa League. In Germany’s media, the Coup of the Hesse is celebrated, in Spain, on the other hand, disappointment and disbelief as well as the trouble over the catering SGE fans predominate. The Press Reviews to Magic European Cup Night:

  • Germany

Kicker: “Coup in Barcelona – Furiose Frankfurter draw into the Europa League semi-final. At FC Barcelona, the SGE was hardly something to do and had the outstanding man on the field with double goalkeeper Kostic.” Borré met fantastic. “

Image: “Euro sensation in Barcelona: Frequette Frankfurt – Frankfurt Furios, Frankfurt Fantastic, Frankfurt Fabulous.”

RTL: “Semifinals! Frankfurt humilizes Barca. Un – believed, but true! The eagle of Eintracht Frankfurt packed with her claws the big FC Barcelona and are in the semi-finals of the Europa League. From the thousands of Frankfurt in the Catalan Soccer Cathedral Camp Nou cheered, the Oliver Glasner team won the quarterfinal return match at the Tournament Favorites Highly deserved 3: 2 (2: 0). “

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Sensational EINTRACHT FRANKFURT Have Beaten Barcelona in Europa League |Bundesliga Season Highlights
NTV: “Eintracht overgrumps Barça at Irrer Europa-Party. Driven by 30,000 own fans has written Eintracht Frankfurt a small piece of football history and thrown the big FC Barcelona remarkable from the Europa League. In the legendary Camp Nou, the team of coach Oliver sat down Glasner on Thursday Furio with 3: 2 (2: 0) and then moved into the semifinals of the competition as in 2019. “

FAZ: “3: 2 – Eintracht succeeds the miracle from the Camp Nou. You have left an impression. The Frankfurter Eintracht and with her a mass of football fans took the opportunity to meet in the encounter with one of the most prominent teams in the world, the reputation of the Hessian Bundesligaclub to further polish on the international stage. “

Frankfurter Rundschau: “Eintracht Frankfurt wins sensationally at the FC Barcelona and is in the Europa League semi-final. Driven by 30,000 own fans has written Eintracht Frankfurt a small piece of football history and thrown the big FC Barcelona memorable from the Europa League”

SPIEGEL: “Eintracht Frankfurt enthusiastically in the Camp Nou – Eintracht Frankfurt has won the largest game of club history for more than 60 years. When victory in Barcelona, Filip Kostić met double, attacker Rafael Borré scored a dream gate.” The gates of the hosts fell late. “

Süddeutsche Zeitung: “The Eintracht conquers Barcelona – Frankfurt takes the FC Barcelona in Camp Nou – and must be trembling in the detention time”

  • Spain

Mundo Deportivo: “What a disappointment! One knew that Frankfurt is a strong opponent. They had already proven that in the first leg. What one did not suspect that it would become one of the sadest nights in Camp Nou. Both in Barcelonay terms, Because the reaction came too late and then was too late, but also because they had to watch that the stadium was in a strange hand. “

AS: “At home, Barcelona played the clearest way to win a title and, which is even worse to qualify for the next Champions League, after it underged in his stadium with 2: 3 sang and tallibles. The failure was lost Not only athletic nature, which can happen quite, but above all the institutional shame that the Barça Stadium became the Waldstadion, in which one had the feeling of being alien in his own house. The scandal was so great that someone was that should give appropriate explanations. “

Marca: “Eintracht leaves Barcelona – Another title that escapes Barca. A great harmonics left Xavis team in Camp Nou with around 20,000 German fans no chance what is difficult to understand”

  • Great Britain

The Sun: “Auba and Co. humiliated – Barcelona was disassembled in the second leg at home. After drawing in Germany last week, Xavis Laliga team was expected to wipe the ground with the unconventional opponent in Nou Camp. But Filip Kostic had Another idea, because the wing sprayer made with a double pack for the semi-final against West Ham. “

Mirror: “Demerative! Barcelona is leaving the Europa League. Barcelona trailer leave the Camp Nou, while the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt take on the stadium. The FC Barcelona, who had gone into the game with a series of 15 unbeaten games in the game From Eintracht Frankfurt overparts and stormed the Camp Nou in front of the numerous fans. “

Daily Mail: “Bundesligist baffles Barcelona and throws them out in Camp Nou.”

FC Bayern and BVB interested: Poker for Spence gets hotter

He is currently on everyone’s lips: Djed Spence The versatile footer is in demand in Germany at FC Bayern, BVB and two other clubs. And the poker around the 21-year-old Englishman is getting hotter. From Bundesliga view in the pole position: The German record champion.

Djed Spence from the English second division FC Middlesbrough attracts more and more interested parties. First, the English “Express” reported that the BVB would like to grab the 21-year-old, which is currently awarded at League Competitor Nottingham Forest, in the coming summer. Spence could develop one of the “most desirable young scientific talents of Europe”, so the sheet.

The youngster can occupy all positions on the right-hand outbar. In the current season, the Boro Eigenewurch comes to 27 league games for Nottingham, while he was always in the starting eleven.

Both clubs currently provide a hot race for one of the coveted playoff places. For Djed Spence, it should continue in the future, regardless of the possible advancement opportunities of its two clubs, first class.

Lastly, the English “Sky Germans” reported that the Bundesliga had more and more options: In addition to BVB and the mentioned FC Bayern, Bayer Leverkusen and RB Leipzig are also interested.

Transfer for Spence reveals: Poker always hotter

With a change to one of the currently four best German clubs, Spence would swap the English second class with games in the Champions League.

DFB Pokal Final - Epic Fight - FC Bayern vs Borussia Dortmund

But the Bundesliga clubs have hard competition from England. As the German “Sky” reports, seven top clubs from the Premier League stretch the sensors to Spence. Naturally Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

As a transfer fee for the right foot, ten to 15 million euros are called. Previously, the English “Express” reported that Middlesbrough had rejected an offer of almost 18 million euros in winter. The offer should be received by the Spurs.

In the front of the race for Spence, whose contract expires in the northeastern England in the summer of 2024, the FC Bayern should be. According to German “Sky”, “further discussions” are planned with him, which suggests that the Munich has already contacted.

Spence itself therefore trusts the step towards the Säbener Straße. He sees Alphonso Davies as a great role model.

Clash Royale: Could the competitive return in 2022? We explore your trajectory in retrospect

Clash Royale is booming and reassembled on the most used apps of our phones. It must be said that The Supercell game continues to benefit from a mobile design that brushes perfection , and for all audiences, with a short format of 2/3 minutes, overwhelming and entertaining. The years have passed, but CR is still an inventive prodigy and a machine to generate fun and money.

We even ask ourselves if this second youth inculcated by the main streamers, could revive the esports of Clash Royale in our regions. Because yes, there was a time when Clash Royale’s competitive circuit was a success, and her ecosystem did not have much to envy to LOL or CS: Go (considering everything, clear). You need a small flashback To realize how difficult it was the scene of Clash Royale’s electronic sports at that time.

The pioneer of mobile esports in Europe

In 2017, when Clash Royale was at his height, electronic sports are a phenomenon that makes the crowds vibrate. League of Legends already fills stadiums, as well as Counter Strike or Fortnite. As for mobile devices, publishers were tried as much as possible to introduce an aspect of electronic sports into their titles around Europe, but only one achieved this feat: Clash Royale.

Supercell bet heavily on the development of the competitive scene, with global competitions from 2017, then the following year a very structured regionalized circuit: Clash Royale League (CRL), whose seasons ended with the CRL World Finals, They took the appearance of a World Cup, with public, half a million dollars in cash prizes and a production that has been refined edition after edition.

In Europe, it is more precisely Spain that becomes the cradle of ESPORT CLASH ROYALE . The Supercell game enjoys there a great consideration, since LVP has formed a Clash Royale league since 2017 with weekly meetings, in the same way as today’s ERL at League of Legends . Many other countries like France is much more cautious, to the point that many of the best French players from Clash Royale migrate to play at La Superliga in Spain.

more skilled than it seems

If Clash Royale has attracted a great audience of competition amateurs is not chance. Under its children’s exterior, the game is incredibly technical. In addition to the knowledge of the metajame, the positioning of the units or even the composition, the game above all requires a great capacity to anticipate the opposite plays.

Professionals are distinguished by their propensity to counteract offensives with precisely synchronized spells, and every tenth of second account. And we are not talking about management of space : The CR sands are not chessboards by chance.

To these vast strategic parameters superimposes an exciting format to see that, as the rhythm of the items are accelerated naturally with the increase in the generation of the elixir, the towers are gradually melted and at the last minute, each scraping point of life In a building it has its importance. The games are impressive for both players and spectators.

The numbers behind Salzburg superiority

Red Bull Salzburg's Scouting System Explained - The Origin of Szoboszlai, Daka, Minamino and Haaland
Although the batteries at Red Bull Salzburg were not fully full, the Bundesliga table reflects a superiority, which is unknowing in Europe. 39 points from 16 games, twelve points ahead of the second, most goals getting at least — already a quick look at the table gives information about how big the lead is on the rest of the home twelve leagues. That this superiority is due to the largest budget and thus the most expensive and most valuable players, every football fan knows. But how does this advantage be held on the field? There are two interesting studies of the Lies, the Center International d’Étude Du Sport, based in Neuchâtel, information.

The ball rolls for the Salzburg

The Lies most recently examined the ball circulation of 654 teams in 40 different countries worldwide and saw Red Bull Salzburg in the top field. 10.9 kilometers, the ball puts back in an average Salzburg game on the pass. This makes the Jaissle-eleven place 16 in this ranking. Number one is not the former Wiki Take World Champion FC Barcelona, ​​but Celtic Glasgow. Under the Australian Postecoglou reach the Hoops a ball circulation of 12.8 kilometers per game, already followed by Rapids Europa-League opponents Dynamo Zagreb and Ajax Amsterdam (11.8 each). The Bavaria enter four place with 11.7 kilometers.

And because Rapid has already been mentioned: The Hütteldorfer lie with 9.0 km in Austria — the table accordingly — on a midfield place. The Salzburger the closest comes the SG Tirol with 10.0 km. A confirmation of the work of Thomas Sullenberger and for it that it was not an empty talk when you followed his team despite two-table table sphere. At the end of the pass table, at 7.5 km, little surprisingly stands the SV Raid, which deliberately renounced a high passenger culture at least under Andreas Hera.

Well maintained Sullenberger football

In direct correlation to the ball circulation is of course the pass frequency. Also, there Celtic is ahead with 735 passes per game of the entire competition, Guardiola Manchester City (692) and the Brazilians of Akhtar Donetsk (681) come closest to the Scots. RB Salzburg is not so far from 575.5 passes, but in Austria it is again only the SG Tyrol, which still comes to more than 500 passes per game (504.5), tied light is in this rating AUSTRIA Klagenfurt With 355.9, just behind the SV Raid with 368.3.

The pa cult troop is also that is not long with well-groomed short pass play, but with wide balls searches the rapid path into the attack zone. On average, the pass length of the Klagenfurt is 22 meters, the bulls have almost the nose in front of the last with 19 meters at 18.9 meters. Internationals are back Akhtar and — at Messi and Neymar no wonder — Paris Saint-Germain to find at the top (15.7 m). Kick and Rush is still on the British island at home: Livingston comes to an average pass length of 24.4 meters, Birmingham City to 23.4 and Mother well to 23.2.

Salzburg also in the sprint front

The national competition similar to superior as in the ball circulation is Red Bull Salzburg when it comes to the highest sprint distances that are covered per game. As a sprint, the LIES counts runs that are covered at a pace of at least seven meters per second (25.2 km / h). Players of the FC Leeds of Guardiola Model Marcelo Bails can refer to the international top value of 2.23 kilometers per game. In second place the Young Boys Bern episodes. The two-kilometers mark will only exceed four teams in Europe. At 1.68 km, Red Bull Salzburg has a slight distance to the absolute top, the league average overlooks 1.38 km but still clearly. At the SV Raid, it is only 1.09 km. The sprinted league is surprisingly none of the top 5 leagues, but the Swiss Super League with 1.70 km, only then follows Spain’s La League with 1.68 km and England Premier League with 1.65. With 1.47 km, the German Bundesliga is just higher than the Austrian.

In view of the last figures, it may not be so wrong if Austria’s clubs look at the next coach search once in Switzerland, as the German sports directors make more and more often.

Eintricht Frankfurt not yet through despite late hits

Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glaser covered it after the 2-0 success in Freiburg the third victory in series — at the same starting eleven. Interledger was not fit again after his ankle violence, Patience was sitting back on the bench after a cattle muscle injury.

As an opponent, the Contract Antwerp faced coach Brian Prince, which in the league are ranked two in the Europa League to date but disappointed. The Belgians surprised something in the lineup, as their best scorer in the league, Frey (former Nuremberg, 14 league gates), rather across the wing came.

Ramada rewards the Contract — Angolan meets with lots of risk

Contract dominated the initial phase in the now usual 3-4-2-1, but without getting great for danger. The first attack then sat directly: Tuna strongly conquered the ball and continued to lead to Chandler, whose precise credentials made Canada recovered (13th).

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Royal Antwerp 2-2 Goals Highlight - 2021

Shortly thereafter, the guests who playfully found any means and only came across standards in front of the gate, after a corner a great opportunity: Trap wiped on the ball, then threw himself in the subsequent shot and defused his faux pas immediately (16. ).

Frankfurt has always found good switching moments and came well above all over the wings, the flanks mostly did not have a customer. And that should take revenge, because another corner, the ex-Mainz fishermen lifted to the criminal area, took Angolan Volley, his shot found by Nick composited the way to the gate — suddenly it was 1: 1 (33.).

Frankfurt was not shocked in front of 30,000 spectators and continued on, towards the end of the first passage also caused the degrees, but it only went with a draw into the catacombs.

From these guests came into a little higher, so the SGE offered a little more spaces. As in the first pass, the Contract everything under control, really appreciable but too rarely out — at least in the initial phase.

Böllerwurf, Var, two late hits — SGE not yet

Because then the fans in a negative sense were attentive: first the guest fans lit some firecrackers (61.), then a Bowler exploded immediately behind the gate of the guest keeper, this flew probably from the curve of the Frankfurter (67. ), Subsequently, busy had to be treated. Memories of the first leg were awake when a Bowler exploded from the block of Belgians directly next to Trap.

The game was barely backed up, the guest suddenly the guest seemed to be in the lead: After Fischer’s flank Stand Captain de Laet was slightly in the away, so that the Var collapsed the hit (71.). But even after that were the guests who now wanted the goal, the game flow was completely lost at Frankfurt.

And so it was not necessarily surprising that Samantha after presentation of Joker Alaskan Yusuf even scored the lead for the Belgians (88.). But that once again brought the last-minute harmony of the last weeks to the plan, Glaser moved his last weapon Valencia — and this stack, as in the first leg, in the detention time: Poetic brought his flank to the head of the Portuguese, the Ball Perfectly conveyed into the long corner (90. + 4).

Immediately thereafter, it was conclusion — but also with this late point gain. Because in the parallel game Olympiads spelled a victory, secured two — and can still overtake Frankfurt on the last match day. On the sixth match day, Frankfurt meets Fenerbahçe Istanbul, Royal Antwerp receives Olympiads Piraeus. The SGE is enough for a draw because it would win the direct comparison with the Greeks.

Jens Scheuer We are not allowed to relax in front of the opponent

One is clear for Jens Schemer in front of the Champions League group match on Wednesday (21 clocks, live! At Champions): Olympic Lyon is still an absolute top team, emphasizes the coach of Bayern with emphasis. The class of the French are once again able to stand out, would not necessarily have been necessary. But in the past few months, there were doubts about whether the French masters of 2007 to 2020 and Champions League winners can still bring the exorbitant high quality of recent years in 2016 to 2020.

atmosfair inauguration - world’s first Power-to-Liquid e-kerosene plant, Werlte, Northern Germany

In the past season, Paris Saint-Germain won the German national player Sara Tabriz the French championship and in the Champions League for Lyon was already in the quarter-finals against Paris terminus. Nevertheless, Olympic also belongs to the big favorites in this season on the winning class.

Hearing has different problem sites — Brazil questionable

In August 2020, Bavaria fails in the Champions League final tournament in North Spain just 1: 2 in the quarter-finals on Lyon. We still remember this game, says Bayern player Carolina Simon, who once kicked himself in Lyon. At that time we have already shown that we can be dangerous to you and go self-confident in the game. Bavaria wants to take at least one counter from France home. We must not freeze from the opponent and need to bring one hundred percent, reveals the potential success formula. We should not make us smaller than we are, because we are the German masters.

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Personal plagues the FC Bayern, however, a few problems: Defense Chef Marina Hedging is still in the construction training. She has different problem sites in the body. You can not define that exactly, explained scrub. Sydney Lehmann, who has been operated at the hip at the beginning of October, must now also undergo an intervention on the other hip. The national player falls out several months. Whether Mittefeldekturin Sara Zadadazil can earn in Lyon is still questionable because of a knee injury.

LOL BROKEN BLADE puts direction to the top lane of G2 ESPORTS by rumors

The Liverpool Football Club (pronunciation in English: / lɪvərpul fʊtbɔl KLʌB /) is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England, which disputes the Premier League, maximum football competition in that country. It was officially registered as a soccer club by John Holding on June 6, 1892, although it was originally named Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds Ltd »Before the English Soccer Association. In 1893 he joined the Football League. While he won his first league title in 1901, he was during the 1970s and 1980 when the institution, under the first technical driving of Bill Shankly and after Bob Paisley obtained seven international titles and eleven league championships. He was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992 and group G-14. Its distinctive colors are historically red – for which they receive the appellate of The Reds – and to a lesser extent the target. It disputes its official location at the Anfield Stadium.

It is the English club with the highest number of international titles, with a World Cup of FIFA Clubs, six cups of Europe, three UEFA cups and four UEFA supercopes. At the national level, he has won nineteen league titles, seven glasses of England, eight league glasses, – with the team that has earned this competition-fifteen Community Shields and a league supercup. Likewise, with a total of sixty-four official titles is the second most laureate English club.
It is considered one of the most popular clubs in England and the world; It is also the ninth with a greater amount of income to 2014, with an annual profit of € 306 million. It was qualified by the Forbes magazine as the eighth football club most valued in the world in 2015, with a total sum of $ 982 million. Its main rivalries are with Everton, with whom Derbi de Merseyside disputes, and with Manchester United Football Club, whose parties with each other are referred to as the Northwest Derbi of England.
Along with Manchester United are the only teams throughout the UK that belong to the group of the only 29 clubs in the world who have won the maximum football club championship worldwide, when on December 21, 2019 champion of The World Cup of FIFA Clubs disputed in Tasting, by defeating the representative of the Copa Libertadores of America: the Flamengo of Brazil, by 1-0 at the Khalifa International Stadium.

His fans were involved in two tragedies. The first was Heysel tragedy in 1985, when 39 people – the majority amateurs of Juventus- died because of the incidents caused by the English hooligans at the Heysel Stadium, and in 1989 in Sheffield, when 96 people perished as a result of a result of a Bad organization in the accesses to the Hillsborough Stadium stands. His anthem is You ll Never Walk Alone.

The Transfer Market of the Western League of Legends does not stop moving and this time seems to be a secret to voices. JAXONMVP has informed that BROKEN BLADE would have reached a verbal agreement with G2 ESPORTS to play in the top lane of the samurais next season. After a year at SCHALKE 04 Where your enormous level was eclipsed by the bad form of the team as a whole, you will have the opportunity to be much more relevant in your position than what it was in the German set, since You will have Jankos and Caps at his side to help him at all times.

Sergen Broken Blade Çelik will reach the rows of a G2 ESPORTS fully remodeled, and that will be a team that will be built around the Midlaner of him, Rasmus Caps Borregaard to try Lelgo to the World glory next year. The Toplaner Turkish will be the replacement of Martin Wunder Nordahl, which has been a ballast for the ocelot this season and that has shown a temperament and attitude out of place on numerous occasions in recent months, so this Change was more than necessary for the Template success in future competitions.

Thus, G2 ESPORTS confirms the first piece, which although it was a secret to voices, had not yet been talked about a verbal agreement for both parties so it is good news for the club fans of origin Spanish. Knowing and those who will be in the upper area of ​​the map, it remains to know yet who will be the two players who cover the Void of Rekkles and Mikyx in the botlane. The answer is still a unknown, but it is expected that Two great ERL jewels are joined and the future of the lower lane in them, granting them the necessary resources as to have full confidence in their performance in the coming years.

Lol the Ibai and Piqu team continues moving this would be his second signing

The Association formed by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos promises to become one of the great incentives to follow the Superliga de League of Legends next season. Two first-class personalities that have been associated to found their own club and that they already prepare a presentation over high. However, they are much more than lights and artifice: their first movements in the signing market are filtering little by little and at the moment they are more than acceptable.

RAFITTA, the second possible signing of the new equipment

To the information about the signing of Koldo and the first rumors about the possible arrival of Rhukz to the team, now the possible incorporation of RAFITTA has now joined. The Spanish shooter would complete the minimum of national players and would arrive at the Ibai and Piqué team from UCAM. In university discipline has set up a great season in both the superliga and in the European Masters , having been able to achieve its first national champion title in the spring season.

What The Hell Happened To Gerard Piqué?
So far, the new club has not yet confirmed this information arrival from lec wooloo , who has a good record when confirming signings both at European level and in national leagues. Perhaps those responsible for the set are waiting for that longed to present the team to organize an event for everything high in which it is also confirmed what five players will form the template.

The Superliga de League of Legends will begin next January with important additions. To date, too many movements have been confirmed officially, but it is expected that as the start date of the competition approaches, there are more clubs that present collaborations or associations. Even the F.C. Barcelona has sounded as a candidate to participate in the league, and La Dupla formed by Ibai and Piqué could find a lot of competition.

NFL Planning for game in Germany progresses

Football / Futbol / (or in the common language simply foot, by apocope), or soccer (/ sɔkʁʁ /, in English: [sɑkə]; in North America), is a collective Season Game that is played with a spherical balloon between Two teams of eleven players. They oppose a delimited rectangular ground, equipped with goals defined on opposite widths. The goal of each camp is to put the ball for the opposing goal, without using your arms, and more than the other team.
Appointed originally Football Association, codified by the Scots, at the end of the 19th century, football has endowed in 1904 from an international federation, FIFA. Practiced in 2006 by about 264 million players around the world, football has number one Season Game status in most countries. Some continents, such as Africa, South America and Europe, are even almost entirely dominated by this discipline.
The calendar is dominated by two types of events: those concerning clubs and those of national teams. The World Cup is the most prestigious international event. It has been held every four years since 1930 (except between 1938 and 1950). For clubs, national championships and other cuts are on the competition program.
In competition clubs, the UEFA Champions League, played in Europe but which has equivalents on other continents, is the most coveted trophy of this Season Game, despite the recent implementation of a World Cup of the World Cup. clubs, still looking for prestige.

The decision for a game of the National Football League in Germany is approaching. According to the NFL Network , it is said to be announced on Tuesday, which are three cities on the shortlist of potential hosts. If possible 2022, but no later than 2023 a regular Season Game is to take place on German soil for the first time. The decision falls in December. The League has reportedly committed to award several games per year to London, where on Sunday the New York Jets in the Stadium of Tottenham Hotspur meet the Atlanta Falcons. A week later, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins duel there. One should take place in Mexico City, another in Germany. Each team should issue at least a game outside the US within eight years. Since 2007, 28 times in London and three times in Mexico was played.

Game duties 2 5 million euros for national associations

TotalEnergies SE is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company established in 1924 and also among the seven supermajor oil firms. Its companies cover the whole oil and also gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas expedition and manufacturing to power generation, transportation, refining, oil product advertising, as well as global petroleum as well as item trading. TotalEnergies is likewise a large chemicals producer.
TotalEnergies has its head office in the Scenic tour Overall in La Défense district in Courbevoie, west of Paris. The company belongs of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock exchange index. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, it was ranked as the 29th-largest public business worldwide, as well as furthermore placed as the 25th largest business of any kind of kind on the Ton of money Worldwide 500. Like other fossil gas companies, TotalEnergies has an intricate history of environmental as well as social influences, including numerous disputes. According to the CDP Carbon Majors Report 2017, the company was just one of the leading 100 firms producing carbon exhausts around the world, in charge of.9% of worldwide emissions from 1998-2015.

The German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football League (DFL) provide the state organizations a total of 2.5 million euros. Thus, the lack of audience revenues in the Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga from the second season will be collected. According to the basic contract between DFB and DFL, the respective national associations are involved in audience income.

DFB and DFL will spend 1.25 million euros each for this purpose. The distribution by DFB takes place according to the distribution of the sum for the first round 2020/2021, said the DFB on Friday.

This is a reasonable and fair solution, said DFB treasurer Stephan Osnabergge: The game levies are an important building block of supporting our national associations, and I know how welcome there any help. This agreement and the provision of the sum also by the DFL are an appropriate sign of solidarity within the football family.

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