Developer Toukana Interactive announced the Nintendo Switch version of the puzzle game DorFromantik on August 24. Delivered on September 29. Inside the game is compatible with Japanese display. When I contacted the studio about the release of Japan, it will be distributed in Japan.

Dorfromantik is a puzzle game that creates a peaceful village landscape by arranging hexagonal tiles. There are various types of tiles, such as houses, forests, fields, or rivers and tracks, and if you place them next to each other, it will be one landscape. The aim is to get more points before you get points according to the degree of conformity and your tiles are gone.


Some tiles have special quests. For example, windmills must be in contact with six grain fields, trains must be connected to ten tracks, and deer must live in a forest with at least 50 trees. Achieving a quest will add a handy tile, making it possible to earn more points. In addition, by expanding the scenery by arranging tiles, new tiles, environments, and quests are opened.

This work was distributed in advance with the PC version and was developed through early access of Steam. In the meantime, not only new tiles and environments, but also game modes such as creative modes that allow us to use tiles unlimitedly, and community challenges. Steam user reviews have gained a overwhelmingly popular status, which is now popular at 97%.

The Nintendo Switch version of Dorfromantik will be distributed on September 29.