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NC, Lineage W Real -time Communication Broadcasting Directors Talk 2 29th

MMORPG Lineage W of NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, NC) will hold ‘Director’s Talk 2’ at 7:00 pm on the 29th.

Director Talk 2 is a broadcast where Lineage W core developers communicate with users in real time. Lee Sung -gu, Director of Lineage IP Division, Kang Jung -soo, and Choi Hong -young, head of the development department, will explain the intention of developing Lineage W new contents and solve the questions with Q & A. All users can watch the broadcast on Lineage W official website.

NC (NC) introduces the siege improvement that reflects user feedback on the broadcast. Lineage W’s second large update, which is scheduled to be updated on May 4, will also be disclosed, and the details of the Dark Elf will be released and information about the events that are held together.

Users can see the first update plan that will be released for the first time through broadcasting. You can also enjoy two special videos, including the new class (class, job) ‘Dark Elf’ cinematic.

Lineage W offers ‘Director’s Talk 2’ and offers a variety of gifts. Users can register various game items by registering coupons that are released in real time during the broadcast.

For more information, please visit the Lineage W official website.

Lineage W, the first large-scale update 1st episode: Aden

MMORPG (Multi-Platform MMORPG (Multi-Platform MMORPG) of NCsoft (Representative Kim Taek-jin), MMORPG (Multi-Platform Role Game) ‘Lineage W’ was performed on the first large-scale update ‘1st episode: Aden’ today (23).

The NC (NC) was the official live broadcast on February 18th, “Director’s Talk”. Lee Seong-gu Office, Kang Jeong-soo, a business implementation, and Choi Hong-young’s development implemented the planning intent and detailed content. I have been in real time with the users of the query response time separately. Lineage W plans to actively communicate and reflect the opinions of users to update their opinions to provide customer-friendly services.

[Lineage W] Aden Region|Adventurer's Guide to Aden|

Lineage W Using this update ▲ New Dungeon ‘Aden’ ▲ ‘Adond underground Prison’, etc.,

‘Adenis underground prison’ is a dungeon for suffering for 60-70 level users. Users can assume that dungeon to quickly grow the character and acquire various compensation. We also have a hunting for users for users, including hunting and ‘lost spring gardens,’ gorge ‘, and’ losing spring gardens’, “Giant’s Gorge”, including ‘forest of mirror’, ‘forests of light and shadow’.

The NC (NC) updated six new bosses. The user can acquire a ‘forgotten Al Skarisa’, ‘Black Demonstration Lios’ to obtain legendary rating armor / ornaments. ‘The Reviewer Ramasu’, ‘Morage Moriyu’, ‘Black Tiger Tiger Wat’, ‘Macken’, and McKen ‘.

Lineage W through the next update ▲ New class ‘Dark Elv’ ▲ ‘Siege’, which can spread more strategic combat ▲ ‘blessing server’, which provides benefits by server according to combat records, It will be opened sequentially.

Enchan (NC) opened the 17th World ‘Arrain’ with this update. It is about two months since December 10th. We present dedicated push compensation for new world users and provide a variety of benefits, including attendance check events.

The update celebration event also proceeds. From March 10 to 10, we provide experience gains of experience in tension quests through the ‘Aden’s Defense’ event. If you achieve the dedicated quest for the event during the event period, you will be deducted by Depojo Jean twice and Adena, and a blood-Multi-Platformtal reinforcement order.

The ‘Arden explorer’ event also proceeds until March 23. Aden is a ‘utmost / advanced / general explorer box’ by achieving the monster in Aden Gongji. Acquire the transformation card and the ‘explorer of the explorer’. Marks can be replaced with consumables in the store.

More information can be found on Lineage and Official Website.

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