Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most cult players of this generation. Naturally, the fans cannot be patient to find out which club he plays in FIFA 22. The five-time owner of the Golden Ball is perhaps the most deadly striker in world football, and the fans were looking forward to his return to the English Premier League. The Portuguese player of the Portuguese national team reached its fame as Manchester United and Real. This is where Ronaldo plays in FIFA 22.

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play in FIFA 22?

Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Manchester United in FIFA 22. He is also captain Portuguese international male detachment. Fans awaited his return to the Dream Theater after a hard stay in Juventus. The 37-year-old football player plays for the legendary English team and showed exceptional results in his first season at Old Trafford. Ronaldo has overalls 91 , with a five-star skill and a four-star ranking of a weak leg. Players who want to start a career career can automatically choose Manchester United to get this cult legend to their team.

Cristiano Ronaldo wears a legendary T-shirt with a seven number at Manchester United. His position is ST (striker), but you can also sometimes play them on the flank. Ronaldo has a rating of pace 85 and 93 in shooting. All you need to do is give Ronaldu exactly calculated programs in order to experience his skill to score goals. Ronaldo is often compared with Messi Lionel, and their rivalry has covered the football world for the past 15 years. The ball control and dribbling Cristiano are a special class in FIFA 22, and he is one of the best attackers in your team. You can also purchase this player in the transfer market in career mode.

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