Developer Royalcrow has started early access to the basic free online multi-match FPS “ CROWZ ” from noon in March 29, Japan.

This work is a team based online milletaries shooter. As a member of the mercenary “Crow” hired by the country, it will be dispatched to the task of securing the resource “ Q-on ” scattered in the conflict area. Based on the four teams, the Batrois format “ Squad Operation ” that recovers Q-ON with a vast open world, and a team-to-anti-fighting “ BLOOD ZONE ” that takes up with up to 32 people. There are two modes:

# About early access

The period of early access in this work is currently undecided . Early access implements player feedback and will be updated regularly, such as new maps, game modes, items, and cran systems, and it is to provide more content and gameplay after a formal release. Also, it can be played free of charge, but there is also a charge in game for battle paths. In the product version, it is possible to take over the billing item. In addition, after the formal release, it is a basic free schedule.

# Difference and additional content with open β

# # Blood Zone

  • If you participate in the game and play to the end, you can earn the basic participating account level EXP.

  • Improved map design of Cellein Valley.

  • Added objects to topography and add objects that can be used as covers.

  • An invincible time after respanes modifies the defects that appear abnormally even after a sufficient time has elapsed and adjusted the color of the effect.

Squad operation

  • Added a message to notify all players when the squad with the largest number of Q-ONS has reached the target value (100,000).

  • Added the type of item supplied from the aircraft.

  • Added items that can be used as Tactical Gear (Hotkey T).

  • Road out drop marker
    -With the same function as “Additional Supply Request”, it will be possible to collect 85000Q-ON with items that can be acquired by farming.

  • You can receive your own loadout weapon by using the “Loadout Drop Marker” item.
    \ -Uav radio
    \ -Military Walky Torquay etc.

# # Shop

  • Add Battle Pass and Various Items


  • Added items to all maps.

  • Added “Glow Box” item throughout the map.

  • Improvement of spawn rate of parts item.

  • Changed the kill count that appears when you defeat the enemy.

  • Changed instant death by explosion attacks such as headshots and grenades.

  • Change the guidance sign at the time of admission.

  • If the last one of the parties dies, change to become an immediate death state from the critical state.

Basic Play Free Online Match Shooter “CROWZ” is currently getting early in PC (STeam).