The saints are back and the gang has made new enemies in the southwest zone of Santo ileso. More enemies mean more pain inflicted by them and maintaining your health to survive any fight. Here is How to cure your health in Saints Row .

Heals your health in Saints Row

It is very important to monitor health during fights because, although enemies in Saints Row are not very intelligent, face too many at the same time can become overwhelming quickly. Your character’s health bar will automatically cure on its own, but only at specific times.

If you do not receive damage during the fights, your bar will fill again, but the health is divided into segments. If a segment is completely emptied, it will not be filled again until the fight ends. To cure empty health segments, you must make a demolition movement.

A demolition can be carried out by pressing the button and//triangle when it is close enough of the enemy to have a purple contour around it. Your character will make a striking melee attack and cure once it ends.

The demolition also have a reuse time, which is represented as a circular symbol of saints at the bottom of the screen when it is ready. Killing enemies and damage vehicles will decrease cooling percentage, and some weapons have special skills that further reduce cooling.

Later in the game, your character will receive health improvements after reaching certain levels. There are also skills that can be equipped to heal quickly during battle. Tough Mother, unlocked at level six, will give a temporary health impulse that will deny a certain amount of damage. The transfusion, unlocked at level 11, will be cured as you harm enemies once it is activated.

Those are all methods in How to cure your health in Saints Row . Consult again with saints to get more guides on the game that are also found below, and read our official Saint Row review.

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