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Reviewing “Pay to Win” from the original version-What is the secret of the European and US Version “Lost Ark” Localization Success

In the Washington Post interview, Amazon Games Christoph Hartman Vice President and Studio Business Management Officer Laura Star reveals the Background of MMORPG “ LOST ARK ” responsible for operating Europe and the United States. rice field.

This work is MMORPG, which is developed by Korean SMILEGATE in 2019 and released for the country. In Europe and the United States, Amazon Games accepts releases, and the number of users will grow on the world popularity, such as the number of users overturned by 20 million. Mr. Hartman Waku, it seems that there is a review of “Monetize (Monetization System)” behind the success.

Lost Ark - Ultimate Quick Start Guide / Everything You Need To Know Before Playing The Game

The Korean version “Lost Ark” has a charging system for making gameplay comfortable, such as getting better equipment in preparation for Las boss, and so-called “Pay to Win” existed. Therefore, Amazon Games says that almost all items can be purchased in the game currency to fit the European and US player preferences. In addition, interviews have reduced the randomness of the purchased items such as treasure chests, and were able to feel “I was able to felt fairly”, and for beginners such as free pet item distribution.

In addition, the company also shows a positive attitude to remove an incorrect account to maintain the number of active players, and Mr. Hartman always thinks that it is always providing an experience to grow and evolve with the community I am commenting.

Famous “FFXIV” streamer determines Ukraine escape-game community and all strength support

Overseas Media VICE has published an interview article for Game Deliverees Zepla living in Ukraine Kiev.

ZEPLA is a delivery person who is working on “ Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) “. Her Twitch Channel boasts a great popularity with approximately 220,000 followers.

Her Zepla’s her video is a casual greeting called “Hey, BUNS.” At the beginning. But in her video in late January, she started with the voice of concern for Ukraine invasion by Russia, “from now on.”

According to CNN, it was reported that Russian armifiers increased in multiple places such as Belarus and Crimea Peninsula, and Russian western part, and the training plans and garrisons within the approximately 240 kilometers from the border have been extended from the border. It also turns out. On the other hand, while the expert shows a view that the Russian army dispatches a very large scale of strong scale, the United States is a three thousand-scale dispatched orders, and the tension is It is further increasing. The previous remarks were also these situations.

After a few days posted this video, Vice interviews Zepla’s current status and future. Zepla is a lot of her acquaintances prepare for evacuation and war, and he represents Kiev who lives “unrealistic”. She’s, her parents living in the United States are “panic” in the situation where her parents are in the situation, but she moved a little earlier for a little earlier to make her parents safe While I would like to do it, Zepla has had circumstances that I could not return.

She lives with dogs and cats, but she banned pet transport from the high risk of rabies in Ukraine in Ukraine. For this situation, Zepla said, “She doesn’t want to leave the pet in a place where she may be a battlefield,” she said. Because she is currently forgotting her war threat, her daily routine studied and “FFXIV” is continued to work “FFXIV”, and it is good to be waiting for her pet passport to be arranged increase.

In addition, the “FFXIV” community who heard this matter is cooperative to Zepla, providing her stay place, and she has supported by she escaped from Kiev by itself. She commented that she will “continue to stream,” she says she escaped.

Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 80: Date, Time and Where to Read Online

Dragon Ball originally appeared from 1984 to 1995 in the manga publication Weekly Shōnen Dive and also wconfirmed date later releconfirmed dateed in 42 volumes. In enhancement, an application took area in the anime TV series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Due to the terrific success, the franchise now consists of a total amount of four television collection, 18 movie theater movies, three TV movies and also 3 OVA, confirmed date well confirmed date a range of video clip games. With roughly 156 million copies sold in Japan and 230 million specimens offered worldwide, Dragon Ball is to One Piece of the second-paced manga of all times.

Dragon Ball Super does not fail your monthly appointment with fans. Toyota’s manga, disciple chosen by Akira Oriya, is the direct and canonical sequel of Dragon Ball Z . After a few years in Serialization, the lconfirmed datet chapter of this year 2021 already hconfirmed date a confirmed date. confirmed date always, the Squconfirmed dateh publisher allows us to access totally free and legally to the new chapters of its main series of the Weekly Shōnen Jump (One Piece, Boru to, Black Clover, Jujitsu Kaiser, My Hero Academy…) and Other of your other monthly journals. Dragon Ball Super is one of the most successful. We tell you When you are releconfirmed dateed and at what time chapter 80 of the Dragon Ball Super sleeve.

  • How to read Dragon Ball Super for free and Spanish in Manga Plus
  • Previous chapters of Dragon Ball Super: 79, 78, 77, 76, 75, 74, 73, 72, 71, 70, 69, 68, 67, 66, 65, 64…

Confirmed Date: Dragon Ball Super 80 premieres on January 20, 2022

According to the Official Portal of Manga Plus, the Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super opens this Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. (CEST) ; Peninsular Schedule of Spain (Mexico City, 09:00 hours, United States — New York, 10:00 hours, United States — Pacific, 07:00 hours).

At that time the lconfirmed datet three chapters (80, 79 and 78) will be available plus the first three (1, 2, 3). In Spain, planet comic is responsible for publishing the compiled volumes in Spanish; Available in bookstores and large surfaces.

  • You can read Dragon Ball Super in Manga Plus here
  • Download Manga Plus in iOS

Download Sleeve Plus on Android

At present, the Dragon Ball Super sleeve is located at the Bow of Granola (Granola The Survivor Saga). Since chapter 67 so far, the history of Dragon Ball Super continues after the facts narrated in the Galactic Patrol Saga, one of the most remembered so far. New characters, new threats and new ranges of power such confirmed date Veg eta, which hconfirmed date awakened all the potential of it.

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