The competitive season of Valorant is about to reach one of the most anticipated moments with the celebration of the World Championship. However, those that should be the best dates to enjoy tournaments have been somewhat soulless for Spanish fans. The elimination of G2 eSports and Guild in the LCQ has left us without national representatives since both Mixwell and Koldemanta are forced to a vacation that will last until next 20222 However, both players and the highest responsible Koi have wanted to sweeten this bad drink joking with the possibility of forming a superequipo.

The big jump of Koi in the next season of Valorant

The next competitive season of Valorant will be characterized by the creation of a European International League. A total of ten clubs selected by the ESports division of Riot Games will participate in what will be the most important tournament in Europe and will have their place insured in it for at least five years. Keep in mind that invitations do not depend on sports merit, but on the interest of the club in the community and its long-term project. A situation that makes Koi one of the favorites to acquire the square .

Even if Koi’s season was a true disaster at the sports level, it should be taken into account that the Club starred four of the five games with the most spectators of the competition . In fact, the general monitoring of the LVP Spain Rising was considerably reduced due to the bad results of the organization founded by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. In addition, it is not a day flower. In the Spanish competition of League of Legends, they starred in the five most watched games both in the spring and summer edition.

Koi is a very attractive option for players

As very likely it may seem, assume that Koi will be in the highest Valorant competitions next season is to enter speculative land. However, in the event of getting it there will be few more interesting options for players . Especially for Mixwell and Koldemanta. Although both maintain a good poster in the competitive first level environment and have not been the weakest link of their teams, they come from a year that ended in clear descending trajectory. In this sense, joining the Ibai Llanos club and playing elite competitions in Europe could be a great opportunity to relaunch their careers.

It should be noted that players have also let themselves be wanted on social networks . Mixwell, Koldemanta, Ibai Llanos and even Koi’s official social networks have joined a nonsense whose result is still to be defined. We are no longer so innocent as to think that a few tweets are enough to give a closed signing. However, the historic flirting of the founder of the club with the two players who now sound as futures for his team Aviva A flame that, in the worst case, has served for the Spanish Valorant to forget a year of resounding failure.

At the rate of these two big names, the Spanish community of Valorant has been excited about the possibility that Koi forme a superequipo with the best national players . Of course, in the national scene of the tactical shooter there is talent to create a team with which, in the event that all professionals stick well and recover their best state, the highest levels of success can be achieved.