Three mobile telecommunication companies such as SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus, SGI Seoul Guarantee, and Korea Credit Bureau (KCB) have signed a joint venture contract to enter the professional personal credit rating industry.

This is the first time to establish a joint venture between the three telecommunications companies.

The company pledged to gather strength to realize the ESG management value, which has a joint venture contract at the SGI Seoul Guarantee headquarters and has a joint venture agreement on the afternoon of the afternoon.

In accordance with the revised Credit Information Protection Act, the joint venture utilizes non-financial credit rating services based on the telecommunications information of three telecommunication companies to revitalize the data industry.

The five companies expected to provide a wide range of financial benefits, such as increasing loan limit and lowering interest rates to students and financial weakened people who have limited financial services due to lack of financial history.

In addition, the company plans to create a foundation for revitalizing the data business, starting with the non-financing credit rating project, and to find new businesses to create new customer value.

Regarding the joint venture, three telecommunications companies will invest 26%of each shares, and SGI Seoul Guarantee and KCB are strategic investors in the direction of investing 11%of each shares.


Currently, the company plans to implement necessary procedures, such as the establishment of a preparatory subsidiary, recruiting CEOs, and applying for business rights after the establishment of a corporate combination screening for the establishment of a joint venture.

The five companies said, It is the first example of the three telecommunications companies to establish a joint venture. We will continue to make efforts.