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After used PSG

Initially, Wijnaldum is obtained, but there is additionally an acquisition commitment for nine million euros if the Giallorossi educated by José Mourinho certified for the Champions League.

His tents in Paris breaks Wijnaldum, that obviously likewise quickly requires game method as a result of the World Cup in Qatar, currently after a season. His new objective: Italy as well as AS Rome.

In France, nonetheless, things went anything but round for the Dutchman, who has actually currently played 86 caps as well as racked up 26 objectives. If the nimble midfielder was still a key figure in the facility of Jürgen Klopp, Wijnaldum made 31 experiences in Ligue 1 at PSG, but was frequently either changed. The veteran did deficient to the routine, nevertheless, Wijnaldum was allowed to celebrate the French championship title at the end of the season together with Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé or Neymar.

After five years at Liverpool FC, including a master and a champions League title, Georginio Wijnaldum switched to PSG at no cost last summertime.

The club made it clear just how a lot he intended to have me

It is a great feeling to be a Roma gamer now, Wijnaldum, that will certainly put on the 25, is priced estimate in the main AS announcement. With everybody with whom I chatted about this club, I offered me excellent comments regarding the club as well as its followers. The club also made it clear just how a lot he wanted me. It always offers a player confidence and also a great sensation.

The Special One has additionally appeared that Wijnaldum persuaded from moving to the eternal city to the reigning seminar League champion. The Romans established the following exclamation mark on the transfer market. To name a few things, the Giallorossi currently had the dedication of offensive male Paulo Dybala (from Juventus) as well as six nemanja Matic (by Manchester United).

“One-Way Ticket, Brother!” As inter

His talent was limitless, but after the death of his father, Adriano was no longer the same. For Jose Mourinho, he sign to the swap object.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ascending to Greatness

If a great legend of football sport ages, if one feels that the achievements slowly decrease slowly or that the age at least probably does not allow many career years, a word will encourage the entry into the language usage: the heritage. Fans and media need a hopesman, the “new pele”, the “new Messi” or “the new Maradona”.

The bigger the legend, the lous the desire for an heir, especially in the case of just very strong national teams. In most cases, the yearning has a desperate desperately, because the amusing prewelling player often becomes simply supple. Who wants to admit that for some stars so directly simply no adequate heir can give? Only now and then is reason for hope.

Brazil hopes for Adriano as heritage of the Great Ronaldo

So also in Brazil when it comes to the heirs of the Great Ronaldo. Actually, a thing of the impossibility, because this must follow nobody less than a world champion and double world footballers. And yet you can feel it at the beginning of the 2000s worldwide: this Adriano, which is something special. Not only does he have one for the opponents already unfairly left for the opponents. No, this young bull can actually become the heir of Ronaldos. Less skills, clear, less instinct – but a lot of power. Goals are guaranteed!

2008 that is pretty much no one thinks more. Adriano is here for the second time at Inter Milan, the Nerazzurri had brought him back in winter 2003/04 for at that time proud 24 million euros from Parma. A good deal, everyone is safe. For the pious striker initially triggers the promise of the promise that one connects with him: At the age of 21, he and his infamous left foot are already feared in series A. In the summer of 2004, his compensation in the Copa-America final against Argentina is the turning point in the detention time. A few weeks later then the call from home: Adriano’s father is dead. Heart attack. And the heart of Ronaldos heir breaks at that moment. Incurable.

Inter Milan: Mourinho wants to get rid of Adriano

Adriano never recovered from the fate of fate, his shape falls into the bottomless, depression and alcohol doing their rest. What remains is the big name and feel that the talent is still in the boy and waiting to be tickled out. 2008 Jose Mourinho comes to Milan. The star coach knows about the hopes that are still secretly connected to his Brazilian attacker and wants to use this for themselves. But not by rebuilding the fallen star – Adriano, the supposed heritage of the Great Ronaldo, is degenerated in the eyes of Portuguese to the exchange.

Mourinho and Adriano do not understand, the coach wants to get rid of him and get the maximum from the name of the meanwhile 26-year-old. And Mourinho wants Stars, more precisely a star: Frank Lampard. Mr. Chelsea Himself, had already been trained for years by The Special One, which of course has best contacts with his ex-club. Mourinho offers the London’s good money – plus Adriano. Two birds with one stone.

FC Chelsea: Dutch business by Adriano and Frank Lampard?

Lampard has just rejected an offer for the contract extension at the blues and is quite interested. And Adriano? His consultant Gilmar Rinaldi says observer sport: “Mourinho and Adriano have met and talked to each other. I can not say how the meeting has run. The player flies from Rio de Janeiro to Milan next week, because on Wednesday the season preparation begins, I will not confirm or deny that it is exchanged for Lampard. “

In plain text: it is probably negotiated extensively. For everything you will later learn about the other way of life and the Mindset of Adriano, it would be for Mourinho and Inter a mega deal, the greatest extent of the great Brazilian name. Everything depends on the Bluesa – and they can not be pulled over the table. The Special One offers and offers, the blues refuse and reject, until Lampard finally signed a five-year contract in London.

From the dream for Mourinho, who does not just have to renounce the English superstar, but also not to get rid of Adriano. The following season will be a few for both, as Adriano later reveals: “The press pursued me everywhere, and Mourinho always said only: ‘Hell! Damn shit! You want to finish me, or not, boy?’ I said, ‘Oh God, get me out of here!’ I did not cope at all. “

Mourinhos sayings: “Bodö on MotoGP-Bike, we on the bike”

Adriano crashes, Mourinho brings with Inter the Champions League

In the summer of 2009, the prayers of the Brazilian are heard: “I was nominated for the national team and before I left, Mourinho asked: ‘You do not come back, right?’ I said, ‘You’ve recorded it! One-way ticket, brother!’ “Adriano signs at Flamengo, changes to Brazil moves to Brazil.

What sounds like a triumph of the player, but turns out as a pure blessing for the coach. Adriano will never inherit to Ronaldos, worse: he will never be more than an average player again. By 2016, the hiking bird will be sweeping between a variety of clubs and unemployment back and forth before he finishes his career.

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The boy from Rio returns to the poor standards from which he originally came. Drugs, weapons, alcoholism, obesity, criminal gangs – the 40-year-old today is a shadow of the striker with the left adhesive, which was the world and above all Brazil at feet. And Mourinho? This will be in 2010 with Inter Champions League winner. Without Adriano – and without Lampard.

Ex Bayern star at Pranger Player of the FC Barcelona face Coutinho

Since his return from FC Bayern to FC Barcelona, ​​Philippe Mourinho is fighting for his favor in the Catalans. But the Brazilian does not get a foot in Spain on the floor. Now his teammates should be against Barça.

Philippe Mourinho is far away from his claim to these days to count the best offensive players in the world. As that of today, the 29-year-old was likely to be doubtful in January 2018 when he moved to Barcelona for not less than 135 million euros from Liverpool. Since then, the Align club has only got little for the much money.

In the current season, the gifted technician once again plays a supporting role. Four times he was counted only to the starting eleven of the meanwhile directed Chef Trainer Ronald Woman in the Primer Division, mostly he spends his time on the bench.

Xavi’s presentation from the inside (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE) ????❤️????

Allegations against ex-Bayern Profit Mourinho

When at the latest 3: 3 at CELTA Vigo was asked for a shortly before the half-time break, Mourinho waved just listlessly, as the radio station EBarça3 reports. Midfielder ANSI Fate had indicated a violation, Mourinho was therefore sent to warm up by Interim trainer Sergi Barman. This showed little excited. No longer necessary, it s pause anyway, he said to have said.

Demanding: Barman, now replaced by Barça Icon Xavi on the coach bank, renounced Continues Resolution and instead sent Youngster Alejandro Blade on the field. Also in the further course of the game, the former loan of FC Bayern on the bank. There he had to take a look at Patents, like Barça played a 3-0 lead and ultimately settled with a draw.

According to the report, Continues Attitude was by no means good at the leaders of FC Barcelona. They are only annoyed by the offensive player. Even in the training sessions he should not give a good figure in the opinion of some players, it continues.

Philippe Mourinho stood a year of lending for FC Bayern on the field. The German record champion decided in the summer of 2020 ultimately against a fixed obligation of the 62-fold national player, which still has a contract until 2023 in Barcelona.

Mourinho provides itself to Roma draw Wunstech with Eintracht

After the Blamablen 1: 6 Two weeks ago, the AS Roma in the Conference League could not win the second leg against the Norwegian champion Bodo / Glimt. 2: 2 ended it in the end. The main responsibility for this was according to Roma coach Jose Mourinho the referee, with which TV expert, Interviewer and Bundesliga legend Jan-Aage Fjörtoft (Eintracht Frankfurt) did not agree.

The Special One was angry after the final whistle that his team had not been awarded a penalty in the game.

As Fjörtoft, who had once retained with a hit shortly before the last matchday of the 1998/99 Eintracht Frankfurt before the descent and climbed to the clutchermin, in his role as a TV journalist for viaplay Football Mourinho on the performance of the impartial approach, Broken a heated, but also funny discussion.

Keyword: No, tell me….

Mourinho vs. Fjörtoft: The conversation in the wording

Fjörtoft : How do you explain today s game here at Stadio Olimpico?

Mourinho : See, the referee has to explain it, but he does not speak.

Fjörtoft : What did the referee wrong?

Mourinho (dark look) : Have you seen the game?

Fjörtoft : Yes, of course, but I want to know it from you, what have you seen in your view?

Mourinho : Tell me…

Fjörtoft : No, tell me, I want to hear it from the coach of the Roma…

Mourinho : No, tell me what you have seen.

Jose Mourinho,introducing Drone in RomaTraining |2021|مورينيو
Fjörtoft : I could not see anything, I sat so far away, so you have to tell me.

Mourinho : Not even on the screen? You have not considered it after the game?

Fjörtoft : So you mean, the referee has brought you around the victory today?

Mourinho : Of course.

Fjörtoft : And what was with Bodo / Glimt today? That was a surprise as you played today?

Mourinho : You are a good team and have good players. They had two shots, they shot two goals. The result was 2: 2. We had two penalties. We had four or five chances on another goal

After the Roma has not placed a game against the Norwegians launched as an outsider in the group C, the series A-Club must continue to join the progress in the Conference League.

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In the table, the Romans linger with seven points after four games in second place. The residue on the leader of Group C, Bodo / Glimt, is also a counter, as the lead in third place and Luhansk.

Series A Post by Jose Mourinho goes viral Roma

FIFA Manager (abbreviated: FIFAM) is the name of a series of football management video games developed by Bright Future GmbH (in earlier versions of EA SSC Napolis) and published by Electronic Arts. The game was called Total Club Manager (abbreviated: TCM), until the name changed to FIFA Manager with FIFAM 06.
Before FIFAM and TCM, EA SSC Napolis launched FIFA Soccer Manager (1997) and The F.A. Premier League Football Manager 99, 2000, 2001 and 2002, but while the first managed to attract little attention, later they were released when the Game Management Market for Championship Titles was no existing point, and, after Two successful titles, was abandoned.
However, by the year 2001, several workers from the German house of Software Ascaron, who developed the very popular series Anstossen in the past, moved to EA, and the first game, Fussball Manager 2002, was released only in Germany, as A test for a possible series. Similar to Anstoss 3, although in a more serious tone (in the Astost players could be abducted by aliens, the train in the area 51 or use drugs to improve performance) and fewer financial options (managers developed by German teams tended Include financial depth options, such as actions and real estate markets), the game had positive comments, and one year later the Total Club Manager 2003 was released, with Bobby Robson on the cover (for the second time, after FIFA Soccer Manager ).
Some fans managed to control the Games in TCM 2003 by piracy Configuration files, but data loss and corruption was frequent. The cover of the 2004 MTC was the coach of Celtic Martin O Neill. Criticized by a confused interface, EA is reworked for TCM 2005, with a more elegant design. Champion of Europe with FC Porto and Extraining Chelsea Football Club, José Mourinho was chosen for the main deck.
While the MTC has been released for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2, FIFAM is only available for PC. The PS2 and Xbox versions of the game have been developed for EA Canada by Budcat Creations.
On November 25, 2013 Gerarld Köhler, founder and designer of mythical saga, reported through a statement that FIFA Manager 14 will be the last installment of the saga of the soccer simulator launched by EA SSC Napolis,.

José Mourinho has back his humor. After his red card in the series A-top game against SSC Napoli, the Star coach of AS Roma posted a photo on Wednesday evening at Instagram, which went viral within a short time.

Jose Mourinho went crazy celebrating Roma's 91st min winner in his 1000th game in management

Mourinho has more than turbulent days behind. After the 1: 6-Blamage in the Conference League at the FK Bodo / Glimt and his place of space for meckern at the 0: 0 against the leaders from Naples, his team finally returned to the track on Wednesday.

The capital closed closed at Cagliari Calcio a 0-1 residue thanks to the gates of Ibanez (71.) and Pellegrini (78.) and thus continues to rank four place in the table. It was the first three points after last three lots without victory.

In Cagliari, however, Mourinho was not allowed to stand on the sideline due to its recent place reference. Also, he was not allowed to go to his players in the cabin. Of course, the Portuguese was still traveling to Sardinia to prepare his team on the away game.

Mourinho enjoys: Game is over… Three points… good food

Since he also remained denies access to the player s cabin after the game, Mourinho had to take his dinner outside. Game is finished… Three points… good food (I can not go to the cabin) and another young, Felix Afena-Gyan, wrote the 58-year-old with Instagram under a picture that him on a barren Stone staircase sitting in dinner. Within less hours, the postal favored over 450,000 users. Mou had helped aftena-Gyan to his professional debut.

It is not the first time that Mourinho gives himself informal in the social media. At the end of August he released a video at Instagram, which shows him after the 4-0 victory at US Salernitana on the return journey on the train during pizza.

José Mourinho was changing to As Roma in the summer, where he started succession from Paulo Fonseca.

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