In the new Campaign Total War: Warhammer 3 “Kingdom of Chaos” you will begin to face faults leading to the kingdom of chaos. Although they allow you to perform key tasks, faults next to your settlements can damage your fraction. So it is better to close them.

To close the faults, you need to move the army close to the different. Then, together with the leader of the faction you will have the opportunity to either go through a spill or close it. This will cause a small battle. Every time you close a spill, the next battle for its closure will be more difficult.

The closure of fault will not allow chaos armies to enter your possessions, but it will not allow you to enter this kingdom of chaos.

You can also cover faults with the help of heroes. Heroes can close a spill for 1500 gold. It eliminates from the need to lead a potentially expensive battle. This is an excellent practice when the hero travels and closes any faults that cause you problems.

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Chaos faults control is necessary to complete the later parties of the campaign, where you need to collect the shoes of the princes of demons to perform tasks.

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