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Holo Lives horror game HoloVE Error is a complete version, distribution for 1000 yen for PC. A fear phenomenon involved in the town with

Cover Co., Ltd. has launched a full version of the game version HoloVE Error (Holo Live Error) for PCs on July 18. The price of the digital content version, which is only the main game, is 1000 yen including tax. It is possible to download from the official Horo Live Production shop operated by Cover Co., Ltd. The official shop is also accepting orders for release commemorative special sets, which include acrylic panels and setting materials.

HoloVE Error is a horror project by Holo Live, a domestic female VTuber group operated by Cover Co., Ltd. In this project, Vtubers belonging to Holo Live appear as characters during the work. Tokanosora appears as a student who goes to Aogami High School, such as Kono Misora, Miko Sakura, and Hubuki Shirakami is the role of Snowy Inari. On the Horo Live’s official YouTube channel, a manga depicting the story of HoloVe Error has been released, and hands-on events have been developed in collaboration with the mystery solving label Yodaka no Records.


The game version HoloVe Error is a first-person 3D horror game that allows you to experience the world of the project. The stage of this work is Aokami-cho, a town with the accompanying town. The protagonist is a reporter of an occult magazine who visited Aokami-cho and interviewed the mystery. The protagonist was conducting interviews, feeling the signs of being seen. However, a strange phenomenon occurred when she returned to one room of the hotel. When I noticed, the protagonist was standing in the school building of Aogami High School. In the school building closed in the dark, the shadow of a female student is visible and hidden, and a mysterious broadcasting woman’s voice is heard.

The player operates the protagonist involved in a mysterious phenomenon. At the beginning of the game, she will explore high school. In this work HoloVE Error, Vtubers belonging to Holo Live appeared as characters. In addition, there are multiple chapters in this work, and the reporter’s protagonist seems to be involved in various fear phenomena.

In this work, in January 2022, a free version was distributed as a work equivalent to the so-called early access distribution. Comparing the full version released this time and the free version, there are scenes similar to what was drawn in the full version in the early game. However, the story is different,

There are many scenes that were not in the free version. The graphic expression was raised more than the free version, and the high school, which was closed in the dark, had an eerie atmosphere and tension. There is no doubt that it has been greatly powered up from the free version.

The full version of the game version HoloVE Error is on sale for PCs at Holo Live’s official shop. The digital content version of only the main game is 1000 yen including tax. There is also a release commemorative special set, with a group photo acrylic panel, four self-portrait postcards, and an official set document collection. It is 8000 yen including tax, and order and sale are being accepted. In addition, the soundtrack album of HoloVe Error has been distributed since today.

Survival horror All -night Report STEAM Store page released, released around the summer of 2022.

On June 16, the Mutsu Mutsu Project, a domestic solo-in-horror game production PROJECT, released the Steam store page of Midnight Report . The release time is around the summer of 2022. According to the press release, the content at the time of release is equivalent to the beta version, and the price is around 620 yen including tax.

All night report is a 3D survival horror game that gets lost in a strange world during work all night. The protagonist of this work is a student who has just moved to a rural rent. In the house where the hero lives, luggage has not yet been organized, and unopened cardboard boxes are lined up. On the other hand, the protagonist had an imminent deadline for submission of the report. The protagonist decides to complete the report by tomorrow’s deadline, and starts working in an unfamiliar house. However, while writing a report all night, the breaker fell into a strange hallucinations world. He wanders the world of hallucinations to complete the report, despite the deadline and mystery.

At first glance, the world of hallucinations that the protagonist gets lost seems to be in a family. However, there is a large doll-style mystery, attacking the protagonist. Therefore, the protagonist explores the surroundings so that the mystery cannot be found. If it is found, hide in the closet and wait for the mystery to leave to achieve the purpose. A fear experience that confronts a monster is developed by stealing the mysterious eyes.

As an element, every time you play the game, some map structures and the location of the items that appear change randomly. On the screen, effects including VHS-style noise are prepared, creating a creepy world. In this work, it seems that the capture of reports by players is directly linked to the story.

The Mutsu Mutsu Project, which is working on this work, is a solo-in-horror game production PROJECT by Mutsu in Japan. In this work, in August 2021, a trial version containing the first chapter in the main story is Midnight Report! Released in. Set in a rented house where the hero lives, gameplay was developed in a small space that confronted the mystery.

In the paid Steam version, new maps, additional chapters, new enemies, etc. appear. The stage will also move from a rented house to another space, and will capture reports while escaping from wandering monsters. In the Steam version, the beta version is first distributed. In the beta version, three chapters, which are part of the main part, are included. The remaining chapter is added by the update. According to the press release, in this work, Mutsu is producing while cherishing the fear of fear to have the player experience real fear.


The All-night Report will be distributed around the summer of 2022 at Steam. The price is 620 yen including tax. At the time of release, it is a beta version, and the chapter is scheduled to be added in the update. It seems that the price may be changed within 1000 yen.

Modong Forest OST 2ND album release with Butterfly Bobet Taou Live

Following last year, fans will be thrilled this year. On the 28th, Nintendo K.K. This is because it announced that it will release the second album of the forest OST of the animal forest with live songs on June 22.

Modong Forest was released in March 2020 at the Nintendo Switch, and it was popular with its vast content and high freedom. In particular, the music in the game also gathered the topic, and the songs sung by K.K., the representative singer -songwriter in the game, attracted attention to the cover video on YouTube.

Based on this popularity, the first album of Modong Forest OST was released in Japan last June. K.K. If the INST version contains only the background music of the song, this second album is K.K. The song of the song was included. K.K. You can listen to the “Navi Bovet Taou” in the house.

Wonderful movie soundtracks
If you look closely at the product, K.K. Free updated background music, K.K. It consists of 5 CDs, including Song INST version. It also includes K.K.’s PV, which is based on in -game videos, and a DVD with choreography of radio gymnastics. In addition, K.K. The new song Jacket Post Card and the CD Original Radio Gymnastics Card will be given a privilege, and the price is 7,480 yen (about 72,000 won).

Meanwhile, following the album, K.K. The analog LP version, which only includes the song’s INST version, will be released on November 23 at 4,620 yen (about 44,000 won). The song is K.K. There are 19 songs selected from the songs, with a total of 19 songs of the fake song. However, since the LP version is produced only in a limited edition, you can only purchase it by the end of June.

The second album and LP version of Mo -dong Forest OST will be sold at the official Colombian site or Japan’s My Nintendo Store.

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