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Feel -good series – the best sitcoms against a bad mood!

We live in times of absolute peak TV – there have never been so many well -made series on TV and the various streaming providers. Many productions regularly achieve a level in their consequences, which is even missing in many cinema films. But does it always have to be higher, faster, further? There is still a very simple but no less successful format: the sitcom. For many decades, the simplest means have inspired an audience of millions in a few locations.

The special thing about it is their mostly positive mood. Sitcoms do not want to teach, explain nothing, do not cause tension or tell complicated stories, but simply entertain and usually make it laugh. That is why they are the perfect feel-good series. Switch on, lean back and forget the stress for a short time without having to think much.

We have worked through time and want to show you a few of the greatest sitcoms for exactly this purpose: brain, enjoy and stay with a positive feeling. We do without series like The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Man or How I Met Your Mother – Since everyone knows them anyway. But that should not mean that now only secret insider tips are followed.

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original fathers of the sitcoms

Sitcoms have been around as long as there is television. They were easy to produce and delighted a large audience. Even today, some of the early formats are very worth seeing and set foundation stones that can be found in almost all sitcoms today.

Happy Days * is something like the mother of all sitcoms and produced legendary characters like “Fonzie”, who almost made the black leather jacket suitable for mass. Unfortunately, the series is not available from any streaming provider, but only on DVD – and mostly only in parts.
The Dick van Dyke Show should not be missing in any list of sitcoms. Today she brought us many elements that are still the order of the day in sitcoms – such as various flashbacks to tell the story. The series from the 50s is now even in a remaster version.
M.A.S.H was the most successful sitcom ever for a long time and was only replaced a few years ago. Although it plays in the middle of the Korean War, the humorous elements predominate. The complete series (and the film) are available at Disney Plus.
* The Mark from the Ork was not only the starting signal for Robin Williams’ career, but also an extraordinary sitcom. The history of the criminal alien, who is supposed to explore primitive humanity and stumbles into the next from one fun situation.

wedding of the sitcoms – the 80s

In the 80s, the sitcoms really picked up speed and filled the evening program pretty much all available TV channels. There were classics between much boring trash that still have many fans today.

Alf * – The loving, custody aliens who accidentally landed in the Garage of the Tanner family and has been spending his days since then to loot the fridge and make plans as he prepares the family cat Lucky. Delicious entertainment for the whole family.
A terribly nice family probably knows everyone who has not lived alone in the forest since 1987. Al Bundy and his dreary life as a shoe seller who stumbles into the next from a fat and leads an endless war against neighbor Darcy. The series not only made Ed O’Neil, but also Christina Applegate, alias Dumpfbacke and Katey Sagal world famous.
Who is here the boss – Tony Danza as a house man who, with his half-fabriced daughter (Alissa Milano), collects in a wealthy woman in the suburb. The real highlight for us was always the extremely personable nasty mona. Unfortunately, the series is nowhere streamed and it is almost impossible to find complete DVD boxes somewhere.
Full House is probably the epitome of the good mood family sitcom. Danny Tanner, who was actually known for his nasty and coarse humor, plays in a house with his three daughters, his brother -in -law and his best friend. The series has recently been continued with Fuller House.
all under one roof * – Sitcom actually revolves around the life of the Winslow family. But let’s be honest: Actually, they are all just extras for one of the most memorable characters of all time: Steve Urkel!
Golden Girls * tells the story of four older women who live in a flat share in the Florida pensioner paradise. Since the four could hardly be unequivocal, not only does situation comedy arise on the ongoing volume, the four are immediately closed. Looking worth seeing and heartwarming without restriction. All episodes are available on Disney Plus.

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Page 1 The best sitcoms for a bad mood! 50s to 80s

Page 2 The best sitcoms for a bad mood! 90s until today

Page 3bildergalerie for wellness series – the best sitcoms for a bad mood!

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Mario Kart 8 DLC: Finally new tracks! But also a big disappointment …

How long had Mario-Kart fans on new routes Wait for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch? Much too long. Almost five years after release of the game even. And at that time, the Wii-U port was already about three years old. Hardworking Mario Kart Zoker So have been playing the same routes for eight years. But thanks to the Booster route Pass, everything will be different now! By the end of 2023, a total of 48 additional routes for the switch racing game appear.

However, these are not new slopes, no, but around stretch from previous parts of the series. The vast majority comes from the Mobile-Game Mario Kart Tour, available for Android and iOS. Today, the first eight additional slopes for the Nintendo Switch appeared, especially the “Golden Turbo” – as well as the “Glücktahzen” cup. We looked at the new routes. Some are really fantastic – others but also a heart disappointment.

Does The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC Have Enough Effort With These Graphical Improvements?

Table of contents

  1. Page 1mario Kart 8: Finally new routes! But also a disappointment… – Page 1
    1. 1.1The are the first new routes
    2. 1.2The absolutely minimal effort?
  2. Page 2Mario Kart 8: Finally new routes! But also a disappointment… – Page 2
    1. 2.1Manche routes are yawning boring
    2. 2.2 Is Nintendo too little trouble?
    3. 2.3 Go this way now with the DLC?
      3rd page 3 picture gallery too “Mario Kart 8: Finally new stretches! But also a…

These are the first new routes

Further additional slopes follow in five other publishing “waves”. Which routes then still appear for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Buy 46.99 €), Findige DataMiners have already found out.

The absolutely minimal effort?

The new slopes feel like a relief for many years of mario-kart gamers. finally something new! It may also be aware of Nintendo these bonus points of the fans, because more effortless than absolutely necessary, the Japanese did not apply to the DLC routes.

The Genial driving experience from Mario Kart 8 is the same as the original 48 routes of the racing game, in this regard there is nothing to complain about. Of course, the gameplay is of course just as you already know. really good so!

However, Nintendo has obviously imported the additional routes one to one from the Mobile Game Mario Kart Tour. Antigravitation passages? No way. Sections underwater? Neither. For this, more work would have to flow into the DLC, which is probably not happened. Why, you will find out Page 2 !

Page 1 Mario Kart 8: Finally new routes! But also a disappointment… – Page 1

Page 2 Mario Kart 8: Finally new routes! But also a disappointment… – Page 2

Page 3 picture gallery for Mario Kart 8: Finally new routes! But also a disappointment…

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