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Lemgo grabs the last ticket for Hamburg

Füchsen ziehen in DHB-Pokal-Halbfinale ein
The previous year’s winner prevailed in the quarter-finals on Sunday evening against the Mt Melsungen with 28:24 (15:10) and now meets in the final round on April 23 as in the previous year at record champion THW Kiel. In the second semifinals at the final rounding tournament in Hamburg, Bundesliga Table Guide SC Magdeburg gets to do with HC Erlangen. The final rises on April 24th.

The game between Lemgo and melsung was originally held four weeks ago, then had to be postponed due to several corona cases in the Hesse. In the duel of the two Bundesliga, which compared in the previous year in the final, the guests led in the middle of the first half with 8: 6.

But then the MT lost the thread and already the connection until the break. Best thrower at the winner was the Islander Bjarki Mar Elisson with ten goals. For melsungen, national player Julius Kühn met eight times.

TBV Lemgo Lippe – Mt Melsungen 28:24 (15:10)

Goals TBV Lemgo Lippe: Elisson (10/3), Suton (5), Simak (4), Zerbe (3), Isaia’s Guardiola (2), Gedeon Guardiola (2), Carlsbogard, Cederholm

Mt Melsungen: Kühn (8), Jonsson (4), Häfner (3), Maric (2), Arnarsson (2), Kastening (2), Allendorf, Reichmann (1/1), Petersson
Viewers: No information

Gravity and Lagranoque IP as a result of 9.7%

Last year, the GRABITI ‘s earnings has been sluggish in the past year, maintaining the earnings of the previous year based on the Ragnarok IP performance.

Gravity anomaly Part 1 | How to collect gravity field data

Gravity disclosed its sales and operating profit on its 2021, 14th. Sales increased by 2% from the previous year to W414bn, and operating profit increased by 9.7% to 97 billion won.

Gravity has increased sales and operating profit for six consecutive years since 2016, Prayer towards Ragnarok IP titles, Lagranoque online direct service expansion and Lagranoque Origin, etc.

The fourth quarter of the Gravity’s 4Q09 is 97 billion won and operating profit was 10 billion won. La Granarok Origin, which launched North America last November, has been reflected.

Gravity proceeds this year’s NFT and P2E game services, expansion of existing title services, and launching new work. First, the first half of this year, I launched a NFT game based on Ragnarok IP in Southeast Asia, and I will expand China local Lagranoque business through Hong Kong branch established in January. Finally, a number of games based on Lagranoque IPs are available in new areas with PC and mobile.

More information can be found on the Gravity Official Homepage.

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