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Efootball begins its 2nd period with a new trailer and several novelties for computer, consoles as well as mobile

Dream Team allows players to get their favorite players and coaches to develop their dream team , utilizing GPS and various other objects obtained while taking pleasure in the video game. To offer him material occasionally, Konami has placed in the format periods, where each of them will manage a subject that mirrors actual globe football fads, as well as for this a selection of events such as Challenges versus various other players and excursions against the AI will certainly be held.

The 2nd period is qualified to European leagues: clubs, team’s video game and also superb players, and provides the players of clubs that have actually demonstrated their worth in the European Leagues 2021-2022, with elders Abilities in the direction of the style of devices and also layouts of special chips.

Lastly, Unique packs consisting of 11 players and also training things of Konami’s members are now offered. Customers can already gather effective players, prepare them to start playing promptly and also training a team around their very own football viewpoint, to enjoy the feeling of the competition through the Dream Team ‘, they direct out from the Japanese business.

Good information for Konami’s football . The Japanese company commemorates today the launch of the 2nd season of Efootball on all platforms, while it also introduces that the mobile variation of Efootball has been upgraded to Efootball 2022, integrating as attractive ** a new Dream Team mode that It allows players to produce their very own team, as in the console version.


After sum even more than 500 million downloads worldwide with PES, Konami currently looks for to repeat such a feat with his new Efootball in mobile. To do this, they include, brand-new controls have been added to experience the video game of modern football, and the animations of the players and the sphere habits have been significantly restored to supply the exact same gameplay on the mobile as in the console.

Much to do in Efootball 2022

Konami commemorates today that has actually been downloaded 15 million times Efootball , we will certainly see just how the number with its arrival in mobiles grows.

Beyond this topic Konami proceeds to study just how to improve customer experience in Efootball. Update V. 1.1.1 has actually already readjusted some issues as well as an additional patch with various organized improvements will certainly show up quickly. In enhancement, a survey in the video game is set up to gather opinions as well as comments of the players .

Beyond this subject Konami continues to examine just how to improve user experience in Efootball. In enhancement, a study in the video game is set up to accumulate opinions and also responses of the players .

Efootball 2022 Bit by bit is seeing the light after an initial call with the devastating public. Nevertheless, he still has a great deal of method ahead each time of fantastic modifications in football simulation after the tear of FIFA and EA. Also, Konami celebrates today that has actually been downloaded 15 million times Efootball , we will certainly see just how the number with its arrival in mobiles expands.

How does a joint game work for four players in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

For the first time in the Pokémon Pokémon Scarlet and Violet series, they will present a real open world. In addition to this, the multiplayer is no longer limited to trade and battles, you can really explore this world together. This can make you ask how a joint game for four players in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet works.

explanation of the cooperative for four players in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can play with three friends. You can fight, trade, and now explore the world in a cooperative . This means that you can explore various places in the new region, discover Pokemon and much more together.

Can all players go in different ways?

So far, not so many details are known about how the cooperative will work in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but the second trailer shows everything. Four coaches together with their Pokemon, but also shows them crushing . It seems that this means that players will be able to go in different ways and should not remain in the immediate vicinity of each other.

If so, the question remains how far players will be able to move away from each other without disconnecting. Pokémon, most likely, will reveal more information about this function as the day of starting approaches.

To obtain additional information about Pokemon, read the section who are professors in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? And all Pokemon confirmed for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in Pro game guides.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Five million units sold in the first month

The successor to Dying Light from Techland had an outstanding start.
By February 28, 2022, five million copies of Dying Light 2 Stay Human were sold, as the developer announced.

Paweł Marchewka, CEO of Techland, said: “The success of the Dying Light series is a great example of the unforgettable experiences that we create for our players.”

????‍♂️Dying Light 2 Stay Human - The Reason - Gameplay Trailer | REACTION
In addition, Dying Light 2 Stay Human was predominantly rated by the Steam players.

Next week, Techland will introduce some new content for Dying Light 2 Stay Human and other interesting announcements for all players.

Minecraft book recipe: How to make paper in Minecraft

Minecraft has been there for over a decade and is an integral part of young and old players, is constantly popular with streamers and attracts new players over the years. Although the game has returned a long way since the days of the beta version, some players may still know how they can produce the essentials as the ingredients can sometimes be surprising. Such a article is paper , which is already an interesting learning opportunity. Continue reading for our guide How to make paper in Minecraft!

Minecraft book recipe: How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is made by putting 3 pieces sugar cane harvested from the high stems that you will see at most starting points next to the water in the middle 3 squares of the 3 × 3 crafting grids. Sugarcane is incredibly abundantly available in the game and can be farmed quickly so that you can quickly produce large quantities of paper. You can use this in the middle, middle left and bottom left of the craft grid along with leather on the middle bottom square to make books. This also helps create additional empty cards (especially helpful when losing the card with which they started) as well as banners, cartographic tables and even fireworks.

The reasoning that paper from sugarcane rather than from the modern source, the wood fiber of trees, is probably inspired by the historical use of papyrus, the sugar cane. There is also a newer trend in which company use Bagasse, the fibrous pulp, which remains after the sugar was extracted from sugar cane. Minecraft is a versatile, entertaining and educational tool for all ages, and whether you want to build huge monuments or survive the night, it is always important to know how things thrive.

Minecraft: How to Make Paper and Books

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Minecraft Update 14 will appear soon on PS3 and Xbox 360

This is our guide completed How to make paper in Minecraft! Check out our other advice!

Minecraft is as ubiquitous as a game can only be, and is available across multiple generations on all important platforms.

Fanboy’s attack / play guide / Minecraft book recipe: How to make paper in Minecraft

Halo Infinite Halo Halo Update Live, Published Patch Notes

A new half-season update has been launched for Halo infinity season 1, and promises a series of welcome improvements for players. As a result of today’s update, players can expect to see audio improvements, Quick corrections resume on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, stability improvements in Xbox One and more. In particular, several improvements have been made in the antitric measures of the game, which should be good news. Cheating has been a big problem in the game, so I hope this makes the difference! Complete notes of game patch. Official website can be found below:

Many improvements come from the comments of Halo Insiders and the Halo Support tickets sent by our community. Thank you for participating and continue sending tickets!


  • First-person animations, including recharge and climbing, now appear more fluid at all frame speeds.
  • The following sound effects are stronger in the audio mixture for both multiplayer mode and for the campaign:
    • Enemies launching grenades
    • Needler’s supercomber
    • Player Ravager completing his load

  • Multiple improvements in Quick summarizes in Xbox series X | S, including greater reliability to reconnect to Halo Infinite Personalization and Multiplayer Services. Players who bought the digitally infinite halo campaign should also see fewer indications to buy the campaign after using Quick Resume.
  • Players who did not receive an achievement after completing their requirements should see it unlocked after updating and executing infinite halo.
  • Improvements at Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Xbox Series X | S consoles.
  • Improvements in color accuracy when playing on a PC with AMD GPU and compatible monitor (s) with Freesync. If you want to play with HDR enabled, make sure you are enabled HDR in Windows and AMD Radeon software / configuration.
  • Stability improvements for Xbox One consoles.
  • Throw halo infinite with an outdated PC graphics driver will now indicate players who download drivers recommended by Halo Support.
  • PCs with Intel Interted Graphics Hardware may experience fewer graphic damage.


  • Detection of improved traps and other anti-traps improvements.
  • The sound effects to receive damage, as well as the steps of the enemy and the shots are now stronger in the audio mix of the multiplayer mode.
  • The scope of the combat sensor has increased from 18 to 24 meters in Big Team Battle (BTB).
  • New telemetry was added to help our developers collect more information about shooting registration problems. Read the in-depth analysis of the development team of these problems and their plans for future mitigations: Halo Infinite online experience.
  • After receiving a pairing ban, players can select the Play button on any match playlist to see when their prohibition will end. This expiration time will have the MM / DD / YY format and the PT time.
    • For more information about Halo Infinite prohibitions and how to send a prohibition appeal, see How to appeal a prohibition.
  • The optimal armor coating Polish Initiated is now available for all players who have sent a valid code in Halo Waypoint. You can find more information about this promotional offer on the OPI blog. If you have any problems with this promotion, contact [email protected]
  • Players who are in destroyed vehicles will no longer experience tartamadees or desynchronizations.
  • Pairing playlists now reflect precise estimated waiting times.
  • The post-game carnage report (PGCR) will now reflect the correct winning team after online matches.


  • Improvements in the Campaign saving system to avoid data loss.
  • Interactive elements, such as non-collected audio records and ammunition boxes, now have the sound and visual effects provided after completing the final mission of the campaign.
  • The description of Forerunner Artifacts now appears correctly when playing in a language that is not English.

This update includes two new known problems:

  • Local area network servers (LAN) can not be started from the game menus.
    • LAN servers can be started in Steam Starting Halo Infinite with the following startup options: -server -Consola -LAN
    • This solution is currently only available for Steam.
    • This problem only affects the start of a LAN server on the PC. Joining a LAN server in the game works as expected on all platforms.
  • The BotCamp Bot Parade playlist has an inaccurate estimated waiting time. Real waiting times may vary, but they should be much shorter than the indicated estimated wait.

Halo Infinite's Failed Live Service

Cheating in online shooting games has been a major problem in recent months, not only in Halo infinito but in games like _-duty: war zone, as well as. It remains to be seen if these improvements will make a difference, but with luck the fans will have a much more pleasant experience with the game as a result!

Halo infinito is now available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

How do you feel about today’s update for Halo infinito? Do you think this update will make a difference? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

F1 2019 play with controller

F1 2019: Controller control best with individual settings

Real F1 pilots need steering wheel and pedals, but even with the controller, rapid “hot laps” are possible.

Basically, F1 2019 allows exactly like the successors different input devices, for PC players is also the keyboard. This is the worst possible, since no dosed inputs are possible. Both during braking and accelerating and steering is the fine adjustment of central importance; The waiver is therefore not recommended.

  • Controllers are therefore clear. With the analog shoulder buttons, partial pressure is possible over the entire spectrum; The same applies to the steering by analog stick.
  • The best method is a set with steering wheel and pedals. However, this is the investment that is usually a hurdle for non-enthusiasts. By contrast, console players already have a controller anyway. Many PC players also have a controller.
  • In the control with controller, fingertip feel is all the more important because the scope or stroke of the shoulder buttons is not great. Dashed entries are possible, but require extremely fine movements. This requires exercise – and the right settings.
  • Under “Calibration” in the control options you can change the linearity. A higher value means that the input is not so strictly implemented. In this way, you can not accelerate and brake with the controller.
  • Professional Tip to Steering: By pressing the analog stick forward, you can perform finer steering movements to the sides from there, in the sense of a 180 degree semicircle. From the starting position in the middle that is hardly possible – here is only strict left or right.

F1 2020 • Controller Settings Guide
The ideal values ​​for these settings are a matter of taste. We recommend simply starting a free time trial and enter different numbers until you feel comfortable with the setup. Then you can observe your skill progress by comparison with the KI competition.

Where to find a picture “Resurrection” in Elden Ring

The huge open world of Elden Ring contains many secrets and collectibles that players can find in their journey. One of these collectibles are paintings that can be found scattered on the map. Picture “Resurrection” can be found in Liurni in place called artist hut . This place is located to the west of G. Divine Tower of Liurni . Players can notice the picture, just entering the squint of the artist and looking at the easel in the center of the building.

Elden Ring | 10 Larval Tear Locations for Respeccing Your Attributes

What are you doing with pictures in Elden Ring?

Pictures are more than just collectibles. These items will act like small side quests for players. Each picture will contain prompts about the location of the award that players should track. Tips are usually mysterious and vague.

The picture itself is also the key to the location of the award, although players are not looking for a place shown in the picture. They are looking for a place from where the picture was written.

Interested in other famous places in Elden Ring and want to learn more? Find out where to find the staff of Queen Jumpliness in Elden Ring in professional manuals!

Fortnite Memes in Elden Ring confuse Japanese players

Elden Ring is exactly a week out with this day and the players are still diligent to find secrets and test limits of the game. So a player found a perfect overpower magic attack , which makes it possible to sue a boss with only a single spell . Some of other players prefer to focus on the exploration of the beautiful Zwischenland. It is possible to find messages left by other players. Instead of using helpful tips, this function is partly used for the creation of memes. That’s exactly what matters is confused in some Japanese players who are not powerful to the English language.

Fortnite-MeMe leaves Japanese player at a loss

The message system in ELDEN RING accesses a repertoire to preset words that can be combined arbitrarily. Thus, the English speaking community has repeatedly used the words “Fort” and “Night” , which sounded in a row as the Popular Shooter Fortnite .

The problem, the messages are automatically translated into the local language for other regions. While the word game is funny for users of the English version, all others frown. So also the Japanese player etc_only, who held the news for a hidden embassy.

So Fort is in the German fortress and Night means translated night. So the player desperately tried to cause a hidden event by mistaken by knocking all possible fortresses at night. At some point he came to the point that he realized that his efforts are in vain and it is an internet meme.

That’s behind the grass message in Elden Ring

However, there is also communication problems in the other direction. So “lol” is presented in Japanese Internetlang with a “W” as a shortened version of “Warau 笑う / Lachen”. Since the “W” with a little fantasy looks like a cartoon character of grass, the Kanji sign for grass “草” has become the internet length for “lol”. So when Japanese players find something funny, leave a “草” message.

However, as we already know, the texts are translated automatically and thus only the word “grass” appears in other regions, rather than “lol”. So if you accidentally encounter a message with “grass”, probably a Japanese Elden Ring fan has laughed at the appropriate location.

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Likes in Death Stranding makes you feel good

_ THE TRAINING OF DEATH_ will be a game with many systems with whom interacting, from its crossing mechanisms to its ancillary activities. Curiously, one of these systems includes a “I like” type system inspired by social networks, one of the online features of the game.

Although it is a unique player game, an online mechanism allows players to leave behind useful objects, such as scales or bridges, which can be used to cross large spaces and rivers. Players can reward this behavior in “the magnet” in the game.

When Game inform you asks Death Stranding’s Kojima explained that tastes are his own reward. At first, the rest of his team of developers opposed the implementation of this feature, because the players could not understand it and there was no significant advantage, but Kojima insisted that the fact that the tastes should be tastes.

“But, of course, you can see how many love you have, then it may be a small reward,” added Kojima. “If you simply use (something that another player has placed), one as will be sent automatically. But you can also send more, like a tip. “

“I do not mean that I’m great to think about this idea,” he pursued, “because it’s really a mixture of the Japanese way; we do not have tips, but you know that You get a very good service in Japan. While in America there is a tipping system where the servers do their best because they want to be informed. So it’s a side game in the game. “

Death Stranding: Here's How The Social Strand System Works
According to Kojima, the objects left behind who do not have many tastes “may disappear” while “those who have the high thumb will remain”.

In particular, there is no way for players to give a boost to the objects of each other since Kojima wants to be a “positive” game of working together.

How does the rated game work in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard Ranked Play is a highly competitive gaming mode, which uses the Call of Duty League practices. Players compete with each other to rise in the skill division and get into the global table of leaders from 250 players. That’s how rank mode works in Vanguard.

How the PROS (And I) ACTUALLY get better at RANKED PLAY | Tips & Tricks to Improve in CoD Vanguard!

Rules rating game “Avangard”

Features rating games 4 to 4 complies with control, search and destruction and attachment point Game modes occurring on limited maps. Unlike the usual multiplayer mode, players need to collect equipment only from the allowed items. Limited access elements are marked with warning icon in the setup menu.

In addition, you get fined for the output or breaking connection with a rating match by halfway. Fire according to your Here it is real, and the murder of teammates can lead to disqualification and fines. So that everything is honest, all weapons and investments are unlocked for each player playing in the ranking.

Rating Systems Vanguard Rating Games

Rank beta version Seven Division Skills Five Levels in Each . You can advance through divisions and levels, earn skills ratings (SR) for victories in matches in the rating multiplayer. The division of skill in which you get at the beginning of each season is determined by five estimated matches.

Moreover, players in the expert division or higher can be combined only with players from one skill division. In addition to the divisions, the Vanguard rating game also has rating tournaments and ranks. Players can participate in two Ladder Events per week to earn stars and raise your rating.

Rank player’s rank game reflects its achievements in rating tournaments. Ladder Points are charged for winning the match and deduct if you lose it. Stars are accrued depending on the player’s place in the ranking after the end of each event. Unlike the skill divisions, the titles are unchanged and transferred to the seasons.

Awards for the rank game “Avangard”

Competitions in rating mode have their advantages. Players will have the opportunity to earn special awards, including arms drawings, camouflages, skins operators and much more in each season rating game.

During beta testing of the rating game in the second season of “Avant-garde”, players will receive the emblem and a business card for every five ranks. Achievement Maximum Rank 50 will bring you an exclusive Skin Operator “Rating” for Slange .

Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, read our article about the best sniper rifles in the second season Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

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