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Feel -good series – the best sitcoms against a bad mood!

We live in times of absolute peak TV – there have never been so many well -made series on TV and the various streaming providers. Many productions regularly achieve a level in their consequences, which is even missing in many cinema films. But does it always have to be higher, faster, further? There is still a very simple but no less successful format: the sitcom. For many decades, the simplest means have inspired an audience of millions in a few locations.

The special thing about it is their mostly positive mood. Sitcoms do not want to teach, explain nothing, do not cause tension or tell complicated stories, but simply entertain and usually make it laugh. That is why they are the perfect feel-good series. Switch on, lean back and forget the stress for a short time without having to think much.

We have worked through time and want to show you a few of the greatest sitcoms for exactly this purpose: brain, enjoy and stay with a positive feeling. We do without series like The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Man or How I Met Your Mother – Since everyone knows them anyway. But that should not mean that now only secret insider tips are followed.

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original fathers of the sitcoms

Sitcoms have been around as long as there is television. They were easy to produce and delighted a large audience. Even today, some of the early formats are very worth seeing and set foundation stones that can be found in almost all sitcoms today.

Happy Days * is something like the mother of all sitcoms and produced legendary characters like “Fonzie”, who almost made the black leather jacket suitable for mass. Unfortunately, the series is not available from any streaming provider, but only on DVD – and mostly only in parts.
The Dick van Dyke Show should not be missing in any list of sitcoms. Today she brought us many elements that are still the order of the day in sitcoms – such as various flashbacks to tell the story. The series from the 50s is now even in a remaster version.
M.A.S.H was the most successful sitcom ever for a long time and was only replaced a few years ago. Although it plays in the middle of the Korean War, the humorous elements predominate. The complete series (and the film) are available at Disney Plus.
* The Mark from the Ork was not only the starting signal for Robin Williams’ career, but also an extraordinary sitcom. The history of the criminal alien, who is supposed to explore primitive humanity and stumbles into the next from one fun situation.

wedding of the sitcoms – the 80s

In the 80s, the sitcoms really picked up speed and filled the evening program pretty much all available TV channels. There were classics between much boring trash that still have many fans today.

Alf * – The loving, custody aliens who accidentally landed in the Garage of the Tanner family and has been spending his days since then to loot the fridge and make plans as he prepares the family cat Lucky. Delicious entertainment for the whole family.
A terribly nice family probably knows everyone who has not lived alone in the forest since 1987. Al Bundy and his dreary life as a shoe seller who stumbles into the next from a fat and leads an endless war against neighbor Darcy. The series not only made Ed O’Neil, but also Christina Applegate, alias Dumpfbacke and Katey Sagal world famous.
Who is here the boss – Tony Danza as a house man who, with his half-fabriced daughter (Alissa Milano), collects in a wealthy woman in the suburb. The real highlight for us was always the extremely personable nasty mona. Unfortunately, the series is nowhere streamed and it is almost impossible to find complete DVD boxes somewhere.
Full House is probably the epitome of the good mood family sitcom. Danny Tanner, who was actually known for his nasty and coarse humor, plays in a house with his three daughters, his brother -in -law and his best friend. The series has recently been continued with Fuller House.
all under one roof * – Sitcom actually revolves around the life of the Winslow family. But let’s be honest: Actually, they are all just extras for one of the most memorable characters of all time: Steve Urkel!
Golden Girls * tells the story of four older women who live in a flat share in the Florida pensioner paradise. Since the four could hardly be unequivocal, not only does situation comedy arise on the ongoing volume, the four are immediately closed. Looking worth seeing and heartwarming without restriction. All episodes are available on Disney Plus.

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The first Hayao Miyazaki manga will reach the West

Hayao Miyazaki Today is known for his work as director, but anime fans even consider him as a living legend. Currently, miyazaki is very busy working on its next movie, but while we wait for its eventual premiere, the fans of the filmmaker will be happy to know that the first manga of him will finally come to our territory with everything and dubbing into English.

Thanks to First Second, Shuna’s Journey will eventually arrive at West for the first time after 40 years of being published originally at Japan . Alex Dudok De Wit, Author and journalist, will be responsible for translating it. According to Wit Dudok, Shuna’s Journey is “a tribute to Emonogatari comics that become popular in Japan decades ago.”

Hayao Miyazaki: Childhood Interests
Mark Siegel, Editorial Director for First Second , affirms that this manga will help the fans know more about the personal growth of miyazaki when counting a story:

“Fans of Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind will be happy to find small tracks of these masterpieces in these incredible pages painted with watercolor by Miyazaki himself.”

Shuna’s Journey was originally published in Japan in 1983 , and although your arrival was already confirmed at West , we still do not have an exact date.

Warno invades Steam next month

Today, Eugen Systems has announced that the spiritual successor of the popular War game, Warn, will arrive in anticipated access next month. On January 20, players will be able to try the new fighting simulator of the Third World War. Players should expect hundreds of new units and very detailed battlefields, based on established basic game.

Warn (Abbreviation of Warning Order) answers the question And if the Cold War did not end in 1989? The arsenals of NATO and the Warsaw Pact will be available to the player while he tries to navigate in a still ripped world. To do this, the game brings a thorough and realistic strategy to the war of the era of the Cold War. Each nation of the game has been thoroughly recreated and studied, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Players will come across the battlefield in solo games against advanced IA, cooperative matches or online games against other players. These will take place on one of the many new cards, each with a unique set of goals. The cards will also include a dynamic front line that translates directly through the victory on one side over the other.

In addition, the strategic campaigns of Army General in turn will describe some of the battles that could have happened if the Cold War became hot.

WARNO - Wargame 4! January 22nd, 2022
WARN also offers a great improvement in Eugen’s modern combat simulations. He promises to be more realistic and intense than his predecessor. This can be seen in intense tactical military action in the Warn trailer below.

Warn brings a multitude of improvements in quality of life, graphic improvements and a generally more realistic gaming experience for war strategists. Eugen will add new content, units, game mechanisms, campaigns and more into continuous updates in Steam Early Access.

Warn arrives in anticipated access on Steam on January 20, 2022. Players will have the choice to explore the arsenal of the era of the United States Cold War or the Soviet Union. Which side will you choose?

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When Bayern discovered her greed

On the 16th match day of the 1971/72 season, FC Bayern dismantled the Russia from Dortmund with 11: 1. Almost the Munich had set the highest victory of the still young Bundesliga history, but the Dortmund er Dieter Dandruff had nullified this record from 1967 with the honorary goal at the meantime 1: 6.

Almost four years earlier, the Gladbacher had deducted the situated Schalke with 11: 0 — the first two-digit victory in the Bundesliga history. Five more should follow — unsurpassed so far the 12: 0 spectacle thanks to Jump Dances and the foals to the end of the season 1977/78. Also, with this carnage the Dortmund met.

If we run as high as today, just lacks the right ambition.

UPI Honey

But back to November 27, 1971. Bavaria enjoyed the call under her coach Udo Latter to sit back too quickly. When we run as high as today, just the right ambition is missing with me, said the then 19-year-old UPI Honey self-critical, after the disc shoots against the BVB in the stadium had been repay at Gunwale Strafe in front of 17,000 spectators.

Coach Latter, on the other hand, was clearly martial and was happy about the singer of his elf. Today we have shown that we can kill an opponent. Thanks to Herd Müller, who lived this mentality the highly assumed talents. Honey himself knew who he had to orient himself in terms of ambition. I admire Herd Müller, who hunts for goals until last, no matter whether in the Bundesliga or in a private game. November 27, 1971 — it could have been the birth of the Bavaria Greed Cited today so often.

40 and 101: FC Bayern sets two long-term records

Speaking of tor hunger. In the season 1971/72, the Bayern set two long-term records. It was the playing time in which Herd Müller scored 40 Goals — Robert Lewandowski triggered this scary brand known only in the past playing time. And the Munich met a total of 101 times into the black a yield that has still existed today.

Tor to 4: 1 against Schalke in championship showdown against Schalke: UPI Honey. Imago / horstmüller

Premiere in the Olympic Stadium: final against Schalke and master

How Bayern München Became Bayern München - A Tribute To Uli Hoeness
But despite these numbers, the championship for Bavaria was anything but a walk. But on the contrary. Until the last match day, the Munich with the Schalke delivered a head-to-head race. On the 33rd match day, the Bayern managed in the second leg against the previously humbled and already resigned Dortmund with Oh and a 1-0 away win, marriage the royal blue to the final to the title on the 34th match day in the Olympic Stadium.

It was the first game in the newly built Arena, 79.012 spectators were eyewitnesses at the showdown around the bowl that the Bayern won fulminant with 5: 1 and thus manifested place 1 with three points ahead of S04.

The Müller admired by Honey went empty, the later Bavaria manager and president made the sack with the interim 4: 1. The greed for gates and titles was awakened — only ten days earlier six Bavaria professionals had become European champion for the first time.

NEW WORLD New update today brings money back money patch notes and maintenance work

New World brings a new update today, on November 24th. Thus, maintenance work. We from Mango tell you the patch notes and how long the server-downtime will last.

What is that for an update? Today’s patch is a small update that resolves primarily error. These errors include:

It is resolved a problem with the ritual quest, which led to players were prevented at the end of the quest when the interactive heart boy was used before the victory over Alas tor.
The harvest worker set is returned to the game and can be donated by MOBS. However, there are problems with the sets that have disappeared by a bug with the latest update. These will be reactivated only at a later date.
There are various stability improvements.

There will also be some coin refinements. For example, companies retreat their tales who made a declaration of war after the release of Patch 1.1. In addition, companies owned by an area receive a one-time refund of all stations that have been downgraded since the patch 1.1. This money should be paid directly with the return of the servers.

But even players return their money, namely for paid house taxes since the patch 1.1. However, these tales should only end up at the end of the weekend in the account of the players.

How long does the server maintenance take? The patch is played at 8:00 am our time, which then starts the server down.

The maintenance should last 3 hours. So the servers should be online at 11:00.

New World brings the second patch within two days

What happens at New World? Through the big update 1.1, many mistakes have gone into the game, which are now gradually fixed by the developers. Among other things, guilds could prevent a declaration of war in which they changed their name.

Already yesterday, on the 23rd of November, there was an update at 15:00 in German. There the following changes were made:

A problem was suspended, in which the time of a world suddenly jumps to a future date.
An error has been fixed in which some combat situations with many players led that these frozen worked, and their condition could not be transmitted to users due to excessive bandwidth utilization.
A rarely occurring problem has been fixed in which a server could crash.

In addition, the developers have temporarily reduced the house taxes by 90% to apologize to players who had restrictions on the Housing experience in recent weeks.

Company in turn, which controls the appropriate settlement, should still have 100% of the revenue by Housing tax.

When is the next update? Currently it is unclear whether today’s update is already the weekly patch. For this, the troubleshooting is still too low.

In addition, the developers indirectly announced the big December patch. Up to this update, the housing taxes should be reduced by 90%. When this update comes, however, was not revealed.

However, the developers have given an insight into their general vision of the endgame:

At New World, there is just much criticism of the endgame developer explaining their master plan

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