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A new controversy arises with Twitch subscriptions

During these last years the par excellence of streams, _ Twitch _ , has suffered from enough negative comments, everything is because they implement somewhat questionable rules by their users. One of the most sounded was to reduce subscription prices, which affects thousands of content creators in the world.

According to what he has communicated _ Bloomberg _ , the platform would put incentives to users to place more commercial during transmissions, being a division of money covers of 30/70%. This could affect in a certain way, since the company is taking half the income generated and with this it would take even more of these.

In addition, the staff is considering reducing the cut of channel subscriptions granted to the upper transmitter step in their 50%partners program, from 70%. For its part, the low cost would remove the exclusivity of transmissions to the partners, allowing them to also make direct from platforms such as _ YouTube _ or _ Facebook _ .

After this announcement, the community of _ Twitch _ has spoken with the brand, since its implementations last year caused some to move to other places. Although, Latam was given the benefit of reducing the subscription rate in half, the same does not happen with the use of _ Twitch Prime _ , where the same is paid before and remove the player more.

Initially, this space was considered friendly by its users, sharing fair income for both streamer and the platform itself. However, popularity grew over time and therefore, the company demands more monetization. To that is added that they are now owned by the billionaire _ Amazon _ .

This MASSIVE Twitch Leak Could Kill The Platform....

For now, it seems that the company’s plans are still firm in terms of dealing with their content creators.

Editor : With every year that passes they are becoming more ambitious, after all they have large stars hired, that means more views and subscriptions that have exceeded sums of millions of dollars. But if one day users get fed up with everything, they are likely to collapse eventually due to the lack of active content on the platform.

Way: Bloomberg

Lost Ark distributes Installs over Twitch Decline – so you obtain her

What is this for a place? If you safeguard the Twitch-Drop, you get a supposed “unicorn-mounted choice box”.

You are seeking a new riding animal Innt Ark? You should quickly look previous Twitch – there are unicorns distributed.

You after that obtain the choice of an overall of 4 unicorn variations. Like the appearances, you can see here:

On top of that, you obtain 1,000 purples splitter. This is a currency that you can only overcome successes, twitch decreases and also prime video gaming. You can then retrieve them in the video game – as an example against various other places, yet likewise friends, dramatizes or crystalline mood.

Every little thing about purples splittering is discovering right here.

So you obtain the present twitch drop with unicorn

Have you done that, you simply have to select a stream with the equivalent decline and a total of 2 hours. You must get the Ingame bonuses if you did that.

This competition is likewise definitive for the declines, because on the 12th of April you will just discover at tournament participants and also specific co-streamers. Between April 13 as well as May 9th, the drop is additionally offered in the Lost Ark Designer program.

Currently you can anticipate a brand-new install.

You are currently at Degree 50 in Lost Ark, have every little thing seen as well as every little thing done? Right here are 13 points that you ought to do currently in Lost Ark

When are the Twitch Decline active? The Twitch decrease with the unicorn box and splinters will certainly be activated on April 12, 2022 at 23:00. This is one hr before the official G4TV event to Lost ARK that will be moved at 00:00 from April 13th.

????Lost Ark - как получить Twitch Drops до 01.03.2022

So you get the Twitch Drop: It is very important that you have actually linked your TWITCH account with your Vapor account and Twitch Drops are energetic for Lost Ark. If you have actually refrained this yet, you can do that regarding the official Lost Ark web page.

You are looking for a brand-new riding animal Innt Ark?

When are the Twitch Decrease active? The Twitch decrease with the unicorn box and also splinters will be activated on April 12, 2022 at 23:00.

Shiver Banner acquires Blizzard

  • Presently one share expenses regarding $ 80.
  • When the purchase offer by Microsoft undergoes and also the Tech-Giant really takes over Activision Blizzard, nonetheless, Amouranth obtains $ 95 per share. Due to the fact that Microsoft has made far more bid on the requisition bid than the shares are currently worth value. Hence, Amoruanth – gross – retracted an earnings of regarding EUR 340,000.

This tells you the followers : As it is your kind, Amouranth says the fans paradoxically:.

This is your new investment: Amouranth stated on Twitter on March 28, she purchased 24,000 shares of Activision Blizzard at the course rate of $ 79.32. These are shares worth 1.73 million euros (by means of Twitter).

She says: Also if the bargain is still different, she keep the $ 80 she has paid for a great price.

** Does she mean that with the fruit significant? Even though 1.7 million euros are a massive quantity for typical residents, the 24,000 shares that got Amouranth, just a disappearance of reduced proportion of Activision Blizzard.

Why does the shares truly get? Elsewhere Amouranth makes it clear why she truly purchased the shares. She holds this for a great investment (through Twitter):.

Jerk Bans His most significant banner: Multi-millionaire sort to make microphones.

This plays on a modification in Globe of Warcraft. Blizzard had kipped down September 2021 after the sexism rumor images of half-naked women in the game in paintings of fruit bowls.

** The Twitch Streamerin Amouranth has actually acquired shares of Activision Blizzard worth 1.73 million euros. It wishes for a profit of 20 percent if the purchase of Activision Blizzard goes via Microsoft.

From the journeys Amouranths with the Bann policy of Twitch we report on Meinmmo a lot more frequently:.

If so large companies combine, there is a threat of cartel development.

There are about 780 million shares of the firm in flow – the marketplace value of Activision Blizzard is around 62 billion US bucks. Even if Amouranth comes from the highest possible paid banner on Twitch, in the organization she does not play with. Anyway not yet.

“I transform the fruit bowls back in women!”.

The Twitch Streamerin Amouranth has acquired shares of Activision Blizzard worth 1.73 million euros. In other places Amouranth makes it clear why she actually purchased the shares. * When the acquisition offer by Microsoft goes through as well as the Tech-Giant really takes over Activision Blizzard, however, Amouranth gets $ 95 per share. Even though 1.7 million euros are a substantial quantity for normal people, the 24,000 shares that acquired Amouranth, just a loss of reduced percentage of Activision Blizzard. There are regarding 780 million shares of the firm in flow – the market worth of Activision Blizzard is around 62 billion US dollars.

I’m planning to get a seat on the Supervisory Board with the objective of de-objectifying women. I transform the icing bowls back right into females.


So it is not certain that Amouranth collapsed their targeted “20% revenue”.

  • Amouranth is the largest streamer on the platform Twitch, however likewise the questionable.
  • Your on-line look is called you as a “immoral e-girl”: it washes in the bikini in a jacuzzi, groaning in microphones, emerges in underwear on social networks. She dancings hair sharp on the line, which twitch is still enabled as well as what is considered sexually offending. She has actually been banned a number of times because she worried also solid about her butt.
  • Behind this Eye-Kliping Exterior Amouranth is a businesswoman running different financial investments. Your objective is to earn as much cash as much cash as feasible in a brief time to retire very early and also dedicate your life to animal well-being as she states.

Amouranth dates revenue from EUR 340,000 by Microsoft Takeover.

That was criticized.

Blizzard Entertainment. История про невероятный успех, роковые решения и крах компании

That is this? .

Right now it is still uncertain whether Microsoft really takes over Activision Blizzard. The board members of both companies have actually consented to the merger, however there are still the votes of the investors and the approval of financial supervision in the United States.

Twitch joins the wave of sanctions to Russia with retentions of nation banners settlements

Russia proceeds accumulating vetoes in various around the world solutions. His intrusion to Ukraine has increased criticism in all type of areas, and also huge business have actually not been slow-moving to make decisions stemmed from this scenario. In this sense, firms such as EA or Legendary Games have blocked the sale of their products in the country, while Microsoft has actually only suspended the sale of brand-new items.

We will certainly do every little thing feasible to pay the income you have earned as quickly as we are allowed to do twitch “We recognize just how aggravating and also hard it is as well as we wish to make sure that if you can not give an alternative financial institution, we will do Everything possible to pay the revenue you have made as quickly as we are allowed to do it “, read the email. From the aforementioned tool, they have actually spoken to some Russian streamers who already foreseen a change of this size.

“I hesitated as well as I knew it was going to occur, however I did not expect this to take place so very early overnight throughout the week,” claims Material Lina Designer. In spite of this, the streamers that have actually discussed The Washington Post make certain that will certainly remain to make straight in spite of the fact that they do not make anything with it.

Sanctions send Russia's national economy into meltdown
On the other hand, the videogame industry has actually additionally highlighted by blocking its solutions in Russia, which leaves us as noises such as Ubisoft, Activision Snowstorm or Nintendo, which has placed its ESHOP in maintenance after putting on hold repayments In rubles.

Settlements to the financial institution connected with your account have actually been obstructed by the Twitch sanctions now, Twitch likewise joins this movement by keeping the Russian Streamers payments . As prepared for from The Washington Post, the nation’s content makers have gotten an email where they are informed of this permission: “Settlements to the financial institution related to your Twitch account have been obstructed as an outcome of sanctions ** “, the message begins. “Twitch complies with the financial sanctions imposed by the US, and is abiding by those imposed as a feedback to the scenario in Ukraine, these sanctions can influence or restrict on your accessibility to repayments, capacity to monetize your stream and also/ Or support other designers economically. “

Thats why the worlds largest streamer does not split a Lost Ark

It is certainly undisputed that the MMO Lost Ark has floated in a huge wave of success since the launch last week. This not only prove the impressive numbers at Steam, but also a recently set twitch record. But the biggest streamer has no interest in the game.

Who is the current biggest streamer at Twitch?

It is the Canadian Félix “XQC” Lengyel. Despite or perhaps because of its controversial way, which has already brought him several times anger, he can now show about two million followers at Twitch. Although we first arrived at the middle of this month, they are already more than 22 million viewers ** for February on his account. Lengyel is therefore currently the largest and most popular streamer.

It Seems Everyone Is Playing This Game And I Want To See What It's About... | LOST ARK FIRST LOOK

Why does XQC have no interest in Lost Ark?

As the Canadian recently explained during a live stream, be the current Great Hype around Lost ARK (now buying 19.99 €) and the possibilities associated with it for him very well aware of it. However, he is currently feeling no desire to stream the MMO.

“Whether I’ll play Lost Ark? Probably not, it’s very magnificent game. It is a very multi-typical game. That’s not my favorite choice of these days. I played MMOs all my life and I think I think that I had fun with them. (…) The hype does not matter. You want to know why that is so? I do not play a crap just because he would get many views. “_

According to Lengyel, the hype around Lost Ark is relatively fast. The current thrust at Twitch is mainly linked to the drops and the recent release and will not last long. Streamer, which only follow the current hype due to the audience numbers, are “strange”.

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Twitch Kkkatamina is now the Meiterbesized Streamerer all time

Streamer er Kim Katarina Mi-Young has only been active on Twitch since May 2020 and already the Marooned woman the streaming platform. Over 56,700 users currently have a subscription for the channel of Katarina. Most recently, the streamer could attract especially through a Station heap viewers.

Meanwhile, Kim Mi-Young has been online since almost ten days. Each subscription as part of the sunbath, its stream extends by 15 seconds. Your transfer would be currently ending at night on Saturday — unless other subscriptions are added.

Who is Kim Katarina Mi-Young?

The streamer was already their first breakthrough in November 2020 as part of the Minecraft server of OffLine TV. Well-known names like Primate or DISGUISED TOAST are members of this group. In addition to the Just Chatting category Katarina has spent many hours with Valorant and Minecraft on Twitch.

Through the sunbath, however, their audience numbers have multiplied. While most recently the 5,000 users in their streams were there, the November average is already at 12,865 spectators. Other well-known streamers like Valkyrie or Ludwig celebrated the record together with Katarina.

Who holds the current subscription record on Twitch?

Similar to Katarina, Ludwig Ludwig agree organized a sunbath in April 2021 and was able to set up the all-time record for most subscribers on Twitch. Over 280,000 users have subscribed to the streamer. In Germany, the cheapest stage of a twitch subscription per month costs 3.99 euros.

Which streamer had the record before Katarina?

So far, the German-speaking Jane Silica with 52,992 subscribers was the Mastered Woman on Twitch. Well-known streets like Primate (30,700 subscriptions) or Amaranth (23,213 subscriptions) are clearly behind it. Both have not made a sunbath.

Source: Twitch tracker

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#1 Most Subscribed Female Streamer of all Time Congrats Miyoung With #1 Most Subbed Streamer Ludwig
From Dominik Wingman

19.11.2021 at 13:25

Crisis on Twitch Hackeo and Macrophilration in Full Streaming Platforms War

The latest News and filtrations on Twitch are leaving very touched to the platform . While it is still a giant that will last for a long time, it is going through one of its worst moments in terms of brand quality, causing that the most direct competition begins to emerge Little by little depths to hit it of Talonario to Stars of the Platform. But this does not come from now, but for quite some time just that the bubble has been inflating during the last months.

El Ban a Dr Disrespect, the beginning of the end

We have to Retotrate to 2020 ; Specifically on June 26 when the famous streamer and media figure DR disrespect would end up Baneado for life by Twitch , the strangest thing about everything? Nobody knew why , not even Streamer himself had an idea of ​​how to return to the platform. That s when YouTube knocked on the door of him and offered him a fairly succulent contract to make him direct on the old reliable. At that time, YouTube walked to fall layer due to famous adpocalipse that caused the stampening of all the influencers to the purple platform, which is now in a similar situation.

After all this, Disrespect commented on a live a few months ago that he had begun to commit legal actions against Twitch as a result of BAN received. The main difference is that he now knows the reason for him, so it is likely that the lawsuit comes from that veto. That is when Twitch began to be much more cautious and severe with his workers: Prohibition of music with copyright, lowered subscriptions, tougher punishments for the banners, the raids hate, among many other things.

Streamers being slaves of his work

The platform is being increasingly abusive with its customers , almost forcing them to fulfill a inhuman hour series so that they do not remain without that benefit for subscriptions at a lower price. Now the question is easy, Is it currently profitable to earn a living as streamer with lower subscribers? For example, someone who can win 800 euros making direct, but has to meet some 60 hours per week so you can opt for This help This translates to almost 9 hours a day during every day of the week without rest.

I want to highlight on this the last stretch of the podcast of me, an internet last Monday with the srteamer iluan, since they talked about this kind of situations (2:09:30). People are literally slave to their work , with almost obligation to direct almost 12 hours a day in some situations to earn less than someone who works from delivery or mechanic for 8 hours a day. And yes, being streamer has a lot of advantages, but until what extent we are able to endure all this physical and mental work?

Is here when YouTube has begun to be around in the head of many streamers as a viable option to make direct. Several rumors point to the platform of Google has planned a service like Twitch Prime for That they are united influencers that arrive at the service see that it is viable to work dignified without having to spend almost all day in front of the screen trying to entertain hundreds of people.

It will be necessary to see if more services begin to appear than are viable and can make it direct competence to the purple platform , with exclusive advantages or an intuitive and striking interface that attracts a teenage audience. We hope that the working conditions of people who want to dedicate to streaming, at least, just as worthy that for the great Titans of the current entertainment .

Great Twitch Leak Security experts are horrified

Yesterday, we had reported a huge leak at the Streaming Platform Twitch, where numerous sensitive data had reached the public. Among other things, the complete source code of Twitch, to find information on the disbursements to the streamers and the clients for mobile, desktop and console below. This logically caused a sensation of a sensation and above all for displeasure and a sense of uncertainty in the users. Meanwhile, some security experts have come to the topic and beat their hands together over their heads. Above all, Archie Agarwal, the managing director of the security company Threat Modeler, shows stunned.

To read from a data leak, which includes the complete source code, unpublished software, SDKs, financial reports and internal red teaming tools, even shudder experienced security professionals. Worse can not come. The first question that in everyone in must come the head, is how about everything in the world can someone extract 125 GB from the most sensitive data without triggering a single alarm? This will have some very unpleasant questions.

Most of his colleagues were shaken due to the great leak in the same dimensions. So Jonathan Knudsen from Synopsys Software Integrity Group told himself and also showed himself worried.

Whatever Twitch has done for the app security, you have to double your efforts. (…) Twitch must bring his app security to the next level. You need to find and close security gaps before someone else creates.

2021 BEST PLATFORM TO STREAM ???? Twitch x YouTube x Facebook

According to Twitch, the internal investigations are currently in full swing. So far, the exact cause of the incident is unknown, and it can be assumed that it will take some time until everything is completely elucidated.

Source: Threat s mail

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