Stuxnet is a computer worm discovered in June 2010 and first described under the name of rootkittmphider. The malicious program was specially developed for attacking a system for monitoring and controlling and controlling the manufacturer Siemens – the SIMATIC S7. The control of frequency converters of the manufacturer Vacon from Finland and Fararo Paya in Tehran was intervened. For example, frequency converters serve to control the speed of motors.
Such controls are often used, for example in industrial plants such as waterworks, air conditioning or pipelines.Da by the end of September 2010 of Iran the largest proportion of the infected computers had and it came to exceptional disorders in the Iranian nuclear program, it was close that Stuxnet was mainly emerged to The control technology of the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz or the nuclear power plant BUSCHREG to disturb.
The highly deliberated programmer group and clients are unknown. However, in June 2013, the US Department of Justice announced that it initiated investigations against the world s second highest officer and later Stuxnet project manager General James E. Cartwright. The authority suspects that Cartwright passed on details to Stuxnet to the New York Times in 2010, which led allegedly to the unloading of the $ 50 million expensive sabotage program.

Another-so should no longer exist in German sports after weak performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the ongoing descent in World Sport in German sports. With a three-day power sports conference in Kienbaum with 220 participants, which came to an end on Wednesday, after an analysis of the Tokyo results Basic Changes have been demanded in a communication of the German Olympic Sports Association.

Downward trend since Barcelona 1992

With the result of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, German competitive sports as a complete system records another decline in medals, it continued. Thus, since Barcelona 1992 existing downward trend could not be stopped again. In Japan, the Team D 37 brought medals (10 gold, 11 silver, 16 bronze) and landed on the ninth place in the medal mirror. In Rio 2016 there were 42 medals and the fifth place.

The consequences for the future Olympic summer games in Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032 are to be implemented in two stages. For the games take place in less than three years in Paris 2024, the circle of possible participants already be identified too much. In the core, these are the 114 athletes, which have reached a place of 1 to 8 in Tokyo. Building on the Olympic Analysis of the Institute for Applied Training Science and the resulting recommendations, German competitive sports will focus mainly on these potential, said the DOSB.

neglecting the factor movement in the German education system

In order to realize a change in the games in Los Angeles and Brisbane, but also in future winter games and World Games, the federal coaches and sports directors of the Olympic and non-Olympic associations as well as the performance sports officers of the state sports courts and the Olympic superconductors discuss the essential measures necessary been.

These included the development of athletes, the talenting and junior promotion, the quality and quantity of coaches, the network competitive sport between federal and state level or socio-political topics such as school sports. The neglect of the factor movement and sports in the German education system is neither under competitive aspects in international comparison nor socially and health policy, said it. However, these topics are not new, but only not tackled or treated half-heartedly.

The control functions of the DOSB and its partners in the network performance sport would also have to be more likely to be perceived and the professionalization of structures and power sports staff are more consistent.

Kienbaum sends a strong signal into the entire German sport: we and the whole system have to develop and change us, said Dirk Schimmelpfennig, Management Board power sport of the DOSB. After the critical, open analysis of the results of Tokyo, the existing findings would have to be more consistent than previously implemented to make German competitive sports more competitive over the next few years.