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Holo Lives horror game HoloVE Error is a complete version, distribution for 1000 yen for PC. A fear phenomenon involved in the town with

Cover Co., Ltd. has launched a full version of the game version HoloVE Error (Holo Live Error) for PCs on July 18. The price of the digital content version, which is only the main game, is 1000 yen including tax. It is possible to download from the official Horo Live Production shop operated by Cover Co., Ltd. The official shop is also accepting orders for release commemorative special sets, which include acrylic panels and setting materials.

HoloVE Error is a horror project by Holo Live, a domestic female VTuber group operated by Cover Co., Ltd. In this project, Vtubers belonging to Holo Live appear as characters during the work. Tokanosora appears as a student who goes to Aogami High School, such as Kono Misora, Miko Sakura, and Hubuki Shirakami is the role of Snowy Inari. On the Horo Live’s official YouTube channel, a manga depicting the story of HoloVe Error has been released, and hands-on events have been developed in collaboration with the mystery solving label Yodaka no Records.


The game version HoloVe Error is a first-person 3D horror game that allows you to experience the world of the project. The stage of this work is Aokami-cho, a town with the accompanying town. The protagonist is a reporter of an occult magazine who visited Aokami-cho and interviewed the mystery. The protagonist was conducting interviews, feeling the signs of being seen. However, a strange phenomenon occurred when she returned to one room of the hotel. When I noticed, the protagonist was standing in the school building of Aogami High School. In the school building closed in the dark, the shadow of a female student is visible and hidden, and a mysterious broadcasting woman’s voice is heard.

The player operates the protagonist involved in a mysterious phenomenon. At the beginning of the game, she will explore high school. In this work HoloVE Error, Vtubers belonging to Holo Live appeared as characters. In addition, there are multiple chapters in this work, and the reporter’s protagonist seems to be involved in various fear phenomena.

In this work, in January 2022, a free version was distributed as a work equivalent to the so-called early access distribution. Comparing the full version released this time and the free version, there are scenes similar to what was drawn in the full version in the early game. However, the story is different,

There are many scenes that were not in the free version. The graphic expression was raised more than the free version, and the high school, which was closed in the dark, had an eerie atmosphere and tension. There is no doubt that it has been greatly powered up from the free version.

The full version of the game version HoloVE Error is on sale for PCs at Holo Live’s official shop. The digital content version of only the main game is 1000 yen including tax. There is also a release commemorative special set, with a group photo acrylic panel, four self-portrait postcards, and an official set document collection. It is 8000 yen including tax, and order and sale are being accepted. In addition, the soundtrack album of HoloVe Error has been distributed since today.

FIFA 22: LIVE TUNING UPDATE 3: The Effectiveness of the Porters changed

EA Sports announced that the live tuning update 3 by FIFA22 is now available for platforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Origin / Steam) and Stadia.

Live Tuning allows you to implement some changes without launching a complete update of the title. This can allow Electronic Arts to make changes faster and more frequently as developers work on the game balance.

The new Live Tuning brings changes in the game and will soon be available for FIFA 22. The list of changes is shown below.

  • The goalkeeper’s effectiveness was reduced in situations of one against a short distance (6.1 meters / 20 feet or fewer).
  • The goalkeepers could save instinctively too often.

  • Increase the goalkeeper’s effectiveness in half distance yards (9.8 meters / 32 feet to 11.2 meters / 37 feet).

  • Sometimes the goalkeeper fit goals in distant shots that were at reach of him.
  • The shots from this distance can still be effective, but the goalkeepers will now make more crowded from this distance.

FIFA22 is expected for October 1 PlayStation 5 , Xbox X Series , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Follow us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

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