As quickly as you were downloaded and started Thunder, the action can begin in the military MMO.
Practically right, due to the fact that you need to make a choice initially: Which arms category do you want to lead initially?
You can choose from the Air Force with all kinds of aircraft, the army with tanks and armored automobiles and the navy with warships and patrol boats.
Every group of soldiers provides completely various gaming experiences.
For that reason, we help you to discover out which type of War Thunder suits you finest.
For this we describe precisely how the gameplay is.
Then you have an overview.

the Air Force

Most likely the very best known third of War Thunder: At the Flying force you enter into airplanes and carry intensive air battles against other players in the multiplayer.
The military MMO offers almost whatever that caused human air travel over 100 years.
From rattling double-decker and single-coverers to early beam aircraft to state-of-the-art masters and fighting helicopters-War Thunder leaves absolutely nothing to be preferred.


Here you can play Thunder
The gameplay is appropriately airy: You initially pick your country from the 10 available (for example Germany, the USA or the Soviet Union) and start your very first air battle (arcade to get going, later on perhaps realism for the genuine simulation experience?) And you can currently discover it
You are once again high above one of the detailed battlefields.
Now it is time to find the opposing team’s flight men and show your skills as a fighting pilot!
So you approach the shooting range and take a location under fire.
The challengers do not normally like this and fly pirouettes to avoid your hail of ball.
Appropriately, you need to stay in movement so that they do not get behind you, just turn the video game around and perforate the wings.
And of course you should not forget the tasks, for example, tank convoys on the ground in risky dive, which can rapidly end on the ground of the facts.
Go actually in cover-of course that doesn’t operate in the air!
For this you can climb up at large heights, not just with bombers, to avoid the thunderous aerial combat amongst you and to put yourself tactically in position for a new attack.
The Luftwaffe in War Thunder is the ideal partial conflict for you if you always want to become a battling pilot as a kid or simply inspire yourself for the limitless freedom in the sky.
Devoid of heights is valuable.

the army

Those who are most likely to go on the ground needs to feel comfortable with the heavily armored ground troops.
With tanks and mobile artillery from the 2nd World War to the Cold War to Modern, Thunder covered a vast array of heavy metal warfare.
You can also cause very specialized tanks such as the harmful hunting tanks, which are specially geared up for the destruction of other tanks.
The gameplay is down-to-earth and highly tactical.
You have to take objectives and hold, switch off opposing vehicles and ideally act in a group with your colleagues to play the challenger.
It is also crucial to master the reasonably computed ballistics of your bullets, so that your opposing automobiles (likewise in motion) satisfy every distance regardless of the story flight curve.

In addition, you have to learn which parts of the tank are especially sensitive and which are the most armed.
Depending on the map, there are more and fewer cover choices for your tanks.
In a winding city, for instance, you can search for protection behind every house and pile of debris.
In the middle of the desert you need to make do with rocks and dunes.
And if there is no cover, fast, unpredictable motion is your best security.
Sounds enjoyable?
Then the tanks might become your preferred part of War Thunder, particularly if their official tactical foxes are.

The Navy

This genre is the most recent addition to War Thunder
Here you can either take on quick patrol boats in coastal waters or the extremely heavy fight crosses and destroyers on the high seas.
Here, too, the military MMO covers a long period of time, from old warships from the World War to modern boats that are still in usage today.
As usual, the gameplay is really immersive.
For instance, you have to browse with your big battleship in between an island chain.
In the meantime, the enemy fleet appears on the horizon.
Now put the ships on the grain with long-distance cannons.

Here you need to plan especially efficiently where your shots will land.
The bullets are on the road for numerous seconds depending on the distance.
Really satisfactory when you then strike in the middle of the deck of an opponent.
There are also torpedoes for the near location!
There is hardly any cover other than for the islands and other things that swim in the sea.
Hence, you are dependent on the truth that you remain in movement in order to offer up as challenging as possible to make a goal as challenging as possible.
If a goal is hit, you can counteract with instant steps such as extinguishing operate in order to stay in battle.
The navy is the very best variation of War Thunder for you if you only feel really comfy with salt taste on your tongue and always desired to control such a huge battleship through the ocean.

Why not Both?

Small extra information at the end: You can likewise blend the three various troops.
The mode connected weapons enables gamers and airplane or aircraft and ships to take part in slaughter at the very same time.
Here you can play Thunder.
In addition, there are numerous gamers from War Thunder, who do not dedicate themselves to a weapon space at all, but just alternate what they feel like.
The military MMO naturally provides this option-also since any method of playing brings you progress and experience.