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[Review] Hands small, its okay, plenty of pink emotion, Logitech Zashra magenta

Approximately 0.1 tons to 180cm, which is contrary to this, is about F9.5 in F9. So every time I choose a mouse, I always had a performance, and first, I was a top-minute to see the size or form that was most important to the grip. It is not a person who only plays 1 to 2 hours, but once you start, you can not concentrate on the game if your mouse is uncomfortable, and it’s hard to use the closure because it’s a long time.

Of course, it is not not to worry about performance. It is quite important whether the FPS game or the DPI setting, which adjusts the mouse sensitivity, and the DPI setting and wireless cognitive wired, which are equipped with the programming key required to play RPG. In addition, it is a personal taste, but it preferred a symmetrical type to match the closure.

As a result, the Logitech G102, which was used for more than 5 to 6 years, has been used for a long time with a decent grip, performance, and incredibly prices. But I think it’s time to send it now. Of course, it’s still a guy, but now it’s a mouse, but I want to use a new mouse because it can be changed without a mouse. ~ ~ I will not forget G102.. ~~

In the process of finding such a new mouse, I was recommended for a colleague reporter, went to the offline store, I went to the offline store, and I looked at it, but I could not find a mouse I wanted, but I have not been able to get a big inspiration. It turned around and eventually returned to Logitech mouse, and the size of the sizes is a suitable size that is perfect for my hands, and I found a good mouse.

A mouse boasting high performance perfect for small hands you wanted. Right Logitech G Pro X Superlight (less than below) . With a flexible Logitech Hero 25K sensor for gamers for battery efficiency in symmetrical type, it has a decent Logit Hero 25K sensor, and up to 40G acceleration of 25600 dpi and 40 g and up to 1000Hz. I’m fine, but it’s okay to performance, and there’s a wireless. It is wondering if the professional gamers of many games are preferred.

■ Product Information

Logitech G Pro x Superlight

  • Connection method: Wired / Wireless

  • Sensor: Optical (light) / HERO 25K

  • Switch method: Omon switch

  • Weight: 63g

  • Mouse Size: 125/63.5 / 40 (Length, Width, Height, Mm)

  • Color: Magenta (Pink) / White / Black

  • Maximum sensitivity: 25,600 dpi

  • Polling: 1,000 Hz

  • Acceleration support: 40g

  • Warranty period: 2 years

  • Cable length: 1.8m

  • Other features: Macro set / G HUB and PowerPlay compatible

  • Price: 167,000 won (22.03.21 Dana)

■ Product Exterior

How I Dye My Hair Magenta | All about My Color, Cut, Maintenance

** ■ Small,

A body showing a small size of 125mm / 63.5mm / 40mm (length, width, height) to 63g. In fact, if the mouse has a small size and a light weight, it is expected that the mouse has a small size and light weight, but it is expected that it will not take a long time to recognize it in detail.

I first use it directly, and I can use it directly. I felt it, so I will not regret even if I have been using it, but I do not regret that it is the best, except for the highest than the highest that you have used it. If you have a good fit for a small hand, you have given your hands on a bigger colleague reporter than I have a bigger fellow reporter.

What I felt more attractive to Zishra was pretty big. First of all, let’s look at the sensor, using a hero sensor that is developed in Logitech and 25k sensors that show higher performance than the previous 16K sensor. The sensor can be more accurate and more accurate, and as we said in the inconvenience, we have a good look at the battery consumption when using up to 10 times high power efficiency and use it as a wireless mouse. If you feel uncomfortable with charging, use the Logitech Wireless Charging Pad, “PowerPlay”, is also a decent choice.

Further, a rapid response rate of 40 g of acceleration and maximum sensitivity of 25600 dpi, and 1000 Hz polling rate are also advantageous. The mounted buttons are 5 and 5, with a total / right / wheel / forward / backward, and a wireless dongle (USB receiver) can be received through a frequency up to 10m, which can be received stably.

■ ‘Logitech G Hub’ more comfortable

With the software that can manage Logitech’s gaming gear G series, in addition to the mouse, you can easily and easily set up various peripherals such as headsets, keyboards. In the case of mice, you can freely change the sensitivity value, LED light, and mount button macro setting, and the mounting button macro setting, and so on to the neat UI.

■ Finish…

I used the G102 for many years, I touched this Zishra and changed a lot of mind. I have not been able to think that it would not be a bigger and decent mouse, I’ve been living with a cheap and decent mouse. From my hands to the sensor and the sensor and neat appearance that boasts high performance.

It is not affordable compared to other Logitech G series mice when you just buy it without worrying. But it is a mouse that is worth sure that it is certainly. Lightly 63G weights are also suitable for FPS games and RTS games, and you can exert a good synergy even in RPG that must be captured for a long time.

At first, I had been worried about a heavy mouse once, and I used Zishra and saw that heart was sprouted. It’s just a light. And in fact, the grip is good because it is a lot of personal taste, so it is nice to be good, but it is good, but it is definitely a mouse that is considered to be a user with a hand with a hand with a hand size of F9 to F9.5. It is recommended to use it directly through the pro-electronics mart or offline stores, and the last man is also pink.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is the highest in history of personal Pokemon. But scared. “Joe Danger Infinity” Reason for revival. Gaming this week

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 321th. January is over.

# Apde app is still

This week ‘Joe Danger Infinity’ played for a long time. It is a stunt action game going on a motorcycle etc. and advancing the stage and won a coin while avoiding obstacles. Aiming for high score and comp is hot. Development source of “No Man’s Sky” This is the initial work of Hello Games, but personally, it is still stronger that the “Joe Danger” series is impressed. It is a work that I loved it.

This work is a work of 2014 delivery, but it was a state that could not be played for a long time by upgrading IOS. That was suddenly updated the other day. And the remaster is also carried out. According to developers, as a hobby project, as a hobby project, from the fan where there is a son of autism that loves autism, it has received an enthusiastic request email that you can not update it again It seems to have advanced a remaster little by little. Good story.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

# Pokemon scary

This week I was playing “Pokémon Legends Alceus”. The authors play “Pokemon” well since 1998 “Pokemon Pikachu” since 1998. At that time, I was addicted to the collection of “Pokemon stamp (post-stamps)” and “Pokemon card game”. However, while playing the memories of “Pokemon” on the chest, I had a adolescent to another game. And, “Pokemon”, who played the reunion for a long time and a long time, peeled and peeled with the fangs.

When I run out of the main field while being excited about the adventure of the “Pokemon” world for the first time in the world, the cute Pokémon will welcome you. In addition to the freshness of action, we will continue to advance the story while raising the tension to the newly encounter of the new friends. “If you are going to jump out of the grass, it’s a way to go out of the grass, etc., and I’m searching for a nostalgic Pokemon. I found a strike that was especially favorites, and it was a bad idea to approach as a beard. A sharp blade that seems to be two people, such as humans, was swayed to cut off me.

If you think, is it a vulnerable creature? What is a horrible creature with Pokemon? Thanks to the actionality, Pokemon’s dangers are quite realistic. It is said that the day to shout “Death!” In “Pokemon” comes. It seems that it will enjoy exciting and fresh and nostalgic experiences.
by. seiji Narita

# Pokemon Description is also good

I am immersed in “Pokémon Legends Alceus”. I did not think that it would be like this. It is very interesting. Speaking of “Pokemon” main story game, I thought it was unchanged. The new Pokemon and the new gimmick, etc., but the root does not change. I encountered Pokemon and switch the screen, damage and catch it. Grow and battle with the trainer on the roadside. Although I enjoyed such a stream, I felt redundancy in the process.

“Pokémon Legends Alceus” has significantly renewed such fundamental systems. You don’t have to fight in the first place, and you don’t have to fight, and the battle is also light. As the experience value is growing more and more by catching Pokemon, the tempo has been abundant. The vast field has a variety of Pokemon and Items, which is rich in craft systems and quests, so the field search motivation is also sufficient. There are many small goal settings and their achievements are fun, so I can not find it easily.

To be honest, “Pokemon” main story was considered to continue classic, so it’s just a challenge heart of this work. In recent years, we studied the challenges of “Pokemon” main story, and consider how to make use of the attraction of Pokémon. If it is a work that was born, I’m very happy to be able to play. There is also a low expectation value, but I am making it an ambitious and I like the highest level in the series history. A game freak that made me well.
by. ayuo kawase

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