ThePokemon MasterThe Reach for the Top event will start today at 11 p.m. Pacific regular time. You will leave for an experience with Blue and also Pidgeot, so take the chance to spend time with among one of the most renowned instructors in the Kanto region.

A big part of the information contained in this guide is dated but will certainly be updated for even more precision as the event progresses.

How much time does the event last?

Event requirements

You should have removed chapter 5 as well as hired Skyla to have accessibility to this event.

The event will take area from September 23 23:00 Hap at September 29 10:59 p.m. PA.

What is the damage to the top?

You will also get vouchers of event objectives, but just the two missions above can be utilized for vouchers.

  • Take Down Blue, round 2 (difficult) will certainly drop 13 vouchers
  • Remove Blue, round 1 (normal) will drop 11 supporting items

There will be 11 events of event history and also 15 event objectives. There will certainly be an agriculture of coupons included, and also the only event quests that drop the vouchers are cooperative quests.

Rewards of the event

As aspects in shop that can be traded for vouchers, the listing of benefits must be as complies with:

  • Gems-350
  • Great A-500

You can additionally utilize vouchers in the shop to exchange the following things:

  • Replay ticket-coupon to x 100

* 2 stars level up manual-good to 50 (3 times).
* 1 star level up manual-good to x 30 (5 times).
* 10,000 pieces-good to x 10 (3 times).

Bear in mind that you have ample time to finish this event. If you haven’t beat Skyla yet, you have mostly all month to finish the event. Great good luck, instructors!