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The manufacturing life of the desert city “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is also a craft, adventure, and battle! However, at the moment, the unstable part is [explosive repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, “I don’t know what kind of game it is!” Therefore, it is this project “ Explosive Play Report *” to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, on May 26, 2022, the developer Pathea Games released early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) “MY TIME AT SANDROCK” ** I would like to deliver the contents of.

What is “Kimi no Town Sandlock”?

Life simulation set in the deserted desert city “Sandrock”. Players will be a rookie builder who has settled in the city, and will revive the city while enjoying various ways of playing, such as craft, agriculture, and interaction with residents.

This work is a sequel to “MY TIME AT Portia” released in 2019 (Steam early access is 2018). Like the previous work, many mysteries, including various technologies, archeological sites, and monsters, are hidden in the world 300 years after the catastrophe is almost lost.

The Kickstarter campaign started on October 26, 2020. It has achieved a target amount in just one day, and ultimately supports about $ 520,000, which is much higher than the $ 100,000 of the target. Various additional content has been determined by stretch goals and Steam Wish List registration campaigns.

In addition, this work was scheduled to launch early access in STEAM in March 2021, but it has been postponed because the license for rating authentication in various places required for online sales will not be issued as expected. It continues to develop with the beta version, and has the background of the early access version released.

Approach the actual content of “Kimi no Town Sandlock”!

First is the character creation. Gender, appearance, voice, etc. can be set, and the appearance can be changed finely in a slider format. The parts can be used regardless of gender, so make your own builder as much as you want.

The game begins with the scene where the hero gets on the train and reaches the sand rock city. At the station, there is “Mian”, the same rookie builder as you, and will guide you to the city. At the entrance of the city, he meets Yang, the head of a commercial guild, and the protagonist will take over the workshop of his predecessor builder.

From now on, you will be asked to produce a tutorial, the first tool of the builder, “Stone Tsuruhashi”. Tree and stones are required to make vine, so we will collect materials around the workshop. If the material is gathered, access the workbench and craft it safely.

After that, reported to Yang and successfully finished the first quest. After that, I will meet many characters, such as the girl “Jasmine”, the potter’s “Amira”, the Leader of the militia, “Chihon”, which is investigating the ancient civilization while strolling around the city. Interaction with people is an important point of this work.

By the way, when I cut down the cactus with a stone ax at the first quest, I was preached that it violated town ordinance . He was forgiven because he was the first offense, but next time he was warned that he was fine and strict eyes from the people in the city. Speaking of which, Yang said that, but wouldn’t you explain it first!

A sand rock town that suddenly shows a harsh surface on the first day of moving. In this way, the first day of the rookie builder was so joyful and anxious… (unless you cut the tree).

Let’s get along with the residents of Sandrock!

The builder life that started this way. The basic flow of this work is to “receive a request from the residents → delivery and deliver it”, so the request is a main quest with a story, as well as a subquest and commercial guild requested by residents. I am.

There are many shops such as bars, tailors, and blacksmiths in the sand rock town, where you can purchase materials and tools. You can also check the city’s events by purchasing a newspaper. In addition, there are game centers, combat training areas, and drugstores, and unique residents are waiting.

The liking gradually increases through daily conversations, gifts, achievement of requests, and seasonal events. You can get along with the residents and change the relationship to “friends” or “partner”, etc., and you can also receive benefits such as status changes and discounts for shops. Some characters can develop to love by getting closer.

Sandlock life is separated by calendar for 30 days in each season, and various events are prepared for each season. At the event, you can get a dedicated coin through mini-games, etc., and can be exchanged for furniture and costumes. In addition, residents may increase their liking by giving results at the event.

In addition, the rally held by the city hall and church tells you about future policies and events in the city. Most of the rally can be used to gain a good feeling in conversation, so it can be used to deliver it to residents receiving commissions.

Basically, this work is not easy to increase the liking of residents. If you get along with the residents you aim, you need to give a present or concentrate on requests. Indeed, it’s all about cutting trees ignoring the ordinance.

I’m a builder! Manufacturing is the main business!

There are two types of facilities, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi first, is available, such as a workbench that produced a vinehashi, and a “one that can be made as soon as the material is made,” and a “one that puts ingredients and wait for completion”. You need to be careful during production, as time-consuming facilities require fuel.

Like the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, there is also a large craft that uses the “assembly station” in the workshop. The material is completed by putting the material into the target item prepared, and most of the production facilities and quest items of this work are completed using the station.

CAN GOLD DEFEAT THE DESERT DEMON? - Desert Skies Gameplay (Raft Clone)
For example, in order to complete the “recycle” facility produced in the quest, a “stone bowl”, “wood”, and “grinding saw” are required. The wood is the same, but the other two must be processed based on the material. Inevitably requires a large amount of ingredients, so when you have plenty of time, collect the minimum material. Production recipes are available at commercial guilds and research centers.

In addition, in this work, water is an essential resource for moving the machine. However, water is valuable in the sand rock, a desert city. The only way to get it is to buy it at the water tower, or to collect the “dew” that can be obtained by destroying grass and stones. By the way, be careful as you get angry when you enter the oasis in the city.

There are many things to collect materials, secure water, and buy recipes. Of course, life will gradually improve as the facilities are enhanced little by little. If you work, the protagonist will level up and improve your abilities, so a steady life will eventually bear fruit.

Adventure in a vast world! Free mining and agriculture

In this open world work, you can explore various areas around you as well as sand rock towns. In the desert, many materials are available and wild creatures inhabit. Some of them are dangerous creatures that attack the hero, so be careful when collecting materials.

By proceeding with the story, new areas such as mining where you can get a large amount of ore and machine parts and areas where monsters are waiting will be opened. The new area also offers new materials and quests, so it is important to make the sand rock life comfortable.

In addition, the protagonist will be able to agriculture in the workshop as farms can be used. It is difficult in the early stages because water is needed for agriculture, but crops are reliable in cooking and gifts. Above all, the “moisture” of increasing green in the desert city is essential for life.

If you make money, it is important to buy and expand the land around the workshop. There are also new livestock huts and shops that allow you to add new livestock huts. This work is very easy to recreate the facility, so you can renovate your house as you want.

Of course, almost all elements introduced so far are never forced. The main quest is basically not fixed, so you can proceed slowly at your own pace. What kind of life to send in sand locks is the player’s freedom. Nevertheless, it is necessary to enhance the facilities while proceeding with the quests.

“Kimi no Machi’s Sandlock” introduced so far. From the previous work “Kimi no Town Portia”, you can enjoy a fulfilling and fulfilling builder life, including the foundation of craft, etc. Although it is a game that is often done, the difficulty is not too high, and there is no urgent time for the main story.

Immediately after the early access release, reports such as “the load time is too long”, “the game is too heavy”, and “freezing”, but at the time of this article, the patch distribution has been considerably improved. I haven’t had any problems yet since the latest patch, but it has been reported in forums. I also feel that the quality of Japanese translation still needs to be improved.

At the time of early access release, you can experience some of the main stories and basic game play parts. In the future, the main story will be added, the NPC quest will be expanded, new systems and items will be added. The multi-player function is currently under development.

Although it is an early access, there are some unstable parts, but it is a recommended work for players who want to collect materials in the open world world and enjoy manufacturing and interact with NPCs. “Kimi no Town Sandlock” is being distributed early access to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store).

No Man’s Sky: Change multi -tools

INSTALLING A SURVEY DEVICE in My Multi-tool - No Man's Sky Synthesis - E31

No Man’s Sky: How to change the multi -tool

In the past, the change was not possible: as soon as you had the opportunity to get a new multi -tool, you had to make a difficult decision because you could only have one tool at the same time.
In the meantime, numerous updates later, the situation looks different.

You can have several multi -tools and them if necessary:
1. Call the quick menu and select “Aids” on the left.
2. There you will find the “Exchange multi -tool” option.
3. Select the desired multi -tool.
The currently non-used multi-tools are not stored in the inventory and therefore do not take any space.
This means an even higher flexibility, since you can carry the desired tool with you at any time on your interstellar trips without having to think about the inventory.

Feel -good series – the best sitcoms against a bad mood!

We live in times of absolute peak TV – there have never been so many well -made series on TV and the various streaming providers. Many productions regularly achieve a level in their consequences, which is even missing in many cinema films. But does it always have to be higher, faster, further? There is still a very simple but no less successful format: the sitcom. For many decades, the simplest means have inspired an audience of millions in a few locations.

The special thing about it is their mostly positive mood. Sitcoms do not want to teach, explain nothing, do not cause tension or tell complicated stories, but simply entertain and usually make it laugh. That is why they are the perfect feel-good series. Switch on, lean back and forget the stress for a short time without having to think much.

We have worked through time and want to show you a few of the greatest sitcoms for exactly this purpose: brain, enjoy and stay with a positive feeling. We do without series like The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Man or How I Met Your Mother – Since everyone knows them anyway. But that should not mean that now only secret insider tips are followed.

How Russians Reacted When We Showed Them Pictures From Ukraine

original fathers of the sitcoms

Sitcoms have been around as long as there is television. They were easy to produce and delighted a large audience. Even today, some of the early formats are very worth seeing and set foundation stones that can be found in almost all sitcoms today.

Happy Days * is something like the mother of all sitcoms and produced legendary characters like “Fonzie”, who almost made the black leather jacket suitable for mass. Unfortunately, the series is not available from any streaming provider, but only on DVD – and mostly only in parts.
The Dick van Dyke Show should not be missing in any list of sitcoms. Today she brought us many elements that are still the order of the day in sitcoms – such as various flashbacks to tell the story. The series from the 50s is now even in a remaster version.
M.A.S.H was the most successful sitcom ever for a long time and was only replaced a few years ago. Although it plays in the middle of the Korean War, the humorous elements predominate. The complete series (and the film) are available at Disney Plus.
* The Mark from the Ork was not only the starting signal for Robin Williams’ career, but also an extraordinary sitcom. The history of the criminal alien, who is supposed to explore primitive humanity and stumbles into the next from one fun situation.

wedding of the sitcoms – the 80s

In the 80s, the sitcoms really picked up speed and filled the evening program pretty much all available TV channels. There were classics between much boring trash that still have many fans today.

Alf * – The loving, custody aliens who accidentally landed in the Garage of the Tanner family and has been spending his days since then to loot the fridge and make plans as he prepares the family cat Lucky. Delicious entertainment for the whole family.
A terribly nice family probably knows everyone who has not lived alone in the forest since 1987. Al Bundy and his dreary life as a shoe seller who stumbles into the next from a fat and leads an endless war against neighbor Darcy. The series not only made Ed O’Neil, but also Christina Applegate, alias Dumpfbacke and Katey Sagal world famous.
Who is here the boss – Tony Danza as a house man who, with his half-fabriced daughter (Alissa Milano), collects in a wealthy woman in the suburb. The real highlight for us was always the extremely personable nasty mona. Unfortunately, the series is nowhere streamed and it is almost impossible to find complete DVD boxes somewhere.
Full House is probably the epitome of the good mood family sitcom. Danny Tanner, who was actually known for his nasty and coarse humor, plays in a house with his three daughters, his brother -in -law and his best friend. The series has recently been continued with Fuller House.
all under one roof * – Sitcom actually revolves around the life of the Winslow family. But let’s be honest: Actually, they are all just extras for one of the most memorable characters of all time: Steve Urkel!
Golden Girls * tells the story of four older women who live in a flat share in the Florida pensioner paradise. Since the four could hardly be unequivocal, not only does situation comedy arise on the ongoing volume, the four are immediately closed. Looking worth seeing and heartwarming without restriction. All episodes are available on Disney Plus.

On page 2 it continues with the 90s to this day!

Page 1 The best sitcoms for a bad mood! 50s to 80s

Page 2 The best sitcoms for a bad mood! 90s until today

Page 3bildergalerie for wellness series – the best sitcoms for a bad mood!

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[Review] Hands small, its okay, plenty of pink emotion, Logitech Zashra magenta

Approximately 0.1 tons to 180cm, which is contrary to this, is about F9.5 in F9. So every time I choose a mouse, I always had a performance, and first, I was a top-minute to see the size or form that was most important to the grip. It is not a person who only plays 1 to 2 hours, but once you start, you can not concentrate on the game if your mouse is uncomfortable, and it’s hard to use the closure because it’s a long time.

Of course, it is not not to worry about performance. It is quite important whether the FPS game or the DPI setting, which adjusts the mouse sensitivity, and the DPI setting and wireless cognitive wired, which are equipped with the programming key required to play RPG. In addition, it is a personal taste, but it preferred a symmetrical type to match the closure.

As a result, the Logitech G102, which was used for more than 5 to 6 years, has been used for a long time with a decent grip, performance, and incredibly prices. But I think it’s time to send it now. Of course, it’s still a guy, but now it’s a mouse, but I want to use a new mouse because it can be changed without a mouse. ~ ~ I will not forget G102.. ~~

In the process of finding such a new mouse, I was recommended for a colleague reporter, went to the offline store, I went to the offline store, and I looked at it, but I could not find a mouse I wanted, but I have not been able to get a big inspiration. It turned around and eventually returned to Logitech mouse, and the size of the sizes is a suitable size that is perfect for my hands, and I found a good mouse.

A mouse boasting high performance perfect for small hands you wanted. Right Logitech G Pro X Superlight (less than below) . With a flexible Logitech Hero 25K sensor for gamers for battery efficiency in symmetrical type, it has a decent Logit Hero 25K sensor, and up to 40G acceleration of 25600 dpi and 40 g and up to 1000Hz. I’m fine, but it’s okay to performance, and there’s a wireless. It is wondering if the professional gamers of many games are preferred.

■ Product Information

Logitech G Pro x Superlight

  • Connection method: Wired / Wireless

  • Sensor: Optical (light) / HERO 25K

  • Switch method: Omon switch

  • Weight: 63g

  • Mouse Size: 125/63.5 / 40 (Length, Width, Height, Mm)

  • Color: Magenta (Pink) / White / Black

  • Maximum sensitivity: 25,600 dpi

  • Polling: 1,000 Hz

  • Acceleration support: 40g

  • Warranty period: 2 years

  • Cable length: 1.8m

  • Other features: Macro set / G HUB and PowerPlay compatible

  • Price: 167,000 won (22.03.21 Dana)

■ Product Exterior

How I Dye My Hair Magenta | All about My Color, Cut, Maintenance

** ■ Small,

A body showing a small size of 125mm / 63.5mm / 40mm (length, width, height) to 63g. In fact, if the mouse has a small size and a light weight, it is expected that the mouse has a small size and light weight, but it is expected that it will not take a long time to recognize it in detail.

I first use it directly, and I can use it directly. I felt it, so I will not regret even if I have been using it, but I do not regret that it is the best, except for the highest than the highest that you have used it. If you have a good fit for a small hand, you have given your hands on a bigger colleague reporter than I have a bigger fellow reporter.

What I felt more attractive to Zishra was pretty big. First of all, let’s look at the sensor, using a hero sensor that is developed in Logitech and 25k sensors that show higher performance than the previous 16K sensor. The sensor can be more accurate and more accurate, and as we said in the inconvenience, we have a good look at the battery consumption when using up to 10 times high power efficiency and use it as a wireless mouse. If you feel uncomfortable with charging, use the Logitech Wireless Charging Pad, “PowerPlay”, is also a decent choice.

Further, a rapid response rate of 40 g of acceleration and maximum sensitivity of 25600 dpi, and 1000 Hz polling rate are also advantageous. The mounted buttons are 5 and 5, with a total / right / wheel / forward / backward, and a wireless dongle (USB receiver) can be received through a frequency up to 10m, which can be received stably.

■ ‘Logitech G Hub’ more comfortable

With the software that can manage Logitech’s gaming gear G series, in addition to the mouse, you can easily and easily set up various peripherals such as headsets, keyboards. In the case of mice, you can freely change the sensitivity value, LED light, and mount button macro setting, and the mounting button macro setting, and so on to the neat UI.

■ Finish…

I used the G102 for many years, I touched this Zishra and changed a lot of mind. I have not been able to think that it would not be a bigger and decent mouse, I’ve been living with a cheap and decent mouse. From my hands to the sensor and the sensor and neat appearance that boasts high performance.

It is not affordable compared to other Logitech G series mice when you just buy it without worrying. But it is a mouse that is worth sure that it is certainly. Lightly 63G weights are also suitable for FPS games and RTS games, and you can exert a good synergy even in RPG that must be captured for a long time.

At first, I had been worried about a heavy mouse once, and I used Zishra and saw that heart was sprouted. It’s just a light. And in fact, the grip is good because it is a lot of personal taste, so it is nice to be good, but it is good, but it is definitely a mouse that is considered to be a user with a hand with a hand with a hand size of F9 to F9.5. It is recommended to use it directly through the pro-electronics mart or offline stores, and the last man is also pink.

Elden Ring: Yes, the souls games have to be so heavy!

Friends of masochism, so soon it’s time again: A new game of from software stands in the shops. And as safe as the Umbasa in the church, you will also break out this time: the discussions about the level of difficulty. While the fan base of all probably gets exactly what she wants to have, many other players can only shake with the heads: “Why are you doing something like that?”

This time, the developers explicitly promised to make the game more accessible to newcomers, and situations where you are completely stuck, as well as avoid. In fact, this is, as far as I can judge it, thanks to the free structure of the game well suited. But that does not mean that the moment-to-moment gameplay has become easier per se. Enemies in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 € / 50.99 €) are still highly aggressive and can disassemble careless players in seconds. As in the spiritual predecessors therefore, we have to look good to study attack patterns and bring a degree of reactivity.

Are the concessions to beginners, perhaps not comprehensive enough? Should FROM Software finally bite in the acidic apple for a larger target group, and make the degree of difficulty freely adjustable? Well, to say that ahead of one way: Basically, I feel it as a welcome when developers make their titles accessible to as many players as possible.

Table of Contents

Elden Ring: The Final Preview

  1. 1 winer a lot dares…
  2. 2… the much wins
  3. 3 voltage catalyst
  4. 4 mark sign
  5. 5 comes in, the fire is warm!

However, under two conditions: the gaming experience should not suffer from it, and the developers should continue to have the greatest possible artistic freedom. And here we would have a problem with the titles of From Software.

Who dares a lot…

Also interesting: Our current preview to Elden Ring – info about story, character creation and game world!

Most of the time we get out of a nameless tomb with tattered clothes, and have our love trouble to get past the cemetery being. The refreshing opposite for the usual power fantasy so.
However, such scenarios are only active and atmospheric if we are not already an invincible deity from the outset. I look here reproachfully towards Diablo 3. Instead, the opponents are mostly really so dangerous, the game world really lost so and the journey really complicated as the game wants us to know.

… the much wins

Voltage catalyst

Here I take a reproachful direction Skyrim. Her proverbial impact gets the battles in the Souls games especially because actions are really counting on both sides. And the endurance strip is here in contrast to other playing no mechanics, which just breaks us out, but perhaps the most important component of the gameplay. Not only does it decide how quickly we can eat an opponent, but above all, whether we collect the next, potentially fatal hits or not.

This small, green bar was due to the degree of difficulty to the element, which made the inconspicuous Demon’s soul only to an export hit, and then to the foundation of a new genres. And the previously rather insignificant developer from software was promoted in the limelight. Unpressive atmosphere, tactical fighting and fantasy setting, many can. But to trust all this in “pretty hard”, that was probably only a small Japanese niche developer at that time, who had no longer attention to lose.


Come in, the fire is warm!

On the other hand, if we want to preserve the variety in the game industry, we accept that some developers make their titles just a very specific scheme. This is not a gatekeeping, that’s target group orientation, and to overdramat it: That’s the good right of a video game as a product product somewhere. If I call myself the column of last week to the memory, the focus on a certain target group could do some other developers again very well. A final, especially reproachful view towards Battlefield and Call of Duty.

And last but not least, I know little other gaming communities in which your own failure is celebrated as the souls games. No one should really feel excluded because of a lack of competence. Of course, there are the Speedrunner, the “GIT GUD” crescent and the with-a-dance mat throughout. But when a new title is in the shops, and there are new mechanics to learn, then we first sink all in the same boat.

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The FCK and the defensive: “How we defend is brutal”

For Julian Niehues, a small circle was closed on Saturday. For the first time since the 3rd matchday, the louder summer newcomer was back in the starting eleven. At that time this time the opponent was called: Viktoria Berlin. What was ended at the beginning of the season in a debacle – Kaiserslautern was 0: 4 declined from the newcomer and Niehues replaced after 45 weak minutes (Niehues-grade 5) \ – this time became a clear affair: The FCK mutant to rise to the promotional candidate was a deserved 2: 0-victory, defended rank two – and no hearing even in its own way redress, by creating the 1,95 meter man shortly before the break with his first league goal the important leadership.

“Shooting a gate is great,” the 20-year-old, who represented the struck Felix Götze in the Startelf, then took the protocol, but was very modest: “More important are the three points, the rest is bonus.”

Week after week – that’s no more chance.

“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden's FED UP

Mike whimsical about the defensive strength of his team

Bonus, which the Middle Fieldman deserved, because he and his teammates fought into the game after a complicated start of the game, because they approached the goal step by step and not the defensive neglected. That has already developed anyway for the Lauterer TRUMPF in the ascent race: For the 13th time the FCC remained at this 22nd Gameday without conceding, only 13 hits left the Palatine so far – mindfully, four of them in the first leg against Berlin. In the domestic Fritz-Walter Stadium there was even three goals (in eleven games). “As we defend is brutal,” Taktgemeld Mike was whimsical after the game. “Week for week – that’s no coincidence anymore.”

“We have defended it outstandingly. That’s the key,” also emphasized Philip Hercher, who did not only perform defensive work as a “rail player”, but already appeared as a scorer in the fifth time as a scorer and marked the 2-0. “It was a hard piece of work today,” the former Nuremberg then acknowledged and with a view of the difficult initial phase. “But how we have already addressed it before, we can not ensure clear circumstances from the beginning for clear conditions.”

Boyd before Premiere on Tuesday – Niehues’ Simple Recipe

Also so it handed for Hercher and Co. to the now eighth game in a row without defeat and defense of two, despite the victories of Braunschweig and Mannheim in the parallel games. The direct rise of ascent, past the first time for the first time in the Lauterer thirdliga history, should also be defended in the English Week if the FCK starts at the TSV 1860 Munich (Tuesday, 7pm) and the research starts to the new year Two wins want to continue – then with storm-new access Terrence Boyd, who had to pursue the threesome against Berlin on the day of his obligation for lack of player permission from the grandstand.

“Zero goals, six goals shot,” Niehues summarized. His simple recipe for the upcoming tasks: “continue.”

Uduokhai: “One, two starred players would be good to us”

The first season after changing Wolfsburg to the FCA could hardly have started better. From the beginning, Uduokhai was set as a regular force in August 2020 and even played in the focus of Jodi Löw. His invitation to the national team in November 2020 was the preliminary highlight in the career of the defense latch, even if he remained denied for Germany at that time. In recent months, the in-distance was far away, the current season was a sporty so far a case for forgetting.

On a tendon break in the thigh followed in the healing process only a re-rupture, just before the possible comeback in December, a corona infection put him out of action. From the 4th to the 17th match day, Uduokhai was not a minute on the field. Of course I imagined that differently. But that’s the way that is sometimes the plans do not rise. Then it’s important how to handle, reflects, and it takes as a reason to work on themselves, this reported on Thursday.

From the ambiguous situation, the 1.92-meter man tried to make the best – and even found positive aspects: From the head, I have learned a lot too much. I also met my body better, I had to practice patience and practicing Could take the time and to worry about things for whom else you have time. Just look out of the scene and the big whole.


Uduokhai again as a left-distance?

The long-awaited return to the lawn succeeded at the beginning of the year in Cofferdam, where he moved back to the defense center for the Race Oxford back then. During the week at 1: 1 against Frankfurt stood 45 minutes as left-back in the books in the books – on this position could be on this position on Saturday at Bayer Leverkusen (15.30, live! At season) because of a threatening failure of Iago. In any case, Uduokhai itself burns on other missions: I feel very good and hope that 2022 will be a little better again.

At the same time, there were also beautiful pages ready for him, such as participation in the Olympics with the team of U-21 National Trainer Stefan Kurtz. I really wanted that. It was a life experience that had a great value for me. It was very special, looks back Uduokhai and remains in this opinion, even if it had been sporty not necessarily the smartest. Because the long downtime in the episode probably also originated at the tournament participation. Just before the trip to Japan, the defensive player had caved an ankle operation. He really wanted it, we did not want to prevent it. But it was not Clever in my eyes. I would not want to go to each player in the future the Olympic tournament anymore, because you just have no preparation with the team, Complemented coach Markus Easier.

From the development we are on a good way

But this story is now past. Uduokhai looks forward – with the FC Augsburg, to which he clearly acquainted himself after emerging reverses (Newcastle United). I did not have a message yourself and I have no interest, I have more important things in the head and the goal of playing a good twelve, emphasized the 24-year-old. In the first half of the year, the goal of the FCA can only be the league.

In addition, he has more. From the development, we are on a good way, but it’s not easy with many younger players. This also remembers that one, two starred players would give the club still good to the club. Nonetheless, I see Augsburg on a good way. Here Well worked, Uduokhai continued. What in the future in the Fuggerstadt could be possible, as he raises the view of two competitors who are traveling in other table regions this season. Freiburg and Mainz have similar means as we, in their process these clubs are already on. You can take them as role models, so we grow there too.

Steam: New record with more than 28 million at the same time active users

2022 is currently a year of superlatives for Steam, there is no 2 weeks on the bulge. The factor for the happiness is the 2nd user document within just 7 days.

STEAM 2021 Awards Revealed + Steam Breaks Record Again

As can be checked out on the data web page of Steam, on January 9, 2022, more than 28 million users were active at the exact same time at the top time — as a lot as never in the previous history of the online platform. The present record is exactly 28.230,661 users, which were registered at Steam at the exact same time.

Furthermore, this is another proof of the present high-speed trip of Steam. Only seven days earlier, the online platform with 27,942,458 concurrently energetic users established a new record. It stays to be seen whether this pattern continues in the next couple of days and adhered to by another success of this kind.

Cyberpunk 2077 One year later What has changed

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-RPG computer game in the initial individual established by CD Project Red, inspired by the Cyberpunk 2020 table function play designed by Mike Pond smith. The game has a Cyberpunk dystopic advanced globe in which exist together technology with a degenerate human society.
The game is marked by an especially long development, partly due to the fact that the studio creates the Witcher 3. At first introduced to go out on April 16, 2020, on Windows computer, in addition to on the Xbox One, PS4 and also the Google Stadia system The game is repelled numerous times till December 10, 2020, as well as will certainly release in 2021 on Xbox Collection as well as PlayStation 5 gaming consoles.
Cyberpunk 2077 receives a favorable essential welcome for its computer as well as Stadia variation. On the other hand, crucial technical issues are determined for Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 versions, which motivates Sony to temporarily get rid of the PlayStation shop game.

Hardly a game was associated with as many expectations as Cyberpunk 2077. The release then ran anything but round and pulled some huge controversy with them. Finish the game was a year ago, definitely not, but how does it look now?

If the phrase The hype is real ever had on hand, then at Cyberpunk 2077. It took several shifts already, so fans of marketing were getting tired and that is although CD Project Red padded in the area and not spilled. The release on 10 . December 2020 was then a major disappointment for many. An unfinished game, questionable statements to performance on last-gen consoles, the problems of exchange and in consequence of the removal from the PlayStation Store. In short, no one was satisfied.

Exactly one year later, we look at times when cyberpunk is level, where it goes and whether there are things that perhaps can not be easily patched.

99 little bugs in the code…

Okay, there were more than 99, and they were not small. Cyberpunk was to release a real bug fixed. Wilde animation issues (T-pose), colliding and exploding vehicles on the roads, airborne objects and the really fast cops Night City are just a few examples. Then there were also several game breaking bugs that made sometimes the game from impossible.

After a year of cyberpunk is still at the site a fair bit, though still far from finished. The same applies to the performance. On the PC Cyberpunk was already running the release relatively good. This was compared to the basic version of PS4 and Xbox One but also no great feat, there was the game virtually unplayable. This has now also changed, even if it is not recommended for the mentioned consoles still. On the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, it already looks much better on the next-gen consoles, however, runs the same version in a little better because the versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S has CPR 2022 postponed.


Cyberpunk 2077: Developers showcase the best involuntary bugs

Cyberpunk 2077: 1 YEAR LATER
Daniel Hartmann

DLC and expansion

Speaking of shifts: During the year 2021, the already very vague roadmap has changed. Technically CPR has free LCS delivered as announced later this year. These consisted of two jackets, a car and an alternative look for Johnny Silver Hand. These are meager additional content. So things like a New Game + or new quests come until the year 2022. The same applies to the first paid extensions, in which many a similar format as the The-Witcher-3-ons hope. But even that comes next year at some point, the ominous multiplayer mode we will not even begin.

One is clear in this analysis: CPR had the most time bug fixes and performance improvements last year to invest and barely had time to work on anything new. It is still waiting for work this year, to bring the game to a level that it should give an idea at least have had to release. The expectations should only time not be so high. CPR must also regain the lost confidence. Perhaps even then the share price follows.

What about the actual game?

The controversies surrounding bugs and performance in my opinion came to the substantive discussion with Cyberpunk 2077 too short. A year ago I was like many nights before the PC and wanted to start right away. I am neither a graphics fetishist, yet I bite directly into the keyboard when times an animation does not do what it should. But for me the many problems have marred the gameplay experience that was for me one more reason to return after one year again after Night City.

This return has confirmed to me several things. Cyberpunk is a good game in the core and just in side quests to River, Pan Am and Judy some really compelling stories and characters. But most bothers me is still my own character. The life paths feel still hollow at and Vs development is as a figure not even externally instead.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers several outputs for the story:


Cyberpunk 2077: All the ends and the Secret end — activation conditions

Christopher Banner

The lives should be the basis for the character. Unfortunately, all three paths are handled in no time. The phase in which V of his or her origin as Nomad, Corps or street kid becomes a Hardened or a mere and the relationship could be represented to Jackie is then wasted in a fast motion. In the end of life a few different dialog options remain. There would have been possible.

I can not even give something identity through a look. Once created, there is no way to change the character and in a world in which external modifications play such a big role. I wanted to make my Corpo-Drecksau-V to a stylish mercenary with Katina, who optically kept its group-style style, but now helps people instead of using them. Although I can most of the good v by Night City stripes, but look like a walking old clothes collection with kitchen knives, because this equipment is the best I have right now.

Of course, I could collect resources or eddies and make cool things and buy, but it takes a bit. I have a bio-chip in the head, which reissues my brain, should mean, my character does not have forever time and the Open World Kills the told time already enough. Cyberpunk is still a role-playing game, right?

2021 was even more going on as a bug fixes at Cyberpunk. What we enthusiast about is here:

Cyberpunk 2077 is slowly in a state that shows which game is behind all the bug and disappointed expectations. There we find great stories, giving away potential and the realization that there is still a lot of work needed, but the way seems to be correct.

Paper Mario The Origami King How to Add Line Up

Paper Mario: The origami king has introduced a unique new combat system that takes some classic elements and meets it with something completely new. One of the new elements is, as the fight is divided into two phases, of which the first focuses entirely on them and the enemies encased around them into the circular combat trait. However, they have not infinitely a lot of time here, which is why they need to accelerate their decision on the placement. This can be stressful, but you can add time here, and this manual will describe how you can do this.

To add extra time to the Line-Up Timer

???? How To Beat ALL 30 PUZZLES IN THE RINGER & SPEED RINGS In Paper Mario The Origami King
At the beginning of each battle in Paper Mario: The Origami King you have to set up the enemies in a certain way to attack them most effectively. Your goal is to avoid being attacked as often as possible yourself. Therefore, it is always a good thing to try to turn off many at the same time.

However, this first phase of the struggle is determined in time, which can be very difficult. If you want to make sure the enemies are in the right place each time, you may be able to use the entire time you have. However, if you are just before leaving, you can add more time to the timer.

If you want to add time in this phase, you must either press the + button to add a second or hold it down to extend the time. For each 10 coins you pay, you can add another second to the clock. This can really be a big deal if the struggles are becoming more complicated because they need every second they can get. Just feel free to add time when you need them, as coins in this game are quite common in this game.


Paper Mario: The origami king paper Mario: The origami king instructions

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