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After termination in Russia: The DFL relies on anti-war

Because the word “war” stands with a view to Ukraine in Russia after the intensification of the media law on the index. “Special Operation”, under this Duktus national media must report on the brutal attack on the neighboring country.

Ukraine War: Germany to wean itself off reliance on Russian energy

Independent or Kremlin-critical media such as the newspaper “Nowaja Gaseta” explained that they no longer appear until the end of the war. The groos of the media operates line-based with the Putin regime, which also blocks social media. The result: there are hardly any independent information to the population.

DFL does not want to shake the contract with licensee Match TV for the time being

Now the licensee for Russia, match TV, at the weekend broke the transfer of top game between BVB and RB Leipzig off because of Proukrainian embassies in the stadium. Already in March it had given similar problems. In the contract, the DFL for the first nevertheless does not want to say about Special Operation request: “At the past matchdays, peace bluff were present from the stadiums of the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga through live and time-shifted transmissions for the Russian population. Numerous games were shown in full. At the same time, we have noted that, to the transfer of transmission according to anti-war embassies, it has also given massive restrictions. This has addressed the DFL to Match TV in the offered clarity. “

pictures arrive – league wants to reach people in Russia

Unlike the Premier League or the Ligue 1, which exposed their contracts in Russia, the league relies on the embassies from the stadiums. At least one argument is that the pictures arrive again. Furthermore, it says in the league statement: “that the DFL in the current situation will not benefit from the partnership with Match TV and donates the revenues still outstanding in the framework of the partnership in this season in favor of humanitarian aid is known. The DFL is currently setting Furthermore, the opportunity to achieve people in Russia with peace messages from the stadiums. At the same time, we obviously observe exactly whether and to what extent this possibility is still given. “

FIFA supports Ukraine with one million dollars

FIFA speaks on Russia-Ukraine conflict; suspends Kenyan and Zimbabwean Football Federations
The Football World Association has provided a million dollars for aid to the Ukraine attacked by Russia. That made FIFA known on Saturday. A first aid package was already delivered to the UAF UAF association, the world association announced. “We want to make our contribution by helping people in Ukraine and those who have fled before the war,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino: “The FIFA Foundation is ready to consult with the Football Agun in Ukraine and the region urgently needed help. ” After a request of the UAF, a first charge with bandage material into Ukraine was supplied by truck, which should cover the most urgent need. Given the ever-larger humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the FIFA Foundation had a total of a million dollars for auxiliary measures.

Because of Ukraine War: UEFA punished Belarus: No home games, no viewers

Watch live: A special programme on the Ukraine invasion
Soccer teams from Belarus have to change their home games outside the country for the time being and without viewers. This was announced by the European Football Union (UEFA) on Thursday after a meeting of her executive committee. The decision relates to national teams and clubs. The UEFA Executive Committee will “call regular meetings regularly if necessary,” it said in the message. It will then be about evaluating “re-evolving legal and situation and, if necessary, to make further decisions”. ## +++ Help families in Ukraine! The RTL donation marathon guarantees: each cent arrives. All information and donations here! +++ The sanctions were met in response to the Belarusian stake in Russia’s attack war in Ukraine. The World Association FIFA and UEFA had excluded Russian teams on Monday until further notice from their competitions.

Russia Ukraine invasion, Google Map was held in advance.

While Russia’s Ukrainian invasion is a big shock, the researchers living in US California, KM, who are living in California, who are living in California, using the “Google Map”, and has been attracting attention and attracts attention.

According to a Washington Post, the others with the Washington Post, the former Midders of the Middle Berry International (NIIS), Professor Jeffrey Lewis (NIIS) shall cooperate with the students who analyze military movements in photographs taken by artificial satellite.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Day 1
Lewis Professor, etc. Luis, on the 23rd of the 23rd, Russia’s Bellyste Lodded in Ukraine’s border area of ​​Capella Space, photographed by Capella Space (Russia, 40km north to Russian Western Belgalo Led Led Ukraine) satellite The pictures of the Russian army and the car were found to be crowded. This Professor Lewis began to monitor the trends near the Belko Road from the Belko Road, since the car was prepared by the vehicle side by side.

And on the 24th, on the 24th, on the 24th, it was confirmed that the road to Ukraine is crowded to Ukraine in Belko Road, and this identity was a Russian army and could estimate that they were on the move.

I was able to know that this Russia’s Ukrainian invasion was revealed from Google Map information, and it was explained that it has been demonstrated that it could see what’s going on to see what’s going on with the Google Map by using the Google Map.

The Washington Post has been confirmed in Google Maps that the roads were closed in the northeast of Ukraine and the Northeast of Ukraine after a few hours of Ukrainian invasion of Russia.

“We have a lot of data indicating what kind of life patterns,” we have a lot of data that indicates what kind of life patterns in Washington Post, “said Lewis Post.” “Once upon a time, I was relying on reporters to know what happens in the field, but today we have a Google Map and see those who run away from Kyiv,” he added.

Stanford University Stanford University, studying national safety guarantees, is a civilian in the past, in the past, in the past, such as SNS, which can share high quality photos or videos, I explained that it was possible to make it. However, the government still pointed out that the civilian does not know what the army can do after limiting the SNS connection or blocking the Internet itself.

Meanwhile, the Movement of the Russian army with Ukraine is not only the traffic information of the Google Map, but also a case identified by a surveillance camera installed on the street. The disclosed Russian army is to recognize the presence of the surveillance camera and change the direction of the camera and change the direction of the camera.

Famous “FFXIV” streamer determines Ukraine escape-game community and all strength support

Overseas Media VICE has published an interview article for Game Deliverees Zepla living in Ukraine Kiev.

ZEPLA is a delivery person who is working on “ Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) “. Her Twitch Channel boasts a great popularity with approximately 220,000 followers.

Her Zepla’s her video is a casual greeting called “Hey, BUNS.” At the beginning. But in her video in late January, she started with the voice of concern for Ukraine invasion by Russia, “from now on.”

According to CNN, it was reported that Russian armifiers increased in multiple places such as Belarus and Crimea Peninsula, and Russian western part, and the training plans and garrisons within the approximately 240 kilometers from the border have been extended from the border. It also turns out. On the other hand, while the expert shows a view that the Russian army dispatches a very large scale of strong scale, the United States is a three thousand-scale dispatched orders, and the tension is It is further increasing. The previous remarks were also these situations.

After a few days posted this video, Vice interviews Zepla’s current status and future. Zepla is a lot of her acquaintances prepare for evacuation and war, and he represents Kiev who lives “unrealistic”. She’s, her parents living in the United States are “panic” in the situation where her parents are in the situation, but she moved a little earlier for a little earlier to make her parents safe While I would like to do it, Zepla has had circumstances that I could not return.

She lives with dogs and cats, but she banned pet transport from the high risk of rabies in Ukraine in Ukraine. For this situation, Zepla said, “She doesn’t want to leave the pet in a place where she may be a battlefield,” she said. Because she is currently forgotting her war threat, her daily routine studied and “FFXIV” is continued to work “FFXIV”, and it is good to be waiting for her pet passport to be arranged increase.

In addition, the “FFXIV” community who heard this matter is cooperative to Zepla, providing her stay place, and she has supported by she escaped from Kiev by itself. She commented that she will “continue to stream,” she says she escaped.

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