When it comes to NBA 2K, few things are sweeter than to make your opponent feel the sting of defeat. The thing is that sometimes it may seem a bit boring to simply win all the time. After all, why not have fun with him? Well, in this guide, we will explain How to take off your shirt and walk without a shirt in NBA 2K23 .

Guide to go without a shirt in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 presents many options to customize their construction, either through appearance or several animations. And many times, players will have the opportunity to activate the style. That’s where Go without a T-shirt in NBA 2K23 comes into play. That said, there are differences to achieve this according to the generation of its platform.

How to go without a shirt on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in NBA 2K23

Completing Rebirth Side Quest of Ronnie 2K is crucial to allow your player to run out of shirt. And although players do not have to complete the mission in their entirety to unlock this option, they will have to approach a lot. Here you have a simple step by step:

* Find the first location of Ronnie 2K.

When completing the summer league championship, Rebirth will be available. Your first location can be found at the personalized point of reference below.

* Reach 88 in general.

* Find the third location of Ronnie 2K.

With 88 in general, players must talk to Ronnie, who will then give them the possibility of going without a shirt during asphalt games. You can see it near the generation location of North Side Knights near the accompanying subway station.

The general objective of 88 is actually the third step in the search for Rebirth, with stops on the road in 65 and 75. However, reaching that third marker is what makes the difference with respect to playing without a shirt.


How to go without a shirt on PS4 and Xbox One in NBA 2K23

For those who seek to hit the asphalt without shirt on PS4 and Xbox One, things are a bit different. To unlock this ability, players must complete a mission called Evening Secrets, who can start talking with an NPC banter that passes in the Daily Spin stop and in the Adidas store.

So you have it there. If you are looking to go without a shirt in NBA 2K23, There are different ways to do it depending on the platform you choose. Are you looking for more content related to NBA 2K23? Then keep your eyes on DLPRIVATASERVER to see how to scan faces and the complete soundtrack of the last 2K entrance, as well as much more on the links below.

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