Every Tuesday since the dawn of time, Dofus undergoes weekly maintenance in the morning. Discover the server opening hours on this write-up on this article.

DOFUS-Server maintenance, opening up time

The next regular maintenance of Dofus will take area | on Tuesday August 16 from 8 a.m. * for an indefinite duration. It will be come with by shop maintenance.

and side Touch?

For the mobile variation of the game, the following maintenance will also happen this Tuesday, August 16, 2022 from 8 a.m. A beta from the future variation of Dofus Touch is also offered.

What is maintenance on Dofus?

It occurs that the maintenance lasts past midday. In these instances, the Dofus group guarantees the follow-up and the news of the opening time as soon as testers have actually been able to confirm that the servers were functional.

Maintenance is processes happening on Tuesday early morning (typically 8 hours) permitting Dofus servers to take a break. This uses via the full conservation of the information from the personalities, the fix of certain bugs, the transfer in between servers or also the application of an update. Patchs are hence consistently released.

Why on Tuesday morning? quite simply because it is the hourly period with the least players, both in France and in various other countries, as well as this for a number of years. In parallel with weekly maintenance, backups are carried out at specific times to finish the back-up of the game data:

* 0:00 and 1h30
* 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.
* 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
* 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

Some questions around maintenance and backups on Dofus

_ On what the maintenance is much longer on Dofus 2 than on retro? _

Dofus 2 has a lot more servers as well as elements at risk than variation 1. There are much more information and also functions to check. The servers being likewise older (retro in 2019, retro monochapse in 2020, Eratz and also Henual are less inhabited), the whole is longer to go.

_ That the back-ups last so long on Mériana or Ush? _

The older a web server, the much more data there is. And it is additionally correlated with the energetic population. There are a great deal of kinds of items to be saved, the worst of which are most certainly the frame certificates. Because of course, if they have a credibility restriction, it is to lighten the servers. There are many even more ghosts, non-active but having to be stored. Mériana is hence a web server from the merger of several of the oldest servers of the game (the first in certain, Jiva). For USH, this can be explained by its extremely energetic populace.

_ que/ What did Ankama do to combat versus this sensation _?

You can locate the current news on the maintenance of the video game using this article or by following the main accounts on Twitter, noted in the article listed below.

_ Remark Adhere to the progression of maintenance on Dofus? _.

The mergers in 2017 decreased the number of servers, for that reason lowering maintenance time. Extra previously, some ghost accounts were removed (only if he had never ever had a membership or a purchase in the store).

For several years, Ankama has actually substantially enhanced maintenance problems on Dofus. The team attempts to communicate as long as possible on socials media. It can additionally provide settlement if time is judged as too lengthy (> 10 hrs).

But actually, why is it so long?

Dofus is an ancestor among on the internet video games, and is not the only one to make such maintenance. Flash, the quickly to be duplicated engine of the game, makes whims and also in some cases transforms out to be… unpredictable.

Along with some somewhat aggressive dinosaurs, that’s all we have discovered for today concerning the dofus insects, dofus maintenance, dofus lines, as well as… no, it’s already for one game!

Every Tuesday since the dawn of time, Dofus undergoes weekly maintenance in the morning. Maintenance is procedures taking location on Tuesday morning (typically 8 hours) permitting Dofus servers to take a break. In parallel with once a week maintenance, back-ups are lugged out at particular times to complete the back-up of the game information:

For numerous years, Ankama has considerably improved maintenance problems on Dofus. Dofus is a forefather amongst online games, and is not the only one to make such maintenance.